Germs, Epigrams, Mottos, Thoughts

  • A grand old barb sums up the attitude of all commercial institutions
    (whether corporations, academic societies, or gov'ts):

    A man who can't be bribed can't be trusted.
    To which we add (2020/10/4):
  • A man who can't be intimidated can't be trusted.

    These are the ethical mottos of DIO, which is proud to be the most notoriously untrustworthy journal in history.

  • Oh, what a tangled web we weave
    When first we practice to deceive!
    (Walter Scott Marmion 1808 — which also includes a lesser-known couplet (also in iambic quadrameter), devoted to pre-guilehood's purity:
    “Just at the age 'twixt boy and youth;
    When thought is speech, and speech is truth.”)

  • No truth is ever permanently safe from human folly so long as there's greed.
    Claudius Ptolemy's fabrications&plagiarisms established him firmly for at least 4 centuries as the worst faker in the history of astronomy. Yet for roughly the last century, establishment forums have ignored these indicia to laud Ptolemy as “The Greatest Astronomer of Antiquity”, (as unprincipled scholars exploit his Almajest for grant funds), e.g., DIO 22 [2018] ‡2 fnn 4&11 [p.13&16] \& ‡3 fn 1 [p.46].]

  • The secret of DR's optimism is his daily attitude or motto, namely:
    “What's Next?”

    Talent for contextually appreciating both the ordinary & the rare is epitomized by an old Brit legend about the speaker in Hyde Park [where one was supposed to be able to say anything short of attacking royalty] who announced to a big audience that he's going to conduct a sex-frequency survey.
    “How many of you have sex once a day?” A few proud hands go up.
    “Every other day?” More hands.
    “Twice a week?” Slightly more.
    “Once a week?” About the same.
    “Every other week?” Fewer.
    “Once a month?” Almost no one.
    “Two months?” Zero.
    “Three months?” Zero.
    “Six months?” Zero.
    Finally, perfunctorily closing out the experiment, he asks if there's any unfortunate on hand who gets it only once a year.
    All are amazed to find that, yes, there's such a guy in the back — even more amazing: he's admitting it by raising his hand.
    Moreover, far from downcast, he's not only got his hand in the air, he's cheerily jumping up&down, with a huge smile on his face.
    Speaker: “OK, you poor slob, we see you. But what the hell are you so happy about?”
    Reply: “TONIGHT's THE NIGHT!
    This can remind one of a precious perceptive passage in Lucretius' 60 BC De Rerum Natura Book 2 (Penguin ed pp.90-91 transl Ronald Latham):

    there is nothing so mighty or so marvellous that the wonder it evokes does not tend to diminish in time. Take … the pure and undimmed lustre of the sky and all that it enshrines; the stars that roam across its surface, the moon and the surpassing splendour of the sunlight. If all these sights were now displayed to mortal view for the first time by a swift unforeseen revelation, what miracle could be recounted greater than this? What would men before the revelation have been less prone to conceive as possible? Nothing, surely. So marvellous would have been that sight — a sight which no one now, you will admit, thinks worthy of an upward glance into the luminous regions of the sky. So has satiety blunted the appetite of our eyes.

  • Ethnic-diversity kills speech-diversity in an unhappily-oversensitive society: the more ethnic groups are about, the more potential microaggressions loom.

  • DIO's motto-for-battle was supplied by dear Hugh Thurston (DIO 4.1 [1994] ‡3 §A4 [p.35], relaying it from idealist Bishop Berkeley), since it so succintly encapsulates the open mind's amused contemplation of encounters with the closed:
    “I observed how unaccountable it was, that men so easy to confute should yet be so difficult to convince.”

  • The Underappreciated Reality of Serial Resurrection:
    Every time one wakes from sleep, the event becomes one more gift of a miraculous re-coming into the world — one of tens of thousands of resurrections most of us are granted, by the unfathomable accident of possessing conscious life.

  • Identifying the Too-Long-Protected Differentiation-Insistent Enemies of the ``Progressive'' Movement:
    [Does the US need a sequel to 1925's Monkey Trial?]

  • Most people know there are differences between groups. Indeed, that's what separates \& defines the group. But to avoid jobloss, all must keep silent on a matter so obvious \& central. What will such forced deception do to a society's integrity and quality?

  • Self-Examination:
    The forced-racial-integration Noble-Experiment drags on decade after decade (DIO 4.2 [1994] ‡9 § [pp.88-90]) — like the Afghan war — allegedly on the theory that if we just finally find the right key, it will end in success. Millennia of (other) alchemists — incl. Isaac Newton — have wasted much of their lives in like pursuit. But: mightn't the preceding entries prove just as deluded? — attempting to bring home the folly of fighting nature for hundreds of years of good but ever-frustrated intentions?

  • The noblest intentions of man cannot survive perpetual population growth.
    One must inevitably extinguish the other.

  • We learn more from listening than from talking, and more from humbly contemplating mistakes than from proudly obsessing on vindications.

  • Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel:
    “…daß diese Furcht zu irren schon der Irrtum selbst ist.”
    Fear of error is itself an error.
    [DR enjoys relaying this gem, since (see, e.g., under Hoskin at DIO 4.1 [1994] ‡4 §A [p.48]) he does not in general admire G.W.F. Hegel — an attitude perhaps inherited from his favorite Harvard philosophy-prof, Henry Aiken, who took pleasure in noting that G.W.F.Hegel's 19th-century dominance had greatly waned, wryly pseudo-denying that not even at Hegelism's peak had G.W.F. actually stood for “Great-White-Father”.]
    This Hegel saying has long gleamed in lighted letters atop the RAILWAY STATION in Stuttgart, Germany. By contrast, the motto one sees out front at one of the local universities near Baltimore is: “Go Tigers”. Paternalistic Orwellian No-Fault Transformation:

  • In my distant day, one saw “failing students”. Nowadays, it's “failing schools”.

  • Nobody on network media is allowed to:
    [1] Debate the existence of god.
    [2] When echoing the GOP mantra that taxing the super-rich 100% wouldn't dent the US' debt, admit that 90% CONFISCATION would more than cancel it.
    [3] Raise a question as to whether all races are of equal mean intelligence.
    [4] Wonder aloud why we need (to waste millions/year on lawyers) to determine whether a murderer knew-right-from-wrong, or question why shrinks are in the courtroom at all.
    [5] Ask where mob money goes in politics, and why we haven't seen a congressional investigation of the mob in decades.
    [6] Consider whether heroine profits are why the US will NEVER leave Afghanistan.
    [7] Note that if the Roman church fights birth control and borders, then it ought to accept Syrian “refugees” into VatCity.
    A motto that applies above and will always clarify one's mind when facing chavinists:

    Virtually all protected ideas are false.

    The trick is to NOTICE (and pass on to others) which ideas we never hear on TV 'snews.

  • Humans' love is strong so long as every otherwise-ordinary moment is made special simply by being together.

  • Academic establishments rule by fear of punishment and are ruled by fear of the heresies they proscribe. Not all dirty fighters are establishment, but all establishments fight dirty. Just as dirty as necessary. To stay established.

  • Unreviewedly insisting on continuing eternally policies built rigidly upon the myth of mean racial equality has caused more pain, gloom, hopelessness, & degradation in the US than anything since the vile, selfish cruelty of slavery itself.
    [In antiquity, slavery was such an ordinary phenomenon that few if any ancient authors, intellectuals, moralists emitted a condemnatory word on the subject.]

  • From Brainwash to Pride:

    Why does anyone continue believing a tenet he cannot defend in discussion?

  • Capitalism makes products better but people worse. Socialism, the reverse.

  • And this year's Nobel Prize for Chemistry goes to ………. Lance Armstrong.
    (Mr.Lance isn't smiling. He likes only one kind of needling.)
    [Rather than healthily avoiding drugs, an increasing torrent of pro AND AMATEUR athletes are determined instead just to find out what substance-testing-limits' tolerances are. So, is every sport's highest art becoming: a delicate druggling-act?]

  • College kids tend to vote Dembo because the Dem Party promotes more Merciful solutions to US social disfunctions than do the Dumbos. But, strangely, everywhere these “solutions” are applied in the US — even for decades on end — the disfunction only gets worse. Every US city long under Dembo rule has predictably become a disaster. No such unfortunate city has ever as yet stably recovered from its Dembo Cure. Dembo propagandists never cease in their alibis for this Paradox. Delay in the surely&inevitably ever-just-around-the-corner glorious dawning of the Great Society that's been promised for a half-century, is variously explained as due to guns, drugs, racism, gangs, etc — depending on which dying city is being diagnosed. But there is one simple explanation that is common to all and thus obviates the NEED for (though not necessarily the validity of) any other theory:

    The object-of-Dembo-mercy is being destroyed by the very mercy Dembos are selling.

    Dems' cure for poverty has simply turned into subsidizing its proliferation. One may disagree on details of the degenerative mechanism — but the sureness and reliable predictivity of the permament-misery result proves the point regardless.
    [Do those Dem-pol pseudodoctors-against-poverty, who live handsomely off the social death they generate, ever empathize for a moment with their ever-usefully-block-voting wards' obvious frustration and rage at never-quite-curable therefore-eternal misery?]

  • If citizens keep voting in phony elections, what sort of elections do they think will keep happening?
    [During a 2008/12/30 walk, B.Rawlins noted a pithy bumper-sticker on a passing car:

  • A political system that doesn't let the poor run credibly for office sounds hollow when its candidates claim to aim at helping the poor.

  • Spikes and a Trust That Needs Busting — The Trust-MeDia:
    In a supposedly feminist age, why are ALL female TV 'snews-persons wearing high heels on the air. Vanity? Or an unpublicized rule by the TV 'snews networks?
    Women often explain walking on stilts by calling fashist high heels an Equalizer against men's looming greater height. Ladies, are you looking for an equalizer against male power in contexts that matter? — OK, then: get a gun.
    [Both of these Equalizers could have been unpublicizedly relevant in the 2015/8/26 shooting of Roanoke WDBJ reporter Alison Parker. She was athletic (ballet) and she ran fast from the shooter. Assuming the early shots didn't ultimately hobble her: could she have run from the fat hater — to a safe distance? But, an admittedly shaky speculation (which might apply to a future case if not to this one): was the fatal difference that her speed was hurt by her non-flat shoes?
    The other much-more-strangely unmentioned factor: both she and her also-killed friend Adam were UNARMED. Which the ever-unbiased Trust-MeDia somehow neglected to mention. Has the word Unarmed been copyrighted by Black-Lives-Matter-More-Than-All-Lives-Matter?]

  • History as Panderer — Evolution of the Past:
    Legends survive truth.

  • Do you know the name of that profligate family who's ruining its own neighborhood by having more kids than it can afford?
    It's called: the Human Family.
    And its neighborhood is: Planet Earth.

  • Is it coincidence that the most nihistic effusions of great rationalists come as they approach death: Laplace's last words. Twain's Mysterious Stranger. Orwell's 1984.

  • Conservative P.J.O'Rourke's best joke about Libs was: if you ask a Lib what he thinks of THE GOV'T, you get curse-words. Then ask for a solution to any social problem, and the Lib says: THE GOV'T.
    But 2008 has brought as good a joke on the conservatives who love the free market, because GREED (usually [before crash] called something sweet like “Free Enterprise” or at worst “Money Chase”) is the magically-somehow ultimately-beneficial engine of innovation, etc. Then when it all crashes down and Bush&co are asked to explain what went wrong, the answer is: GREED.
    [If a nation is run by pols according to (as Harvard's Hume-scholar Henry Aiken used to call it) lazy-fairy economics, without taking account of the of-course-almost-infinitesimally small possibility that someone, somewhere in this system just might get greedy (and run off with the profits the public had thought was ITs due: classic con-game), it's is on the level of the Galbreath-joke engineer, whose rocket has crashed — so he blames it on the Law of Gravity.]

  • Gateways into Non-Heaven: Addictive Cycles:
    The idea that something as ordinary as buying a home should entail being in debt for 30 years and that this should be universally taken-for-granted as itself being ordinary is, well — EXTRA-ordinary. How did it happen and what is its effect?
    To take the 2nd question 1st: mortgages are the gateway-drug to the pernicious universal US addiction to indebtedness. How can the media decry kids racking up a few thousand dollars in credit-card debt when their parents owe hundreds of thousands on their mutual home? (Plus a roughly equivalent sum as their share of the insane Reagan-launched explosive national debt.)
    Being enslaved for 30y by a bank-mortgage may now be considered normal — yet it wasn't always so. As bank-loans' rôle in the housing market crept up, decade-by-decade, easy credit bloated prices and thereby burdened average citizens with needlessly and ever-more-onerous debt, while bankers got fat off the process.
    [Control-test example: in the 1980s, banks were shy of underwriting loans for co-op homes, and SURPRISE: you could get twice the value for your dollars with co-ops. Which revealed the naïveté of those who think that, without our lovable banks, nobody could afford all these expensive homes. Pre-posterous thinking: the very REASON homes cyclically get so expensive is BANKS. When fat-cash banks aren't involved with real estate purchases, prices are lower because average buyers haven't the wealth of buyers backed by bank-loans. It is general (media-protected) blindness to this reality that feeds housing bubbles again&again, generation-after-generation. No matter what post-crash never-again rules may be established, [a] most profiteers will keep their post-bubble swag (while donning $1/year fiscal hairshirts 'til the heat blows over); and [b] banks will later pay pols to have the safety rules slowly dismantled, to make sure of another bubble-windfall for themselves, again at public cost.]
    How many other gateway drugs can we spot? Well, the welfare cycle: when conservatives warned it would explode, no one listened. Immigration likewise. Awareness of population-control as such a crash-danger will be effectively banned from public discussion (e.g., the 2008-panic positive search for gross amounts of alternate energy, without factoring-in the per-person factor's negativity: each person's share of said gross halves if world population doubles in the next 1/4 century.) And when lawyers began milking death-penalty cases, at first the delays were just a few months.
    [John Brown was stretched in 1859 only weeks after conviction. During the brief interim, Harper's Weekly (p.722 of 1859/11/12 issue, an original of which belongs to the DIO Collection) asked editorially “Will John Brown Be Hanged?” (His latest murders [Harpers Ferry] were 1859/10/16; he was captured 10/18, convicted 10/31, hanged 12/2.) Under today's legal-necromancy, the War Between the States would have been over (and he a senator?) decades before the sentence was (if ever) carried out — despite the modernly-trivial fact that there was no doubt of guilt. That's because, today, no matter how certain the guilt [has anyone pondered aloud the implication (below) of this seeming insanity?], the Prime Rule of Modern Law is: THE LAWYERS MUST BE PAID. I.e., we have loads more lawyers than in 1859. But: Do we have more justice?]
    All the cited gatewayed phenomena feed circularly upon themselves. If wisdom ruled, stitches would be taken in time. But if there is profit in any cycle, it will only grow. Until equally inevitable implosion.

  • Just a Faint Possibility…:
    Occasionally you will notice (if only because the repetition itself is obnoxious) that a Helpful Message is being media-beamed-blasted at you again & again & again. Whenever you become thus slightly awakened, it's reasonable to waken fully and start skeptically wondering whether mayhap the bearer's professed intent to help you is less dominant than to help himself.
    Clue: check Mr.Helpful-Messenger's prosperity vs yours — and his own neighborhood's compliance with his Messages of cure, sacrifice, pious restraint, etc.
    Several examples of media-hammering: you-must-vote, god, patriotism, pharmaceutical ads, “faith”-is-good, falling short of 100%-faith in the non-existence of racial differences is THE worst sin in the world, investment advice, join-the-army ads, welcoming immigrant-waves, attacks on commentators & the few pols who oppose said waves [e.g., Olbermann's daily Worst-Person choices on establishment MS-NBC], communists' iniquity, presuming-for-you who are the US [i.e., your] “enemies”, etc.

  • The Two-Tarty System:
    There's a new kind of equality in too-tarty modern elections worldwide: the party of the rich helps the rich, and the “party-of-the-poor” helps the rich.

  • Sense of Proportion — Safety vs Safety:
    Has the US become a nation whose citizens are so dominated by an oil-profit-funded gov't-media-combine that it thinks continuing to flood its roads with IMMENSELY safe gas-oinker SUVs is long-term safer than ending a century of supporting SUVs via serial-theft of the Arabs' oil? — which will very possibly end in US cities getting mini-nuked by hate-driven nationalists. Reminder to Bush2-era USers: ethnic hatreds last for decades. North vs South. Armenia vs Turkey. Hitler's revenge for Versailles. It's deadly stuff. But of course the average football-USer knows that SUV ads fund his TV-football fixes, and that the REAL safety issue is: driving a virtual tank on US highways ensures that a collision can't hurt, since the other guy won't be driving an SUV. Yet, we hope.

  • Our 1994 discussion of the moribund state of the history-of-astronomy community's intellectual freedom (DIO 4.3 [1994] ‡15 §J4 [p.138]) quoted from the close of Mill's more-revered-than-read 1859 On Liberty (emph in orig):

    The worth of a State, in the long run, is the worth of the individuals composing it; and a State which postpones the interests of their mental expansion and elevation … [and] which dwarfs its men, in order that they may be more docile instruments in its hands even for beneficial purposes — will find that with small men no great thing can be accomplished; and that the perfection of the machinery to which it has sacrificed everything, will in the end avail it nothing, for want of the vital power which, in order that the machine might work more smoothly, it has preferred to banish.
  • Tax-Support for Tax-Support? —The Botched Leading the Botched:
    Counting on the luxury of always getting 2nd chances (here or in a supposed afterlife) is provident-intelligence-corrupting folly, which a providently-intelligent society should not institutionalize-for-profit in shrink-infested courts or in weekly-ritual-numbing sin-forgiveness churches.
    [Why even get into the circularly self-feeding cycle of wasting energy on artificially propping-up what Mencken used to call “the botched”? (DIO 1.1 [1991] ‡2 §D [pp.12-13]; DIO 2.1 [1992] ‡1 §H2 [pp.7-8].) I.e., if you jump off a cliff, no amount of tax-support for the pathetically ineducable rehab-industry's dream (of tax-support for the rest of the botched) can save you. Be you rich, poor, or social-worked: you will die. The law of gravity doesn't give you a 2nd chance; so (though it may seem inexplicable to a shrinko-analyst): most people have learned not to jump off cliffs. If the laws of man were as rigorously fair as that, most people (even the super-rich) would likewise learn not to steal or kill.
    (As for the “insane” remainder: show an alleged nut to a cliff's edge — and see how suddenly he [and his rehab-industry back-seat-driver-wannabees] will be confronted with exactly how real is his putative detachment-from-reality.)]

  • Pols Apart:
    If US elections & rule are artificially (i.e., suspiciously) lock-restricted to just two parties, then why is “polarization” a surprise?
    [Note how the pseudo-beneficent diversionary word “bipartisan” has displaced in mediaspeak the genuinely beneficent word “non-partisan.” Just another reminder: 1984 is no longer the future.]

  • If the 1st casualty of war is truth, the 1st casualties of forced merging of incompatable cultures (whether by forced integration or “free trade”) are: [1] a living wage, [2] egalitarian socialism, & [3] free speech.
    [When a multi-ethnic, planned-unemployment-to-gut-unions society (i.e., the rich deliberately dividing-and-conquering the poverty class) is reduced to censorship of “hate speech”, it's about on the level of the dirigible companies that gambled with getting oxygen close to hydrogen (and thought banning matches would work) — instead of just using helium. Or airplanes.
    (Yes, I know the US' helium wasn't available to the Hindenburg. Indeed, the common point here is that: shortages [helium or labor] do not justify lethal risks.)]

  • Europe and Its Moslem Cancer:
    Tolerance of intolerance is suicide for the former.

  • Why Are Sweden and Austria More English-Speaking Than the US? —
    The Coming Poor-War
    Is our vision of Turk-flooded Sweden's future (“the Sultan of Sweden”), at DIO 11.2 [2003] p.33, entirely jocular? Yet: does Swedish TV translate as many shows into Turkish as US pander-TV now translates into Spanish?
    [Note well: Most European nations demand more English-proficiency of its citizens than does the “English-speaking” US, whose (up-to-now) world fiscal & cultural dominance initially triggered Europe's adoption of English as the international language. The reader must decide whether such observations here reflect irrational bigotry or provident, hopeful advice for stitch-in-time heading-off of cultural break-down — with resultant poor-vs-poor war, hatreds, & eternal vendettas.]

    Setup for Syllogism Never Taught at University
    (Perhaps Because So Oft There Exemplified?)

    [1] Knowledge is power. [Sir Francis Bacon 1597.]
    [2] Power corrupts. [Pitt 1770.  Lord Acton 1887.]

  • An old saying could be the motto of the Amer Astr Soc's Christian-spiritualist-Owen Gingerich-mesmerized Hysterical Astronomy Division's ancient-astronomy-experts-cotillion:

    The nice thing about being a fool is: you're never lonely.

  • The Explosion-Explosion [and the FsP]:
    Terrorist bombs are increasingly going-off worldwide, and it won't end until population-growth stops outpacing resources-growth.
    [Given limited commodities (livable space, oil, metals, etc), the world already (as usual) contains ordmags more people than can be sustained in the style to which US citizens are accustomed. A generation hence, the civilized world (if still existing) will be at least twice as full of people — and of the border-trampling have-nots' exploding bombs. (Meanwhile, TV 'snews looks the other way: when was the last time you saw Malthus mentioned in the US' business-leashed Free-snicker-Press except to scoff at him?)
    After WW2, Europe had no serious wars until Yugoslavia exploded in the 1990s. And what set that nation apart from the rest of Europe? A bunnyrabbit religion moved in and bred so fast that the population of Kosovo (sacred to Serbia) quickly went from 4:1 Serb:Moslem to 1:4. Public consideration of such enlightening stats might have helped the rest of Europe (Holland, etc) from getting into the same fix. But thank-god, the cheap-labor-loving press determinedly censored such until it has become nearly (?) too late.]

  • :
    What do suppression, lies, bellowing, Authority, it's-just-a-matter-of-faith, & guns have in common?
    They're what get pulled out when someone's losing a logical discussion.

  • The only prison that'll stop crime? A condom.
    (Dennis Rawlins: DIO 4.3 [1994] ‡13 §D4 [p.115].)

  • If there's anything worse than a nation having nukes, it's: two nations having nukes.
    [Anyone who believes that US leaders' are genuinely religious should ask himself: though there are indeed here&now profits to be made from building nukes-vs-nukes, no one who thought of humanity's fate could have let-slip the unique late-1940s chance (see DIO 4.2 [1994] ‡9 §K17 [p.85] and the unique agreement of Douglas MacArthur and Bertrand Russell) to peacefully if sternly end the arms-race — a “blunder” that has resulted in the (short-term) profitable, ever-wider spread of mass-destruction devices.]

  • Gov'ts tend to permit free speech only if it's ineffectual.
    (Dennis Rawlins: DIO 1.1 [1991] ‡2 §A3 [p.12].)

    As if to prove the foregoing…:

  • In the US, the class with the least free speech is: speakers.
    [That is, teachers, TV 'snews talking heads, pols, orators — i.e., those most effectual with the public.]

  • If God existed: humans, politicians, theology, & π would all be rational.
    (Dennis Rawlins: DIO 2.1 [1992].)

  • Humility is essential to discovery: let evidence instruct you, not the reverse.
    (Dennis Rawlins: DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 §B5 [p.46]. See also DIO 10 [2000] end-notes 2 [p.84] & 21 [p.105].)

  • Who Needs Drugs?
    Life's five mystical highs:
    total solar eclipses, sex, chocolate, music, & induction.

  • Dennis Rawlins:
    Selling out is like suicide: you never get to satisfy your curiosity about whether you really needed to — whether you could have defied adverse circumstances and still succeeded.

  • Were there an eternal afterlife, the odds are infinitely high we'd be in it right now.
    [Logic originated by Dennis Rawlins: 1998.]

  • When USSR-Russia collapsed in 1989, DR (while recognizing the inherent negatives of communist theory and Communist practice) wondered aloud: what serious counter-force, now exists to prevent capitalism from incrementally sending the world's workers sliding into an Orwellian black hole of perpetual servitude?
    The question's implication is not being realized swiftly. SuperCapitalist Globalism is intelligently avoiding Hitler's mistake of bringing slavery to populations overnight. (See David Low's WW2-era cartoon on Germany's inflammatorily brutal racist tyranny in much of Nazi-occupied Europe.) Capitalism's new world-order realizes that the very gradualism of its ongoing enslavement of the world is a vital component in ensuring the inevitability of ultimate success.

  • If one starts a war on the basis of a lie (Agamemnon, Hitler, LBJ, Bush2), is not one ethically obliged to cease INSTANTLY when the lie is exposed?
    [How has the US' Iraq-era “free press” discussed every sort of murky-complex approach to the heated issue of lie-triggered-war, but not this lucid one?
    If the purpose of the Iraq invasion is to warn Moslem-world leaders (of the consequences of messing up the US), then by the same logic the US gov't could learn that it shouldn't lie to its citizens if the sure penalty is the invasion's automatic total congressional defunding. Of course, this isn't going to happen. But the non-happening itself ought to be educational to the citizenry (and it's up to the press to max-muddy that education): if you keep voting (i.e., certifying the US' biennial con-man contests), bloody lies are (rather unsurprisingly) what you'll get.] Bottom line: Why is the US' Free-snicker-Press so mantra-fixated on discussing the damage to Iraq that would (supposedly) be caused if the “US” (oil cartel) Army leaves Iraq, while ignoring the ethical (not to mention economic) damage to the United States caused by staying?

  • DIO's very first Germ:
    The more widely trusted an institution, the less trustworthy it is.
    (Dennis Rawlins: DIO 1.1 [1991] ‡2 §A1 [p.12].)
    [Reference here is not to genuinely idealistic charities, but to those huge entities which are in the business of selling trust: gov'ts, religions, and TV 'snews — e.g., FOX (aka False-Or-Xaggerated), which thinks it's all three.
    [On TV 'snews, see DIO 1.1 [1991] ‡2 §E [p.13]: “You Are Getting Verrrry Sleepy.…”
    Also: future-vision of Earth as a one-newspaper town: DIO 2.1 [1992] p.11 n.38.]
    The essential mechanism: an institution is not worth large powers' corrupting it, if it isn't widely trusted.
    (For similar paradox, see DIO 10 [2000] p.76.)]

  • Morally-Superior? Or Navigationally-Challenged?
    Both whites and blacks have been slavers throughout history, yet the central implicit thesis of white-guilt-flogging, everything-is-race “historians” is that blacks wouldn't have shipped sardine-crowded slaves to the Americas in chains and filth — just as profitably and cruelly as whites did. Hey, isn't this view itself a flagrantly racist theory? And isn't it obvious that the only reason that black slave-shipping-to-the-US did not historically occur is simply that blacks didn't know how to navigate ships across the Atlantic?

  • It's a staple of the US religion that all trials — no matter how one-sided the evidence — must air both sides. Even if someone confesses to a murder or (like Jack Ruby 1963/11/24) commits it in full view of the entire nation, there still must be a tedious trial with both sides represented. So — how is it that the same both-sides principle is flouted on controversial ideological issues? (It couldn't possibly be that US courts' professed reverence for both-sides tediosity is just an excuse to enrich lawyers?) Youngsters growing up entirely awash in the amniotic fluid of US media and “education” on the subject of race are not only subjected to a 100.00000% one-sided attack on their balance but are not even aware of their deprivation. (Likewise for Beethoven or Brahms or Mahler: how can you reject what you never hear?) There is not even anyone asking the victim if he's aware of the imbalance. The end-result is rigid surety that's unjustified by evidence (being entirely based upon repetitive brain-dunning) — a faith which too frequently leads to believing that anyone who doubts their equi-race rock-of-faith must be either stupid or (more often) evil. Just more divisiveness — from those who accuse everyone else of same.

  • Transparent Dependency:
    Not being an expert is most readily displayed by an obsession with who is.
    [Most of the “science press” knows just what we're talking about here. I give some of them credit for privately acknowledging it.]

  • The US is a nation blessed by unceasing freedom to dissent.
    As ever-narrowing-spectrum TV 'snews ceaselessly & dissentlessly announces.

  • A nation which persistently tax-funds criminal lawyers' constant springing and re-circulating criminal street-punks, must be warped by a force that desires things so. If one seeks hints of how high mafia influence has penetrated successive US gov'ts, this is an unsubtle opener.

  • Punch&Judy Show of No Public Benefit:
    Most pols are lawyers. Lawyers will pretend-mouthe-playact any cause's case for money. Which may explain why most pols seem to have no convictions.
    Well, OK, occasionally for bribery.

  • If the US gov't were not buyable by corporations and other organized crime, drugs & over-immigration would have been brought under control years ago.

  • Rehab is our era's alchemic chimera. (DIO 4.2 [1994] ‡9 §P1 [p.87].)

  • And are genetic-egalitarians' concurrent transmutational dreams doomed even more surely to eternal-frustration sisyphinanity?
    (DIO 4.2 [1994] ‡9 §R [pp.88-90].)

  • The Wholocaust:
    Russia's sacrifice in destroying Hitlerism was greater than any nation's: under Nazi racist tyranny, far more Russians died than Jews. (Though in European per-capita terms, the reverse is true, since the Nazis' WW2 mass extermination-murder of about 5 million Jews [a huge fraction of Europe's tiny Jewish minority] astonishingly amounted to roughly 10% of those killed in the entire war, world-wide.) So why are Washington's & Berlin's memorials to the millions of Russian soldiers who died largely as heroes in the greatest of holocausts — the whole World War 2 toll (c.50 million dead) — so relatively insignificant?

  • In the US today, pols in tight races frequently try to create fear of evil in voters, so that you will think his opponent is taking in so much corrupting money from sinful sources that life will be horrible if he's elected. But the experienced observer knows that: the only guy who can beat him is the one who's taking in even more corrupting money.
    [If you don't realize this, you're blind to the realities of current US politics.]

  • Islam, the Roman church, statism, and other occultisms all struggle with each other for the same reason: each aims to be #1 in the cookie-cutter derby.

  • The only evidence for hypnotism is humanity's zombiesque belief in such a superstitious illusion.
    [When drilling teeth down to the nerve, how many dentists use hypnotism instead of novacaine?]

  • You Want Inflation? Or Inflation? — Spanish? Or GreenSpanish?
    How Good Intentions Created the Black-Market-Labor Black-Hole

    The US rulership has such difficulty fighting fiscal-inflation that it is resorting to illegal-immigrant population-inflation to suppress fair wages. In GreenSpanish, that's called: controlling “wage pressures”.
    [No speculation here. It's straight-from-the-source's-mouth: before Congress, Greenspan has actually provided public testimony to and on this effect, using this exact term.]
    So, could it actually be reasonably contended that, the GOP's commendable priority of muting inflation ended up triggering the current self-feed-accelerating tsummogration from Central America?
    [Fed hikings of interest-rates to create credit-crunches squeeze small businesses into desperation to cut costs: it's not a long stretch to their resorting to seeking out bleep-wage workers, which illegals always are — a black-market in labor, and (like all black markets: US or USSR) [a] a viciously circular addiction, and [b] symptomatic of a system that is breaking down.]

  • TeemWork, Do-Gooders, & Growth-Is-Gooders:
    World populations are ever-teeming, currently doubling every few decades — rising ten-fold in barely a century — that means roughly a TRILLION people barely 2 1/2 centuries from now. (If mass-murder doesn't trim the herd, which it will.)
    But, whether the arena is wealth, real estate, or immigrant-crowding, note-well how the teaming of rulerships (who profit from population-explosion's cheap labor and the upward value of real-estate and commodities) will nonetheless conspire to retain rulership fortunes and estates, while the remainder of the citizenry will be left to divide (by its own rampaging total numbers) whatever's left over. Ever noticed how the average house's land-plot & rooms (even their ceiling-heights) keep getting smaller? But: do the out-in-the-country rulerships'?
    Sneering at the mercifully-inclined as “Do-Gooders”, we find the pro-growth clan (ever-promoted by greedy Lucre-Is-Gooders) routinely chanting that Necessity-Will-Provide. The only problem is: it never has, for the majority of humans. Because, while necessity may indeed be-providing to some extent, nonetheless: rulers' ambition and greed ensure that humanity will plunge improvidently ahead to keep right on ten-fold-outstripping those new provisions via disastrous over-population, thereby ensuring continual world-destabilizing peon-immgration, poverty-growth, exploitation, war, famine, etc — thus, the gap between the rich & the poor remains ever-vast in both quality and quantity. No matter how much civilization “progresses”, it keeps right on remaining sadly true that only ordmag 1/10 of humanity (if that) lives non-desperately — while the rest linger-on as the immortal poor that never catches up.
    [And most of the US middle (as well as much of even the upper) class now shares the frantic never-quite-enough economic tension of the poor. (Said tension's absence or presence is the best revealer of whether one is or is not genuinely rich.) And it's the press' job to keep fooling the victims into thinking that over-population and tsummogration have NOTHING to do with this oppressive tension.]

  • Weakminded vs Wakeminded:
    To protect immigration (border and vaginal) against controls, weakminded pro-greed lackeys & hackies who chant Necessity-Will-Provide simultaneously pushes two soothing agendas, to curb intervention:
    [1] Technology will solve all the problems of growing population.
    [2] World population's peaking is just-around-the-corner.
    Hey, is anyone awake around here? The whole of history tells us that whenever (as in 18th century China) there is a period of plenty, population-growth skyrockets — and kills it off. I.e., in the absence of population control, if item [1] comes true, it will kill item [2].
    [The “plenty” is never equitably distributed. The wave who got born during unrealized high early hopes are ultimately left in poverty, and thus soon in such ignorance that the number of those in their degraded state swiftly multiplies.]

  • Biology That's Fit for Fundie Consumption:
    For creationists, survival-of-the-fittest means: hey, did the species fit onto Noah's Ark?

  • The US' phony, rigged election-process has for decades contrived (in a durable tradition that goes back at least to the Roman Principate) to give independent middle classers no representation — at least for the few more years it will take to virtually wipe it out.
    [E.g., we are repeatedly Medium-told (without any comment on the oddness) that the (mafia-beloved) Dembos are permanently, unalterably addicted to catering to the vote of the relatively unproductive (but mafia-beloved) bottom fraction of the US population, even while it's shilly-shallying about how to attract the far larger vote of the middle class majority that does most of the nation's skilled work and is understandably (if over-distractably) offended by flagrantly and thus divisively racist “affirmative action” policies.]

  • Wise folk know that a nation's lifestyle & security crudely boil down to: who has (or is fiscally allied with) the most weapons.
    Why do so few recognize that this is even truer domestically?
    [E.g., why do illegal peon immigrants keep pouring into a US, a strong majority of whose citizens resent the flow? Answer:
    The massively armed US gov't sternly opposes citizens' “vigilantism” on illegal border-crossings or green-card possession, but doesn't itself get serious about either — choosing instead to spend such energy turning Iraq into paradise.]

  • Inversely, there is wide domestic awareness that US politicians are scum.
    So: why do USers sanctimoniously volunteer to follow the same scum's directives, into international battle in which they get killed instead of the scum (or anyone in the scum's family)?

  • Eminence isn't evidence.
    [Advice to intimidated (and-or merely awed) rabbits, in academe's more authoritarian realms.]

  • Preservation & Preservation:
    When Bush's brain is finally, officially, declared dead, the good news is that there will be no need to waste any more alcohol towards preserving it for eternity, perfectly, in a state quite unchanged from some dark moment back in the 20th century.
    [Is there a reason why 2/3 of recent GOP presidents have tossed down an awful lot of alcohol? (We recall SNL displaying a photo of a blubbery President Reagan coming out of the surf, with the comment: “Only in America can the President have bigger breasts than the First Lady.”.)]

  • The megaprofits from a world run by short-term greed will be left to the resultantly-wealthy's children. But the world they will inherit is doomed — by their parents' short-sightedness — to either be killed off (by bombs or toxins of “terrorists” [read: religious-nut imperialist-globalist-greed resistors]) or be empty of freedom, privacy, security, living-space, and-or high culture.

  • BootUpStrap Circularity & Explaining in Invisible Link:
    Question: how does the Intelligent Design argument “explain” the evolution of human intelligence (etc)?
    Answer: By claiming it arose from intelligence.
    [Which, ah, arose from  …? Clearly, if one doesn't eventually insert god — the (inexplicably invisible-link) deus-ex-haustion ploy — then the dodge-sequence just goes on forever.]

  • The surest sign of genuine success is jealousy-free joy at others' genuine successes.

  • Mass-religion is ever the handmaiden of exploitation.

  • For every action, there are two reasons. A good reason. And the real reason.
    [Attributed to financier J.P.Morgan.]

  • Never kiss a jackboot. Especially if it's trying to neck.
    (Dennis Rawlins: DIO 2.3 [1992].)

  • Our First Smirk-Off President:
    At the start of the Third Millennium, Capitalism is completing its “Free-Trade” world-enslavement domination so cockily that it is unashamed to put a swaggering, smirking face on its personification.

  • Measuring PreziDense:
    After surviving Reagan & Bush2, mightn't the US think of requiring an IQ test of its prez-aspirants?

  • Pop-science volk guide general opinion on science, though they usually know very little science. But they know something far more commercially valuable. Each other.
    [Pop-science political cliques have caused more corruption and resulting misinformation than any other factor in public science.]

  • The following saying, framed, was displayed in the office of DR's stepfather, John Williams Avirett 2nd, throughout his illustrious legal career:

    No man's life, liberty or property are safe
    while the legislature is in session —
                                             1 Tucker 248, N.Y. Surr. 1866

  • Stitch-in-Time: Did the Know-Nothings Know Something?
    Opposing a bunnyrabbit religion isn't repressive bigotry. It's mathematics.

  • Welling World Wave of God-Sots:
    There's nothing wrong with Islam.
    Besides a billion sotten apples.
    [Those who are rightly concerned at the planet's exploding religious-fanatic population should not lose sight of its cause: the third world poor's heartless degradation by the first's greedy exploitation.]

  • You can lead a horse-A to order, but you can't make him think.

  • Life seems short only when it gets long.

  • The word “evolution” is a cover for the real Darwinian discovery: Natural Selection. Use of the former word allows university presidents, pope, TV 'snews, and other useful adjuncts of the worlds' rulerships, to pretend to the public that Darwin and religion are compatible. (As he pondered the issue, Darwin himself increasingly realized the opposite. See, e.g., Edw.O.Wilson Harvard Magazine 108.2:29-33 [2005 Nov-Dec] p.33.) Natural Selection is ethically ateleological: raw tooth&claw amorality. Best kept from the exploited citizens whose naïveté rulerships live off, thus a tacit safe-semantic policy of discussing only “evolution”.

  • Any policy that “doesn't make sense” does.
    You just haven't empathized with the mind-behind that policy — which will ever-more-usually turn out to be (e.g., US or Brazil hyper-squandering of non-renewable resources) a short-term greedy capitalist or “globalist”.

    Bone Appetit:
    There are exceptions. E.g., B.J.Clinton's very 1st move upon taking office in 1993 was to push for transforming the US military from Club Het to Club Hed.
    So either he had political debts to the homosexual lobby (a.k.a “the homintern”) or somebody had something on somebody.

  • Among the oddities of the human brain:
    1. Persons can believe in Darwinian randomly-generated natural-selection (arrogantly scorning rurals for not), while simultaneously believing in: [a] all groups' absolute genetic intelligence-equality and [b] the feasibility of long-term-stable socialism. (See DIO 4.2 [1994] ‡9 nn.40&44 [pp.89-90].)
    2. Numerous otherwise intelligent observers can simultaneously face atheism — i.e, that there is no reason for the universe to do us any favors — yet cannot face the anarchist's realization that there is no reason for a gov't to do us any favors, beyond what citizens' now-monotonically-waning persuasive power (and weaponry, to get down to basic-Thos.Jefferson) positively require that gov't to yield. With the demise of the USSR's world-gang of paid subversives, vying to be a counterforce to capitalist world-enslavement, the latter truth (item 2) may increasingly become apparent to our serf-to-plutocracy, desperately-job-scrounging, ever-less-secure work-force.

  • Why do gov'ts ban citizens' guns & conversation-recording? Because they're equalizers.

  • Among the wisdoms that come with age: the realization that making others happier & brighter is not only a social good but one of the most refined of pleasurable achievements.

  • Massive tomes have been written on the theory and rôle of government. But the US' #1 humorist, Dave Barry, has done better in just two words.
    Asked for the purpose of government, he got straight to the entire point: “To tax”.

  • Similarly incisive: Bill Maher (2005/2/3 on Chris Matthews' show) got past the bull in Shrubya's 2005 State-of-the-Union dramatics: the proposed programs (e.g., putting stock-brokers on the gov't dole) are merely for paying back (plus generous profit) the people who funded his re-election.
    [Note that I say re-election. Dems who can't face their 2000 loss simply make themselves look knee-jerk party-line. Note: had Ohio just gone Dem in the 2004 election, wouldn't it have been fun to watch the Dembos&Dumbos switch sides regarding the validity of the Electoral College? (On which, see DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 §K2 [b].)]

  • Statistical Morals:
    [a] Doing statistics requires clean samples and clean morals.
    [b] A small clean sample is always preferable to a big dirty one. (DIO 4.1 [1994] ‡3 n.49 [p.46].)
    [c] The commonest stat-sleight is bias-betrayal of the random-basis of the stat-math behind one's impressive advertised evaluation-formula.

  • [Posted 2005.] TV 'snews-GovProp keeps protesting-fantasizing that the US economy is so improving. (Even while the average USer's real salary — and job-security [psychologically far more important] — has steadily declined for decades.) Then why are the fundie nut-religions of our desperate-scared-poor spreading so lustily, devouring the sedate Protestant sects (Episcopal, Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Congregationalist, Quaker, etc) which were the backbone of the US' once-confidently-prosperous middle-class?

  • Fourth-Estatehood: The-News is Anything But New:
    If the occupation of Iraq is primarily for the Iraqis' benefit, why is the Iraqi total-dead hardly ever even mentioned by TV 'snews? — much less made the subject of intrusive hushed-pause-to-remember moments, which are Orwellian nightly TV 'snews-grist for a freshly-sacrificed plebian US soldier or two.
    (For Mark Twain & DR on some parallels to this, see DIO 4.2 [1994] ‡8 n.25 [p.76].) It's hard to find a clearer indication that TV 'snews has either become part of the rulership or is the rulership.

  • Pols' & priests' success-secret: masking colossal implicit conceit as humility.
    (Dennis Rawlins: DIO 8 [1998] p.46.)

  • The difference between illusionists and magicians is best illustrated by example:
    Most pols & priests are mere illusionists (not necessarily deliberately).
    Sincere artists & scientists are the true magicians.
    (From Dennis Rawlins' 2004/11/6 dedication-speech for Barbara Rawlins' unveiling of the Baltimore Rachmaninov Memorial she has funded and pre-eminently placed at The Lyric Opera House, the only Western Hemisphere symphony hall south of NYC to premier one of the immortal musical works of all time.)

  • New truths and beneficent gov'ts are not founded along straight paths.
    [If there were a method that directly yielded valid discoveries or stable wise-rulership, this would be a very different planet. “Tons of tomes have been written on gov't solutions to human problems. Yet the most important [problem to be solved] is: how can one place these solutions into power? [E.g., if you are trying to establish democracy in a place it doesn't already exist, then elections won't get you there.] This question is a reminder that in gov't matters, as with inductive problems in physical science: there is no systematic method of solution. (Again: if there were, we would have quickly eliminated all civil woes and solved all physical mysteries.)” DIO 2.1 [1992] ‡1 §A11 [p.5].]

  • Sadly, most customer-comments to store-managers are complaints. Try instead, when delivering remarks-to-manager, to spend most of them complimenting those who do their jobs well and considerately.

  • Those Who Forget Santayana Are Condemned — Chapter Infinity:
    It isn't the 1st but the 2nd generation Moslems that are being radicalized throughout the tinderbox European Union — because the original immigrants were grateful to find work, while their children instead grew up at the bottom of consumer societies and so understandably obsessed upon relative poverty and other inequities.
    The 1st-generation massive wave (after Clinton defanged the INS) of long-domestically-cowed and grateful-to-be-here Latino immigrants into the US hasn't produced much radicalization.
    Sooooo, reckons Baltimore-MD's mayor→guv MartO'Malley — nothing to worry about….
    DIO 8 [1998] suggested an election-time bumpersticker-motto:

    Nobody For Mayor. This City's Been Mayored Long Enough.

  • Recipe Dep't:
    [a] Take one dollop of easy profits from cheap immigrant labor, via pseudo-oops deliberate-joke “border” policies.
    [b] Add a barrel of bloody messing in Arab nations for easy oil megaprofits.
    [c] Stir with greedy quick-buck-über-alles Big-Stick-militarist President, who thinks one can conventionally snuff a billion-headed Moslem hydra.
    Cooks-up enough alien terrorists and domestic liberty-contractions from-here-to-eternity to sate the most ghoulish students of inadvertent free-society self-destruction.

  • Iraq is Islam's Stalingrad.
    [Just as the USSR in 1942-1943 didn't concentrate on bombing Berlin while patriots fought to the bitter death on the Volga to protect Russia's vital and irreplaceable Caucasus oil heritage, so Islam is now just taking things 1-at-a-time. How long did Berlin's pinning down Russia on the Volga keep Germany safe? Was Russia later a tad upset and vindictive (for a few minutes) about being invaded, sieged, occupied, its homes and villages trashed, etc?
    In BuckTurgidsonese: did Berlin later get its hair mussed?]

  • How did English “settlers” convince themselves that Indians were the aggressors and invaders, while English “colonists” went across the Atlantic to take the Indians' land and create the US?
    [DR is genetically descended from both sides.]
    How has the US sent soldiers across the Atlantic to the Middle East (ever since oil was found there) even while convincing US citizens that the natives (who resist US' addiction to sucking up its oil heritage) are the “insurgent” aggressors in the present unpleasantness?

  • Oil-wars, “free-trade” world-sweatshoppification enslavement, and drug-peddling are unkillable corruptors for a common reason: a cheap product's potential enormous wholesale→retail mark-up creates cornucopic bribe-fund reservoirs.

  • Religion is just optimist-paranoia: whole-universe conspiratorialist-dementia.
    (Dennis Rawlins: Skeptical Inquirer 2.1 [1977] p.65.)

  • Truth can be rented but not bought. (Dennis Rawlins: DIO 10 [2000].)

  • Society has gotten used to expecting science to increase longevity, but technology's ever-increasing complexity (plus commercial desire to keep profitably “updating” its common applications) will ever more quickly render citizens obsolete (most intensely in the fields requiring the most intelligence) and thus fiscally-burdensome, which will inevitably generate pressures to ease them out of society ever earlier & earlier…

  • Dennis Rawlins: “every time you answer a pollster's political question, you are telling politicians exactly how to lie to you.” (DIO 2.1 [1992] ‡1 §F2 [p.6].)
    [Remember that someone is paying every pollster — someone who is almost certainly trying to help your exploiters, not you. Even seemingly-innocuous who-ya-votin'-for questions help manipulators of the electoral-college-quilt in allocating their party's millions, to elect as many as possible of their party's pols. And where does the money come from, that's used to pay for the polls? From the contributions of corporations and lobbies — “contributors” that'll get more back than they put in. At your expense.
    General rule: Never answer a pollster unless [a] he's asking about issues (not how or whether you'll vote), and [b] you intend not to vote. (I.e., don't vote AND answer pollsters: it's redundant and is just what fixers and fakers count on.)]

  • US conservative fundies rightly decry the Dembo-legacy welfare-cycle-bastardy explosion — yet simultaneously fight abortion. (Society's fail-safe — for preventing massive systematic over-multiplication of those too dumb to use birth control effectively.)
    What Are These People Thinking?
    (See also: DIO 1.1 [1991] ‡2 §H [p.15]; DIO 4.2 [1994] ‡9 §G2 & n.12; DIO 4.3 [1994] ‡13 §B3, nn.15&16, §E; DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 §E7 [p.47].)

  • There is no agnostic so ready to embrace doubt as a believer when faced with a piece of evidence which is inconveniently-inconsistent with his undislodgeably-sacred tenets.

  • Instead of blaming an unworthy partner, advisor, or broker for one's troubles, blame one's own mistake of choosing him in the 1st place.

  • The more time-saving devices are invented, the less spare time we have.
    (Dennis Rawlins: DIO 2.1 [1992] p.5 or ‡1 §C1.)

  • Question: Who made the big money in the California gold rush?
    Answer: Those who sold gold-mining equipment.

  • If the Dembos wanna beat the Dumbos on the Terror issue, they might ask the public which terror is more likely: [a] losing life in a bomb-attack by Arab terrorists, or [b] losing livelihood in a downsizing-attack by one's employer.

  • If our Minimum Leader thinks it's a virtue to stay-the-course, then why do his policies force so many citizens to switch careers? The trend causes decent average workers more than fiscal terror: staying at a trade throughout one's life is much more likely to engender pride, purpose, loyalty, & hero-emulation — as against, empty earn&spend greed&consumerism.

  • TechnoDarkAges The more scientists' intelligence contributes to advancing society's technology, the greater is selfish-leader-intelligence's ability to dummify & mentally enslave ever larger masses of humanity.

  • Dennis Rawlins on “patriotism” (from war to sports): how is judging by uniform-color morally superior to judging by skin-color?
    (TV 'snews has never once asked its tooboisie to ponder which lethal passion has spilled more blood throughout human history. Race-pride or nationalist-pride? Race-hatred or nationalist-hatred?)
    While drumbeat-propagandizing against racism, the US establishment simultaneously promotes inter-national prejudice via, e.g., the Olympics, where one is not even allowed to compete unless sponsored by a nation. TV 'snews will doubtless claim that this is merely what the public wants. (As if the media isn't singularly and constantly pushing pride in the US team and uniform.) A bluff-hoax that's all too easy to call: ask for a secret-ballot vote by the US public on whether it wants the modern nationalist-obsessed, uniform-ridden Olympics — or would prefer the original Olympics, where all the athletes were nude.
    Indeed, the specific reason for ancient Olympic nudity was to lower inter-sectional passions, letting each individual be judged on his merit, not his origin. Isn't this the very spirit the pseud-anti-prejudice US media claims it stands for? — and is ever-frantic to fake its assent to it. While never yet opposing the start of any of the US' frequent wars — which kill thousands of furriners, who hardly even get counted.

  • Follow not a crowd to do evil.
    (Exodus 23.2. A favorite of atheist Bertrand Russell's family. DIO 4.3 [1994].)

  • Gov't has become god in most citizens' lives: a huge, remote entity, which can affect the individual, but which the individual cannot affect.
    [DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 n.10 [p.47] & §O2 [p.61].]

  • Why Does God-Save-the-Queen Trump God-Save-the-King?
    If her daily martinis keep preserving her dewlaps and the rest of her, Queen Elizabeth 2's otherwise-meaningless “reign” is compiling an impressive but little-noted record:
    in the US' 2 1/3 centuries of existence (1776-to-date), the UK has been ruled by women over half the time: Vickie & Liz 2. These two women's total post-1776 rulership has exceeded that of the seven male UK-sovereigns: George 3, George 4, William 4, Edward 7, George 5, Edward 8, George 6.

  • Whatever our pride sees as wise planning's achievement is luck at its root.
    (Dennis Rawlins: DIO 8 [1998] p.46.)

  • The comfy day of the US' New Deal & Europe's socialism or communism (when gov'ts might actually care about citizens' mass-welfare) is ending, perhaps for decades (at least until labor is replaced by robots — though whether that will help or hurt remains uncertain), as the ruler-vs-ruled savviness-gap grows (by plan?) ever wider.

  • I'd rather give birth to a book than a child. (E.M.Forster.)

  • Pols in predominately-Catholic Boston have been at the forefront of engineering heavy immigration into the US' already-crowded poor neighborhoods. But, curiously, not into the wealthy Kennedys' immense, thinly-populated Hyannisport compound. Similarly, VatCity pushes heavy immigration into the US — but not into itself.
    (If the pope had to endure traffic-jams every time he was on his way to work — or to give birth — he might take a different view of the merits of population-control.)

  • Invert-Queens:
    Both the previous items put one in mind of the fact that properly caring for children is so time-consuming that it must interfere-with (in most cases, virtually cancel) contemplative thought. The Roman church's priestly mind-rulers have efficiently solved that problem by reverse-queen-bee placing the entire burden of reproduction upon others — rather like [a] current elitists who are all for war — but don't want to fight it themselves (our AWOL-Ahole Legacy-Prez comes to mind), or [b] the bizarre Christian god, who allegedly created a world he himself chose not to live in for very long — never even bothering to finish the Saving-Humanity job which he suddenly (after c.30y of [inexplicable-for-a-god] obscurity & relative inefficacy) claimed was the prime purpose for invading Earth in the 1st place.

  • Fundamentalists are to the Dumbos what blacks are to the Dembos: a dependable voting-bloc, equally-dependably receiving much lipservice & tokenism but few substantial gains. (Prime difference, which the Dembos had better wake up to: fundies have little proclivity to end up as wards of the state.)

  • Alcohol, tobacco, steroids, or other drugs: suicide on the installment-plan.

  • Late divorce: half-suicide.

  • A question to the 2004 Dembos, as they rage about the Dumbos:
    if you lose twice in a row to a dunce, then just how smart are you?

  • Questions for total pacifists:
    [a] Is there any island left in the world that remains politically & economically independent?
    [b] How would such a hypothetical island prevent invasion?

  • The European “Union”: “Welcome …! Enter freely & of your own will!”
    (Dracula to Jonathan Harker. [Dracula Chap.2.]) [Hmm.
    Has anyone entering the EU ever bothered to recall that little dust-up back in 1861-1865 N.America, when a few states attempted to leave “The Union”?
    Note that the EU exceeds even Dracula in one respect: for Bram Staker's vampire, invitation-protocol is equitably symmetric (Chaps.18&23) — the vampire cannot enter a drainee's home unless invited-in.
    (In telemarketese [for No-Call-List victims] that reads: the mark's gotta already be “doing business” with the lucresucker.)
    Imagine that restriction being accepted by any gov't in history. Much less an empire.]

  • Rulers don't care who does the electing,
    so long as I do the nominating.
    (Tammany's George Washington Plunkitt. DIO 2.3 [1992] ‡6 n.23 [p.96].)

  • Thus, pulling a US-election-lever has become as superstitiously ritualistic as squeezing a rosary. But neither religious nuts nor world-owes-me-a-living rotters can be more demented than those who believe that gov'ts are so beneficent and the world so simple&cooperative that merely pulling a lever will allow one to control a nation's destiny. (See DIO 2.3 [1992] ‡6 §C [p.91].)

  • The common prole dream of a someday-bovine-easy grass-pulling life is a magnetic illusion. (It's why bigpot-lotteries and religions thrive; and socialism has an unrecognized element of such unrealistic dreaming.) But, then, don't we all know how cows end up?

  • If it is permissible for the US to enforce its national borders (and most will [at least for now] agree that force is needed to maintain borders, regardless of the degree of immigrant-inflow tolerated), then: why do capitalism's globalists keep variously, flexibly, and indefatigably opposing unforced, entirely voluntary ethnic self-segregation as improvident, unethical, and preferably illegal?
    [Wouldn't the most precisely-just compensation for centuries of southern whites' vile mistreatment of blacks be:
    make whites sit in the back of the bus for the next 100y?]
    Keep in mind that: if each state were able to experiment on its own, and found that keeping out (say) whites made for lower crime and a happier citizenry (or if a 100%-enforced death penalty was found to lower the murder-rate), the practice might catch on. So: best simply to banish the experiment.

  • The People's Vote Rules. So Long as They Elect Candidates We Own.
    Those who vote, in the US' rigged electoral process, fail to realize that, even if a true populist were miraculously elected:
    [a] the Electoral College reps would void the election; failing that (or, if public assemblies objected to a voiding),
    [b] the rulership would just call out the army.
    [Recall Lincoln's jailing of Baltimore's mayor & police-chief; or Douglas MacArthur's 1932 gas-attack suppression of the Depression-era US “Bonus Army” that marched peacefully into Washington, a brutal (if relatively bloodless) analog to the Czar's 1905 St.Petersburg massacre.]
    While dunning all with drumbeat urgings to carry out The Duty to vote, TV 'snews will never explore these obvious points. (Possibly because TV 'snews is owned by rulership-clique-volk?) Anyone who doesn't think all this is utterly self-evident should [a] ponder why they're trusting politicians (of all volk), and [b] consider realistically the likelihood of their own vision's implicit scenario:
    The US' plutocrat-militarist-imperialist-pol-press-lobbyists-nexus rulership loses a national election to a confiscatorily-inclined populist, so it gently says: OK, since the Great-Unwashed's little ballots formed a slightly higher pile of paper than our pile, we'll just give up our mega-wealth, weapons, & power and leave Washington. “Bye…”.
    (See DIO 2.3 [1992] ‡6 §C [p.91], n.23 [p.96]; DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 §K2 [p.57].)
    The foregoing is of course a joke-fantasy, BUT realization of that point ought to be a serious wake-up to any US citizen (with IQ exceeding 1 digit): voting in a 21st century national election is just playing the rulership's con-game. Have citizens no dignity left? After decades of electoral sham and resultant national decline, do people want to insist on en-masse-acting-out the classic definition of insanity? i.e., keep ineducably repeating the same self-destructive behavior.

  • Most gambler-losers are not only statistically innumerate fools, who can suffer through any degree of boring card-shuffles&deals, so long as greed is gnawing within. But, those who gamble at casinos add a further element of stupidity: they have to know that they are effectively trying to get a greed edge on mobsters or their bizworld equivalent. (Casinos take money from drunks, while trying to intimidate, beat up, or banish anyone sober & smart enough [by, e.g., card-counting] to set-up odds that produce reliable profits — which is, after all, nothing but what the casinos themselves are doing.) One would invite better odds trying a stomp-out fight with an elephant.
    Almost any intelligent, sane person can understand this. So — why do these same intelligent, sane people get involved in voting in US elections — which are run by far bigger, richer, more powerful, more enduring, and more ruthless mobs? (See previous paragraph.) Also better at hypnotism — after all, even the mafia never got millions of people excited about casting ballots in a Plunkittesque glamour-contest (pick-a-multi-millionaire-any-multi-millionaire…) over whether the Genovese or Gambino family gets to run things.

  • Dennis Rawlins: If human society had always been completely socialist-egalitarian, there would have been no social class with plenty of contemplative spare-time — and the wheel (really: axle) might still await invention.

  • Note that fear of error takes two forms;
    [a] timidity before risking the mis-steps that attend exploration, and
    [b] shame after an error.
    The 1st fear costs discoveries; the 2nd, integrity.

  • The secretest of all secrets-of-success is the humble discipline of strict self-blame.

  • He who gossips to you will gossip of you. (Montaigne; DIO 2.3 [1992].)

  • When US socialist youngsters are told that rich capitalists should not have their money confiscated since disproportionality of US wealth merely reflects the fruit of enterprise, intelligence, and providence, they reject it.
    But if one asks whether the jealousy of gentiles in Germany & Austria in the 1930s regarding the disproportionate wealth and influence of Jews justified confiscation, there is less ready assent.
    This is just another case of bringing out the contradictions inherent in the propaganda that molds the current version of the youthful mind.

  • The poor loathe truth. The rich fear it.

  • Institutional Infallibility:
    There are only two types of scholars who are invincibly unfalsifiable and thus absolutely never take the wrong side of a contended issue:
        [a] Those cranks who are so far gone that they belong in institutions.
        [b] Certain academic institutions' officers, editors, snobsters, pols, & consultants.
    Will the above semi-equation teach us anything about why in soft academe even the plainest truths can be submerged until the passing of a generation?
    (Or, in the case of fertile cultists, dubious explorers, etc:   2 or 3 generations.)

  • From the court jesters of Marlowe [“Shakespeare”] to the super-capitalist era's J.Leno & D.Letterman, we find that, under speech-constriction tyranny, the last refuge of free speech is sardonic humor.
    [When tyranny goes further and banishes even (intentional) humor, then we have arrived at the present state of the American Astronomical Society.]

  • Late in life, double-Nobelist Linus Pauling discovered that Vitamin C cured everything but credulity.

  • ReAccomplish the Mission click ReAccomplish the Mission click ReAccomplish the Mission…:
    On the nth spin (2005/12/5) of a recordbreaking broken record, our Cheney-cheerleader-mascot-oilpuppet “president” keeps demanding US occupation of Iraq until “victory”. But he revealingly doesn't add: “Again”.
    [Wouldn't the oil cartel be wiser (if intending to accomplish its announced purposes) just to: invade Iraq, kick out the latest uncooperative puppet, then retreat to Kuwait and watch to see if the next puppet that surfaces will play ball? If not, repeat — until one of the puppet-succession finally catches on.
    (The US used to go this route in the Caribbean so regularly, that our family for decades has referred to any keep-voting-or-revolting-or-whatever-'til-getting-it-right situation as a “Santo Domingo election”.)]

  • The Old Gray Lady?!
    If J.Miller was a presstitute for a presidential john, then who was her madam?

  • Modern-art appreciation is to nouveaus what astrology is to US ghettoites: instant “class” & effortless pseudo-intellectuality.
    [Van Gogh never sold a painting, though they're worth millions today. It's been wisely remarked that: he wasn't that bad then nor that good now.
    [a] Does anyone derive such great artistic (as against ostentational) exaltation from a Van Gogh as to justify prices in the tens of millions?
    [b] Can any art critic's opinion be trusted when such intensely-corrupting sums are involved?
    [c] Is it relevant to note that Van Gogh's friend Gauguin was an art agent even before he became a remarkably unsubtle painter?
    [d] Is Van Gogh so indispensible to the history of civilization that he could be ranked anywhere near, say, Wagner?]

  • There's no patient that doctoring kills deader than empirical data.
    (DIO 7.1 [1997] ‡1 §G17 [p.13].)

  • Neither wealth nor power but knowledge alone endures.
    (Tycho Brahe. DIO 3 [1993].)

  • Beware the Doggerelizer:
    The time to get clever
    With magicians is never.

  • No matter the lowness of attacks on one who is striving for the ideals of truth and fairness, he knows that in the long run what comes from a good, humble, and wise mind survives and triumphs. So, other than sympathy for those under the shadow of darkness, there is no cause for any intellectual state but happiness.

  • The best facelift is cutfree&costfree: simply a genuine smile.
    (Dennis Rawlins: DIO 4.2 [1994].)

  • I am blessed to have so often explored the distant future of the distant past.