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Public-Access-Downloadable DIO BOOKLET PDFs
Allowing Scholars' Paper-Copy Possession of All DIO Issues

These files enable one to create paper-copy booklets of DIO issues via duplex printer (short-edge setting) or professional photocopy shop.
(Two-sided printing&fold obviously required. Staple&trim optional.) DIO places no restriction or claim upon reprinting for scholarly purposes.
[For the Tycho Star Catalog (DIO volume 3) and Aubrey Diller's Ptolemy Geography (DIO volume 5): printers should ensure that the top margins of even&odd pages are equal, in order that their extensive rows of data neatly align, which will greatly ease readers' scanning of a given item's data, spread across the two (opposite) pages bearing them. The utility of this point is immediately evident from the 2nd half of the respective internet versions: www.dioi.org/vols/w30.pdf and www.dioi.org/vols/w50.pdf.]
Readers are encouraged to consult the DIO index (describing contents & papers' authors & titles) before downloading.

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