A Collection of


Subversive Surveys

Why Haven't These Obvious Polls Been Done?

Even If — Would They Ever Be Reported?

A Sampling of Not-Ready-for-Prime-Time-News Polls:

  • Where would you prefer to place the National Guard, in Iraq or on the Mexican border?
    [What does it say of the US' leashed establishment “Free Press that it can go years in a row dodging or ameliorating the obvious here?]

  • Have Bush2 & Obama (Bush3) been working more for the US or for other nations?

  • The 9/11 airorists attacked Wall Street, the Pentagon, and perhaps Congress.
    Has anyone got the galls to poll the public on the 2nd-thoughts question:
    how many of us half-wish the Arabs might finish the job?

  • Should the income tax soak the rich (to inhibit self-feeding→accelerating institutional corruption of society by wealth-imbalances)? — as of yore, under the New Deal?

  • Should illegals' kids automatically become US citizens?

  • Which is — and which ought to be — of most concern to TV 'snews: over-crowded neighborhoods or over-crowded jails?

  • If Switzerland and rural Georgia towns have ready gun-availability and minuscule crime rates, do you think the NRA may have a point?

  • Numerous polls measure the US public distaste for the gov't. Ever seen this broken down ethnically or racially, an approach that is customarily a staple of media divisiveness.

  • Do you think the gov't hears your voice or vote?

  • How many times have you seen a prez-race poll asking not who you're planning to vote for but instead simply: who's the most honest? — and listing Nader with the usuals.

  • Which nation won the 1936 Olympics, when Jesse Owens beat the Germans?

  • Do you believe Mary was a virgin?

  • Did god or Moses carve his 10 commandments?

  • Is it right that in the rulership-media the race-card always trumps the gender-card?
    (DIO 2.3 [1992] ‡6 §D [pp.92-93].)

  • Try polling today to see: would Roman-church kids rather have an encounter with celebs Dale E, Brad P, et al or the BVM? Would adults be any different if offered a choice between OJ (DIO 6 [1996] ‡‡4&5 [pp.44-50]), BJ (DIO 8 [1998]) ‡5 §H [pp.50-55]), & Jesus (ibid ‡ §C & n.5 [pp.46-47])?

  • Establishment-media polls keep it all a two-party “race”. Instead of: who are you LIKELY-TO vote for?, why don't these polls just ask: who would you PREFER to see in office?

  • Including murders of civilians and of concentration-camp inmates, what percentage of the total World War 2 dead were German, Jewish, Russian, Chinese, Serbian?
    [How many USers would know that the top totals were for Russia & China? — and that the US WW2 dead was ordmag 1% of those two nations' combined total.]

  • Should three-generation stubbornly-persistent poverty&crime-cycle ghettoes be shrunk by requiring parents to have licenses before reproducing?

  • If the gov't said you can't have kids, or can't have cars, or can't have women, or can't have booze, or can't have coke, or .... which would be worst for you?
    [The gov't-medium combine insists that your preference is: kids. But: is that true?]

  • Do you think the President should have an official harem, so that he won't have to bribe bimbo-persons via the old Clinton jobs-for-jobs program?

  • The greatest Latin American threat to the US is:
    [a] Cocaine.
    [b] Commie revolution.
    [c] Immigration.
    [d] Terrorism.

  • Do you care if you never again hear TV'snews talk up:

    1. Whether the Olympic gold medal goes to USers or furriners?

    2. Wally (of DR's Baltimore) and the Jerk of Windsor?

    3. The mideastpeaceprocess?

    4. The latest pregnant celeb?

  • Do you want your wife to wear nail polish? Plastic chests?

  • Inversions: 1. The Moon is pulled by the Earth's gravity how many times more strongly than by the Sun's? 2. In the racist US, whites kill how many times more blacks than the reverse?

  • Do you favor the present policy of handsomely paying “Public Defenders”?

  • Poll top scientists (anonymously): Do you agree with media orthodoxy that all races' mean intelligence is identical?

  • Poll all Nobel-prizewinners on “modern” art.