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Instructions for authors and potential contributors

DIO is primarily a journal of scientific history & principle. Most articles are authored by astronomers, physicists, mathematicians, & classicists — not historians. However, high scholarship and-or original analytical writing (not necessarily scientific or historical), from any quarter or faction, will be gladly received and considered for publication. Each author has final editorial say over his own article. If refereeing occurs, the usual handsome-journal anonymity will not, unless in reverse. No page charges. Each author receives 50 free offprints.

The circumstance that most DIO articles are written by scholars of international repute need not discourage other potential authors, since one of DIO's purposes is the discovery & launching of fresh scholarly talent. Except for equity & charity reply-space material, submissions will be evaluated without regard to the writer's status or identity. We welcome papers which are too original, intelligent, and-or blunt for certain handsome journals. (Dissent & controversy are per se obviously no bar to consideration for DIO publication, but, please, spare us the creationist-level junk. I.e., non-establishment cranks need not apply.)

Other journals may reprint excerpts (edited or no) from any issue of DIO to date, whether for enlightenment or criticism or both. Indeed, excepting DIO vols. 3 & 5, other journals may entirely republish DIO articles (preferably after open, nonanonymous refereeing). No condition is set except this single one: DIO's name, address, and phone number are to be printed adjacent to the published material and all comments thereon (then or later), along with the additional information that said commentary may well be (and, regarding comments on DR output, will certainly be) first replied to — if reply occurs at all — in DIO's pages, not the quoting journal's.

DIO invites communication of readers' comments, analyses, attacks, and-or advice. (And we urge informants to snitch on lurking typos: they get rubbed out at reprinting-time.)

Written contributions are especially encouraged for the columns: Unpublished Letters, Referees Refereed, and regular Correspondence. Contributor-anonymity granted on request. Deftly or daftly crafted reports, on apt candidates for recognition in our occasional satirical J. for Hysterical Astronomy will of course also be considered for publication.

Free spirits will presumably be pleased (and certain archons will not be surprised) to learn that: at DIO, there is not the slightest fixed standard for writing style.

Contributors should send (expendable photocopies of) papers to one of our reviewers in the appropriate area of interest.

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