Different Slants

(With Occasional Rhyme&Punnishment)

  • Barbara Rawlins = 1st princess to marry her court jester.

  • In soft academe: INSANITY = seeking truth instead of a comfortable living.

  • Full-court-length basketball shot drains through net = Swish Fulfillment.

  • National borders = segregation.

  • Saints [the real ones] = composers who spend their lives granting spiritual uplift eternally to future generations.
    [The work of what are generally viewed as saints (Mother Teresa etc) is passing, and it often just counterproductively prolongs or even multiplies the social ills it ministers to — which is part of the reason why (as Jesus [the ultimo-saint] predicted DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 fn 4 [p.46]):
    poverty remains immortal.]

  • Abe Lincoln = his era's George III, fighting for Union, against a nation run by slaveholders.

  • Of the 1st dozen US presidents, 2/3 owned slaves. The US' capital city is named for the nation's ever-hallowed First Slaveholder.

  • P.C. = terror so totalitarian that few dare name it true.

  • Outside math & the sciences, academe = too-many zoos of elite ruthless pols playing skittles with cringing-cipher rabbitariates fearful for their status or jobs.

  • What entity is going to last 988 years? = the Thousand Year Reich's shortfall.

  • We've Already Seen in Baltimore What Inevitably Is Going to Happen:
    Nancy Pelosi = croc-tear-pitching Mercy in order to PREDICTABLY bring to the whole US the blessings her mob-connected Baltimore family has already visited upon that city — now the proud murder-capital of the nation. [Does any politician who's exploiting the automatically-resultant degradation even care that he's achieving wealth&power by expanding mass-MISERY? — one-way dooming ever-more millions of fellow sentient creatures to the torturing hell of eternal poverty?]
    And the Lib media treat her with straight faces.

  • Bottom-Line Re Artificially Upping the Bottom:
    Affirmative Action = cheating in favor of promoting underqualified people — and elaborately pretending otherwise for decades.

  • Florida 2018 Vote-Recount's Ever-Flexible Time-Limit = that's why it's called DEAD-line.

  • Ending An Enduring Insult by Striking While P.C. Is Hot:
    What time could be better than that when all labels are in-flux, to propose modernization of the term now universally if unthinkingly, used for US citizens, in order to replace “American”, which INSENSITIVELY-EXCLUSIVELY implies that Canada, Mexico, Central&South America aren't really as American (if American at all!) as those who happen to live with US borders.
    Just a suggestion for the new term: how about: “USAR”.
    [1] “USA” is embedded within. [2] The strong resemblance to strong-image words like Star, Hussar, & Czar.
    But this is just a suggestion — others may do much better. So perhaps the Aggrieved Industry can at last do something useful, and publicize its upcoming contest to find a winner!

  • U.S. Debt-Limit = Limitless.

  • Due Process for gun-happy loonies = lawyer-bund feeding-bonanza vs prompt\&spare efficacy.

  • The Old Hitler Knew You Need a Little Help to Kill Millions:
    Angela Merkel = new Führeress? Inviting-in mobs of Islamists — our era's top haters — in a noble attempt to Finally-Solve Germany's latest wave of anti-Jewish passion.

  • “Massacre-Shootings” that total a minor fraction of urban murders = a millionth of the population/annum. Acceptable collateral damage for protecting normal folks' right of defense in a nation where the cops can't get to the massacres in time?

  • Rote prayer = plagiarism. A leftie who objected to Melania praying observed this (2017/2/19). It's always been obvious, but why wasn't it said before?
    [One might check the ironic advice in Matthew 6 — just before Jesus provides the lord's prayer as an example of prayer — where he asks those who pray not to multiply words. Or pray in public. So: how many “Christians” follow their christ's explicit teachings?]

  • Who Ruled Nazi Germany After Hitler's Suicide? Believe it or not, it was:


    That's right — but you might've heard me wrong, so let me repeat — it was:


    As WW2 chief of Germany's Kriegsmarine, whose most effective arm was its submarine corps, Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz, with his wolfpack sub campaign against Allied shipping in the Atlantic 1939-1945, dunked more ships than anyone in the history of the world. He then became the last president of Nazi Germany when so appointed by Hitler on his own wedding day to Eva Braun, 1945/4/29. Dunkin' Dönitz ruled the Reich's remains for a few weeks and reluctantly (!) accepted the 1945/5/7 surrender that ended the war in Europe, a quietus officially celebrated on VE-Day, 1945/5/8. DR is among the ordmag 1% of the world's 2020 population who can remember that glad longago day.

  • “Mainstream” Press = “Mainstream” Press' cute endlessly-repeated term for media owned by 1% of 1% of 1% of the public.

  • “Fringe” Press = “Mainstream” Press' contemptuous, slanderous term for media owned by members the other 99.9999% of the public. (See DIO 16 [2009] ‡4 §§E13-14 [p.44].)

  • How's It Anti-Racist to Call Dissenters Dogs?
    “Dogwhistle” = is itself a dogwhistle in that its use by Lib pols, to smear nonLibs as racists, is code-wording not understood by many whites (for the paranoid pandering it represents); thus, its use is just as sneaky as what it imagines it's criticizing.

  • What Libskulls imagine is others' HATE = mostly just their common-sense empirical evaluation of decades of intractably consistent demographical data, and-or resistance to court(ultimately-gun)-forced — not voted-upon — integration with an alien culture.
    Originating incident #1 of which was the yet-persisting pain and horror of forcing slaves into the Americas.
    [Lib antidote: hate back. That is, make-real a mirror-image of a fantasy. While shunning and threatening dissenters as The Enemy.]

  • Western Footbinding:
    Slippers = flats. Unless the shoe in question is the Hollywood version of Cinderella's Glass Slipper, which always bears a spike that could kill.
    [A measure of women's rigid defiance of healthy shoes in favor of fashist priorities and anti-individualism.]

  • Are all pigeons pigeon-toed?

  • BlackLivesMatter “narrative” = eternally fruitless paranoia.

  • Moslem Refugees = innocent? Or just the latest losing-side in a 1400year Sunni-vs-Shiite ping-pong war.

  • [Recall the deft sum-up of Edward VIII's to-this-day inexplicable passion for Baltimore's twice-divorced Wally Simpson: he coulda been Admiral of the Fleet — but chose to be 3rd mate on a tramp. We need an update? (Maybe not?)]
    [Do youngsters need to be time-traveled back to when tramp-steamer ships were just called “tramps”?]
    Classy lady Melania Trump coulda been Admirable Supermuddle of the Universe — but chose to be 3rd mate on a Trump.
    [With his own DIO-dimensioned sense-of-bad-humor, one doubts Trump will take offense at the foregoing. Except for tastelessness? Mmmm …. Naaaaaaaah.]

  • The Latest Word-Ban:
    The T-Word = Guess Who. A Nation reader wants (16/5/9 Letters) the magazine to stop printing the very name Trump — just a T instead.

  • The Obama eight years = jest a Setback.

  • Black-Lives-Matter = [1] Obsession with advancing one's own race. [2] Mob-intimidating press to fear airing words, criticism, or effective solutions (e.g., fewer kids born-doomed into fatherless environs). [3] “Peaceful-protest” brownshirty mobs screaming-threatening no-justice-no-peace, waddawewant-dead-cops, etc).
    & [4] Calling other people Nazis. Er, the N-word. Er, the now-less (!!) offensive of the two N-words.
    [The New York Times recently covered the Israeli parliament's attempt to ban the word Nazi. It's avoided on all relevant public monuments in much of Europe.]

  • What is the chief enemy of free expression in the US? Answer:
    The Free Press = daily-dunningly fights free speech & free press at every opportunity:
    The Free[snigger]Press Says You Can't Discuss That Idea!
    The Free[snigger]Press Says You Can't Use That Word!
    The Free[snigger]Press Says You Can't Think That Or You're an exilable Elitist or Bigot!
    The Free[snigger]Press says you're RACIST if you oppose over-fertile, mostly semi-literate, and bunnyrabbit-religion nations dumping their (inevitable) excess population into the US!
    The Free[snigger]Press = Self-Deified Emily-Post of &“Political Correctness”, i.e., creators, definers, &enforcers of uniformity, limits, allowability, & shunnishment — re god, nationalism, wealth, cussword-fashion, art-fashion, music-fashion, ladies' fashion, and most insistently of all (lately, anyway): race&gender&orientation&etc&etc into the next Dark Ages.

  • Europe-Wrecker = Obama-Clinton
    Obama-Clinton, the latest US world-cop administration, tried to wipe out (by CIA-fomented “indigenous” revolutions) every West-defying gov't on the Mediterranean Sea, most famously Libya & Syria. But only the Syrian civil war stayed so hot that millions of “refugees” fled. Why?
    Clue: that's the only nation that allows Russia a naval base on the Mediterranean. The war goes on because Russia is backing resistance to being barred from the Mediterranean, the US aim since Dulles: Containment. (Extending Britain's Russian-containment policy since the 1850s Crimean War.)
    Result: ordmag a million dead. And one million Moslem guys into Germany. This year. (Couldn't be Europe's capitalists cloak as Mercy a thirst for cheap labor?) Resultant ordmag-1% reduction of Syria's over-population. (That'll cure Syria, right?) And it would be heartless not then to bring in the families left behind. And Moslem fertility guarantees Germans will remain a majority in their own country for days&days to come.
    [Heard the 2016 Western media outrage over Russian “aggression”? Ruskie jets are buzzing US ships in the BALTIC SEA. One of whose ports is St.Petersburg. TV 'snews will never note that the US ships are thousands of miles from home, spying into the backyard of another nation. Empathy-experiment (which needn't imply approval of Russia's gov't), ever-barred from our ever-balanced ever-hypnotic TV 'snews: if Russian ships were snooping around in the Chesapeake Bay, would the US stop at buzzing? It's just as dark-humorous to hear TV 'snews regularly condemning China for building military bases in its own region's South CHINA Sea, while the US maintains armed bases in the nearby Philippines — on the other side of the world from the US, and China doesn't (yet) have bases in Canada or Catalina Island.]

  • Senility = when one is forgetting more brain-lodged data than one is learning.

  • Pre-exposure Ronda Rousey = Harder They Fall, but with armbars instead of chicken-wire to avoid humilitating fight-dumpers.

  • Catch-Plenty-Zoo?
    Dembo upper-case-Liberal:
    [a] Blames violence on GUNS — while opposing stop&frisk searches to sweep up GUNS.
    [b] Blames poverty on kids growing up in AWFUL, UNEDUCATED, & FATHERLESS ENVIRONS — while opposing Chinese-style barring of poorly educated, jobless single women from parthenogenetically birthing kids into AWFUL, UNEDUCATED, & FATHERLESS ENVIRONS (e.g., Darkest Baltimore) — additionally tax-punishing skilled, responsible, better-risk potential parents, to subsidize the contradiction.

  • Tomb of the Unknown Soldier:
    But, then … exactly HOW does a nation ensure that the soldier chosen for the TOTUS remains forevereverever-Unknown? Maybe by TOTAL lack of identifying body-features due to what-bombs-do-to-you?… maaaybe such as … maybe we should change the subject? — before someone changes the inscription to:
    Tomb of the Unknown Hamburger:

  • Discriminating Virality:
    Blacks' cellphone-cameras are happily recording the occasional brutality of whitecop-on-black, the videos of which all “go viral”, to use the fave phrase of MS-NBC & CNN, as if it just happens without the influence of any lobby whatever.
    But, considering that black brutality (two words NEVER paired on the cited networks) causes ordmag 100 times more per-capita murders than the former problem, why don't the same blacks' cellphones record and viralize black-on-black crime? — to assist the same Lib networks that are no-doubt just as eager to push for the same alleged goal (reduction of mayhem and death, NEVER-NEVER-NEVER-NEVER just trying to stimulate poor black Dembos to vote in rage) as demonstrated by their running & rerunning & rererunning & rerererunning those familiar videos of bad cops.
    [In the case of the 2015/10/26 rough treatment of a school-class-disruptive black studentess who was Trouble [no “d”], the foregoing suggests that the incident would never have happened in the 1st place, had students sent (to the principal and Lib networks), video after video of her previous ongoing disruptions. One of them might have done something, but one doubts it would ever be on the networks, who are owned by the same forces that own the pols who live off the (increasingly race-hate) anger engendered by the consistent media picture of blameless blacks abused by cops and invisible Systemic Racism.]

  • Media-gov't combine's idea of: Irresponsible.
    [1] Congress' Regular National-Debt-“Limit”-Raiser Media Cheerleading:
    It is Irresponsible not to vote the U.S. deeper into debt.
    [2] News Anchors Away:
    It's Irresponsible to enforce immigration law by deporting those who break it. (And whose multiplication breaks the speed of light.)

  • Food-stamps = our era's soup-kitchens, but less photographably-embarrassing (vis-à-vis foreign criticism) and with little guarantee that food-currency doesn't end up traded for lottery-tickets or drugs. As cure-for-poverty: how's it going?

  • “Political Correctness” = mob-intimidated or mob-corralled coward-media forceably outlawing vocal sound-waves and predictive statistics.

  • European Union = international LoanShark.

  • Enter Freely and Of Your Own Will [Dracula to Jonathan Harker] — Two Inescapable Black Holes:
    What's the difference between Dracula's Castle and the European Union?
    Dracula didn't entice victims into debt-thrall via low-interest upfront loans.

  • Bank = debt-peddler.
    [Christopher Marlowe (aka “Shakespeare”) Henry VI Part 2 Act 4 Scene 2: “I did but seal once to a thing, and I was never mine own man since.” Fuller context at DIO 2.3 [1992] ‡8 n.68 [p.114].]

  • Baltimore & Its Mayor — Two Examples of High-IQ Request for What You Got:
    Baltimore = voted 90% for a mayor who on 2015/4/26 publicly requested the riot that promptly trashed the part of the city that most heavily voted for her. Resigned at end of term.

  • Those Who Project Hating Onto Those Who Don't:
    Southern Poverty Law Conference = serial smearer as “hate-groups” (twice on the air 2015/5/4 at Pam Geller) of those who oppose hate-obsessed groups that intimidate free speech by threat: jihads or no-justice-no-peace. The media might ask slanderers (like SPLC's Potok) to present evidence of hate (beyond mere opposition to hate-groups) ere relaying such propaganda. They don't.
    [The SPLC exists (and raises funds by mass appeals) to search out cases (like G.Zimmerman-T.Martin) that bolster the lie that mass black failure is due to race-hatred when the truth is that blacks and Moslems — being at the bottom — are the leading race-haters of the world (Moslems being particularly consumed by hatred of Jews).] Give MSNBC's Chris Hayes credit for muting the SPLC's libel to merely saying that Geller's group is anti-Moslem, the point that is accurate and relevant.

  • An Eternal Life That's Not a Fantasy — Though Built on One:
    Post-1865 Reconstruction's racial stuffing of legislatures = 1st of an ETERNITY of Affirmative Action programs to raise the state of black masses to the human norm. And what degree of success can we extrapolate asymptotically to Eternity — on the EVIDENCE of the last 150y?

  • “Underperforming schools” = P.C. for: underperforming students.

  • Climate Change vs Profit-Über-Alles:
    Fox Network = Pollutocrat Channel.

  • But, Like They Always Say — La Cucaracha Will Survive:
    Ongoing tortuously slow-death of the United States as a high-culture nation = the Eternal-Peace Process.

  • Washing Out Brainwashing: from Red Line to Red Faces:
    Helen Rappaport Conspirator: Lenin in Exile (2009 p.284) argues that despite longtime official Red censorship of the reality, USSR prez Vladimir Lenin died of syphilis. To Commies, airing this = washing-dirty-Lenin-in-public.

  • Stereotypical clipped-Brit verbal exchange = the Germans have WORDs with more syllables.

  • High heels = stilts. Making women taller. At costs of walking funny (e.g., Ivanka Trump lopes like a camel), looking fash-enslaved, and inviting foot-injuries both gradual and sudden.

  • “African-American” = divisive, needlessly ambiguous, paternalistic, and-or fawning use of 7 syllables where 1 will do.

  • Congress = national kangaroo court, whose elections = biennially ever-failed class-action suit-prayer-for-relief. [2013]

  • Question: Whaddaya call an Argentinian of Egyptian descent?
    Answer: An
    [I.e., what is the point, of the race-obsessed US media's ritual requirement that public discussion must use an ambiguous — and tediously windy — 7-syllable ceremonial genuflection, “Af-ri-can-Am-er-i-can” instead of “black”, when the 1-syllable word “black” is efficiently unambiguous?]
    The foregoing reference to Genuflection arises out of recognition here of a now-rarely-breeched (and never publicly-discussed) rule which the US' Free[snigger]Press has adopted without announcing it anywhere: the word “black” in a news story is (still?) OK — but only so long as the article's 1st occasion for appellation uses “Af-ri-can-Am-er-i-can” instead of “black”. From then on, for the rest of that specific article, either word will do.]

  • Armistice Day November 11 used to commemorate the War-to-End-War, and it was understood to be WorldWar1-Day. But when WW2 ended on 1945/9/2 (DR's friend Dr.George Yeager witnessing, on board the Missouri in Tokyo Bay), the plutocrats who run the US already worried that granting the working class another holiday annually was too expensive, so Nov 11 transformed into a memorial for all US war-dead. One can sympathize with their logic by imagining where subsequent wars would have taken things: instead of the lowest number of official annual holidays, the US would have the most by far. Soon, no USer would have to go to work ever again — or WW1-Day would have transformed into an ever-cheekier mouthfull: WW1-WW2-Korea-Vietnam-Lebanon-Gulf-Serbia-Iraq-ISIS-…Day.

  • “Campaign contributions” = congressmen's slave-puppetizers. (See DIO 16 [2009] ‡4 §G6 [p.46].)

  • “pimp” = Free[snigger]Press-speak (“p.c.”) for when (customarily) blacks enslave whites.
    [In Britain today, it's usually Russians or Moslems. From freer days: some dictionaries still carry the Lib-media-banished term “white slavery” as a synonym for “enforced prostitution” Why not revive the term on the agreement that is broadened to apply to Congress, while the term “pimp” is expanded to include Washington lobbyists?]

  • Racial-Gap Cease-Process and US' #1 Domestic Terrorism:
    WHEN will the ever-ongoing, ever-black-enraging mass black-white gap CEASE? (Said I-I-I-have-a-dreamed-of cessation has never yet occurred. Anywhere.) Given the US' black-bloc-vote-exploiting rulership's lockstep insistence on bully & attempted-crippler-just-for-fun Trayvon Martin's innocence and iconic significance to the Sisyphanly-eternal black-mass-failure Cease-Process, and that party's unremitting white-race-hate-goading media-propaganda — inspiring the thousands of death-threats Geo.Zimmerman gets daily — black racists' intimidation of dissent (including reporters') is approaching the level of the Moslem terror against Salman Rushdie and the notoriously ever-over-shoulder-looking Danish cartoonist (already nearly killed by a Moslem axe-wielder), who is as effectively imprisoned as Zimmerman.]

  • Thrill Up a Network's Leg:
    MSNBC's 24/7 love-letter to power = Triumph of the Shill. [posted 2012]

  • DREAMERS: Most Indiscriminate Promotion of Invasion's Latest Chapter:
    Dreamer = Einstein.
    Dreamer = Ben Carson.
    Dreamer = Nikolas Cruz.
    Dreamer = Obama.
    Dreamer = Trump.
    Dreamer = Human.

  • US debt-addiction = facing up to the US' descent into the Maelstrom by … treading water. Or trying to tread water. Or pretending to try.

  • The 2008-to-eternity “Recession” & “Sloooow-Recovery” = THE GREATER DEPRESSION.
    [1] THE “Great Depression”?
    [2] THE “Great War”?
    [3] THE “Great Pyramid”?
    All have been superseded by Greaters. Respectively:
    [1] Permanent post-Glass-Steagall banks'-robbery.
    [2] World War Two. (DIO 13.1 [2003] p.2.)
    [3] The now-taller-than-Giza pyramidal pile of mystical crap about the Great Pyramid. DIO 13.3 [2006] p.2.

  • Shrubyaspeak's "nation-at-war" = nation-at-wars.

  • “Nation-building” = Puppet-Gov't-Building — the better to suck the target nation's natural resources for profit.

  • Catholic “education” = STUFFACATION.
    [Merriam-Webster: “educe” = “bringing out of something potential or latent” — which does not resemble a process of isolating a child from dissent in order to cram his skull with evidentially-baseless BS in order to suffocate his resistance to mental tyranny.
    Which may provide a clue to Notre Dame Prez T.Hesburgh's mystification decades ago: “Where are the Catholic Einsteins?”]

  • Puppet-Property:
    Our President = Their President. [Shouldn't all non-lobbyfolk be referring to B.O. thusly?]

  • Ad-versus-Ad:
    US political campaign = wealth-funded brainwashing contest.

  • “Suspect” (robber, murderer, whatever) = press-speak, which is forced by a legal system which threatens to sue any outlet that doesn't go along with the profitable criterion that no one is guilty unless the legal system is paid princely fees to determine the point.
    [A test of the theory is easy to find. Lee Oswald was a “suspect” for only two days. But when Jack Ruby shot him to death (1963/11/24), there was no need to keep up the pretense, even in a disputed case — because a dead man can't sue. Oswald was never convicted in an official court. (Though, V.Bugliosi & G.Spence did a mock trial much later that made it obvious that Oswald had shot JFK.) So the excuse that such official conviction is the criterion is disproved. It's nothing but fear of suit that causes us to be treated regularly to a tedious media joke-ritual of calling even the most undeniably guilty party a “suspect”.]

  • Ultimate power trip = being a Caesar (Kaiser, Czar, etc).
    Catch = most of the 12 Caesars died “unnaturally”.
    [That's only fair, since (if we believe Suetonius) they'd lived & loved pretty unnaturally, too.]

  • Frank Costello = took Fifths more often than Modest Mussorgski.

  • When Will FOX News Finally Arrive at Where Its Logic Is Headed?:
    Simon Legree = job-creator.

  • Regulation by Congress = kickback-license.

  • US election in the 3rd Millennium = religious ritual with no hope of efficacy.

  • Three pleasant THEORIES:
    [a] the theory of a voting democracy,
    [b] the theory of insurance, and
    [c] the theory of legal representation in court.
    The oft-propagandized attractiveness of the THEORIES tend to so fog the average citizen's mind as to inhibit his facing their REALITIES in today's US:
    [a] Corporate-funded acting clinic for performance on TV 'snews & other TV ads.
    [b] Frightened by Murphy's-Law catastrophic nightmares, the public has ended up (voluntarily at first) so enriching a cartel that it now controls said public's gov't, even to the point of [i] tax-stealing from said public to cover said cartel's gambling losses, and [ii] legally threat-forcing even nightmareless citizens to buy insurance from said cartel.
    [c] Rich criminals get off, while poor ones stay criminal while circulating in&out of prison (DIO 4.2 [1994] ‡9 §Q [p.87]) to enrich generously-taxfunded “public defenders”.

  • One of several defynitions of a US election that appear here:
    if a kindergartenkiddyparty-level magician asked his infant audience to choose between two cards — both being jokers — you'd consider it a pretty primitive illusion, even for kids. But what if you kept trying the same trick every two or four years and most of the kids moronically never caught on?! (Kept hope-expecting that THIS time the shiniest-looking card mightn't a joker.)
    Welcome to the US electorate.
    [Since any 3rd-party candidate (in the US at least) who has a chance of getting adequate TVad-funding (and protection from smears via TV 'snews, SNL, & TVad-hits) will be just another tool of the usual mega-wealth forces, the sole remedy is: Voters' Strike. See DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 §B3 [p.46].
    When one considers the US election scene, with, e.g., all “Serious” candidates slutting for their mega-feline Contributors, and with the Electoral College etc, lurking as an ultimate fail-safe guarantee for the establishment's immortal lobby-cartel, one must finally confront an essential question: has the ever-accelerating fraudulence of US elections reached (long since?!) the point where voting in them AT ALL merely pseudo-certifies their fake legitimacy? I.e., has Not-Voting become the only way left to us, to not to “waste” our vote?

  • Wm Shakespeare (1564-1616) = Christopher Marlowe (1564-1623?), Cantab extraordinaire. See the inductive masterpieces by Calvin Hoffman (1955) & Samuel Blumenfeld (2008). Also the update-enlightening web posting by Ros Barber.
    [Also her groundbreaking and entertaining 2012 book, The Marlowe Papers, poetically guess-reconstructing Marlowe's post-1593 life — which is hopefully aimed at filmization.]
    DR speculations, of varying limb-remoteness:
    [a] Should we view Shakespeare as a poseur? Or a protector? Or both?
    [b] Marlowe, like other great creators (Scott, Wagner, Twain), labored under debt, an affliction reflected especially in his Doctor Faustus, Jew of Malta, Henry the Sixth (see DIO 2.3 [1992] ‡8 n.68 [p.114]), Merchant of Venice, and Timon of Athens.
    [Blumenfeld p.85: “In those days, a dramatist sold his play to the actors' company for a sum of a few pounds. Once sold it became the property of the players' company. A much-performed play could make an actor-manager wealthy while its author lived in poverty…. the leading actor-managers [a few select theatre celebs] of the time … became quite rich and often lent playwrights money at interest.”]
    [c] It is not original to wonder if the character “Shy-lock” was loosely modelled on the balding, vise-like money-lender who (fortunately for us) may have helped fund Marlowe, namely: the real William Shakespeare.
    [The 2010 book of James Shapiro creditably cites the well-known Shakespeare-doubters (also sneering at Hoffman in passing) but shows his inability to answer the Marlovian case by not even citing Blumenfeld's 2008 opus. Shapiro smears all skeptics by extensively and contemptuously attacking the feeble and oft-zany cases of the Bacon and Oxford cults but devotes virtually no space to the only candidate with: [a] a known record as a dramatist (and a powerful one, using “Shakespearean” blank verse before Shakespeare); [b] an irrefutable, non-speculative reason for anonymity throughout the span of Shakespeare's publications (1593 on).
    By the way, it's odd that Shapiro doesn't realize that he nadvertently undoes the prime public convincer that WS wrote the plays, namely, that his name appears on some of their publications. At pp.254f, Shapiro buys into the newly fash theory that the late plays were collaborations. But if the theory is true, then Shapiro has created a problem for himself: since none of the putative collaborators' names appear on the published pages, the authorship pages are deceptions; thus, Shakespeare's name there proves nothing. (On a planet where ghosting, plagiarizing, fronting, and celeb-appropriations have always been common, this should not be news. But it is helpful that Shapiro himself should have innocently signed onto this truth.)]

  • Academic power operator = so frantically obsessed with controlling money & opinion that creativity & scrupulousness atrophy, even while — curiously but invariably — craving rep for wisdom not just power; eventually settles for caring more about prominence among non-expert wider public, than about genuine experts' snickers. Among patron saints: Izzy Bowman & Owen Gingerich.
    [See also DIO 2.3 [1992] ‡6 §F [pp.94-95].]

  • Stimulus = pols robbing public to fund broke bank-insurance combine, so it can afford standard-issue public-conning, bank-serving pols again.

  • Modern baseball faness = admirer of male bulkritude.

  • War = catastrophic inevitability due to nations' disinclination to share, and religions' inability to cross-communicate.

  • Premature Imagination?:
    Parental-nightmare's daughter-on-date = probable paws.

  • Dumbos&Dembos = the fatcat parties, backed by billionaires — while oscar-level pretending as if they have only the Little Guy at heart.

  • The Cad-Force:
    “Spoiler” = any pol candidate not backed by said fatcat parties.
    [In the 2008 election, ordmag 1% of the non-billionaire citizens who voted chose the non-billionaire-funded candidates.
    Whatever its former legitimacy (New Deal, etc), is current US “democracy” the greatest psychology experiment ever faked?]

  • US election = falling out among thieves.
    [An only partly paranoid explanation, of US elections' peculiar (in world context) tendency to be close, is that both ultra-rich contending forces use polling to track likely results. The richest one will almost (?) always win — but sees no point in wasting funds by overdoing it.]

  • Establishments = unrelentingly and Acton-inevitably corrupt, devious, ruthless, utterly unprincipled, elaborately-pretend-respectable via totalitarian censorship, 100.000% power-prioritized.
    [How do you think establishments become established? And stay so?]
    The just-discussed every-election-a-close-one modern phenomenon is useful in one respect: it is a stark gauge of how completely big-money has taken over a country.

  • Embassy = military base — if it's in Iraq. Whyelse would the oil lobby build the biggest embassy (ever, anywhere) in Baghdad, unless it was preparing to set up stay-in-Iraq-permanently puppetpols there and here (from McCain to Obama), who can run for office while pretending to merely want a long-term presence (McCain), or who can run for office while claiming to be for stopping the occupation (Obama) — even while slyly saying but oh-yes the US must have an “embassy” there indefinitely.

  • Universal Hypocrisy?
    — God: Imp or Imposter?
    A Christian is a guy who worships Satan's Creator.

  • Border-Dysentery. = Montezuma's REAL Revenge.

  • RD = Resurrectile-Disfunction: Jesus' postCruciFiction permanent disappearance from his hitherto-aggressive public-preacher calling.

  • GLOBBY = Lobby-combine, coagulating for synergistic globalist power-enhancement.

  • Whydya Think DIO 8 (‡5 §H29 [p.54]) Dubbed 'em the American Sheeple?
    US version of “Independent” voter: votes for homogeneously-globalist Dumbos or Dembos 90% of the time, since the globalist-owned press circularly uses polls to keep perversely deluding wanna-be-with-a-winner voters into accepting the upside-down hilarity that doing otherwise is throwing-away-your-vote.
    [Note that, as elections approach, even Independents-viewpoint venter Lou Dobbs (CNN) never invites-on an independent candidate. He adheres to the notion that independents' power should lie only in tipping the balance between theDems&theDims. Since ALL newsmen of the networks' FatCat-owned TV (FCTV) are acting likewise as election-day approaches, it seems undeniable that FCTV has a hidden rule barring alternate candidates and thus herd-channeling the tooboisie into just Two FatCat-owned “Choices”, which equal One Oligarchy.]

  • Holy US cringes as the financial world-dominance of our ever-more debt-ridden Christian nation melts away, and Wall Street's DJIA in 2008 routinely displays fibrillations of hundreds of points, while pagan China unsurprisingly buys up a nation where every pol is for sale. Is the Stuck Market turning into the Cross-Eyed-Bear Market?

  • Ad-break = ad-chasm.

  • Only puppet-show where the audience gets to pick the puppets = a US election.

  • TV 'snews' definition of “independent voters” = those whose swing back and forth have the privilege of determining whether Dumbos or Dembos win.
    [One would think that this bit of typically sneaky anti-3rd-party brass (using the classic what-isn't-said technique) would enlighten even the slowest US voter, but there's little sign yet that voters (if not going for Nader or another non-whore) have realized that the most powerful vote they can cast may be NOT: a Voters' Strike. (DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 §B3 [p.46].)]

  • Ball, Players, & Fences: Juiced, Juiced, & Reduced:
    Major League beastball-era home-run = Chemically-Spanked Rabbit Flees Playpen.
    [Notice the fraction of 2008 World Series runs scored on HRs?]

  • To Die For:
    EQUALITY [Independently-Declared, 1776] = what US soldiers die for.
    While paid less than 1% of war-profiteers' income.
    In a nation most of whose savings are inherited.
    Ninety-nine percent of whose land value is owned by about 1% of its citizens.
    Whose many workers are paid about 1/10 of a percent as much as the few corporate (and other mob) CEOs who own the nation's “leaders”.
    [Declaration of Independence on man's equality-creation, etc: “whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.”]

  • Is There a Cartoonist in the House?:
    Quickdraw-gunslinger-wannabe Bush in Iraq = shot himself in both left feet.

  • Product of Catholic education = Rombot.

  • What's the Only Antique That Gets Peddled as Modern?
    “Modern Art” = now about 100 years old. [Over a century of submergence of talent's import — beneath a flood of agentry, hype, and con-men. See Hans Christian Andersen or Mark Twain.]

  • Buying a Vermeer = Brooklyn Bridge.

  • China = funding the Iraq occupation.
    [Our special-president couldn't print the money unless China kept buying up the US.]

  • Ecstatic 1938/3/12 Vienna = PhilAdolfia.

  • King Kong as boxoffice-successful romantic lead = size matters.
    His slip-clad adventuress-girlfriend Naomi Watts = Undeeana Bones.

  • Francesca Annis' longtressed Lady Macbeth = Hairy Queen of Scots.

  • Andrea Dworkin = the Lesbian Earthquake.

  • Sex-addict = best illustrated by morality-skit, featuring guy\&gal leaving a cinema-theatre:
    Gal: Why do you only praise the physical parts of women in films? Don't you care about their acting?
    Guy: Please! — You know I hate fake orgasms.
    [Recall that our definition of cranks likewise just used examples: DIO 1.1 [1991] ‡7 §A1 [p.68].]

  • Pseudo-Empowerment-Lynching-Joy Comes Full Circle:
    Don Imus Affair = former lynchees as lynchers.
    [Corporate media chiefs (the cynical true lynchers here) speak of banishing Imus (2007/4/11-12) while for balance (someday) tempering the revolting and sexist trash-lyrics of too much black-“music”. Puts one in mind of the succession of immigration bills equally approved by the minority-stroking-while-exploiting-at-bleep-wages richwhite establishment, which equally-sincerely propose to balance mass-amnesty by tightening borders. Guess which half is the one that will get done.]
    Kids were too busy wallowing in aural filth to ever listen to Imus, so why is the axe falling on someone who didn't damage children? (or: wouldn't have if the Jesse&Al Show hadn't relayed DI's dumb crack) — while the “entertainment” industry goes right on doing so.
    For a parallel inverse-focussed heresy-hounding incident, see DIO 4.3 [1994] ‡13 §B6 [p.114].

  • Some among the dictators of US speech are saying that Imus' racially insulting remarks are not position-comments and thus there is no censorship in shutting down mere insult. Partly true. But there is something else at work here. There are issues which cannot be openly and fairly debated on establishment-owned&controlled “Mainstream” fourth-estate media — and (in the US) race is absolutely at the top of that list. (Question-in-passing: Who else but the Mafia would so prioritize?) Which, as in all dictatorial eras, results in banished thoughts becoming the province of arch humorists and other artists in (hopefully) non-prosecutable ambiguity: court jesters, cartoonists, late-night comedians, shock-jocks.

  • Cellars Don't Have Down-Staircases
    — Pioneering the Mental Break-Up
    If Bush goes crackers, how could it be called a mental break-down?

  • War = what you fight to defend your way-of-life.
    Which, even for the victors, gets washed-away by the after-effects of the war.

  • Ultimate widemouth, nonstop stream-of-gluttonous pie-eating contest = PieThon.

  • Bipartisan establishment = monopartisan = tyranny.
    When both US parties agree on all important policies, the electorate has no choice.
    [In the US media, “bipartisan” has become the sneakiest Orwellian word around — providing friendly-sounding cover for “two-party” dictatorship. Its ubiquity merely reflects the vanishing of even a convincing pretense of difference between the two parties on central issues, e.g., eternal rich-poor gap, eternal exploitive war. Plunkitt-nirvana for pols.]

  • Moslem feminism = how can you show higher respect for a woman than owning her?
    [Especially 4 at time. (OverloadFailsafe: the Koran limits simultaneous wives to only 4, so guys won't be fatally overcome by a surfeit of respect.) After all, if a sheik owns 4~Mercedes automobiles, doesn't that show respect?]

  • Time when “leaders” finally agree to genuine reform = whenever it gets to be too late.

  • God's Mout'pieces:
    Theologians = prescribed-tenet hireling-lawyers, posing as philosophers.

  • Theology [of a permanently popular religion] = an allegedly spiritual tradition, which never succeeds for long unless backed by brute force-of-arms.

  • Iraqing Their Brains:
    “Western-Intelligence”: has as much intelligence as a “spaghetti-western” has spaghetti.

  • “May lead to dependency” = 99-to-1 odds that we gotcha?
    [Ads for sleep-inducing drugs customarily include such a warning, but without stats interpreting “may”.]

  • Sense of Proportion:
    Quagmire-war” = what an inconvenienced, frustrated, but not-truly empathetic non-combatant commentator or politician calls what is in truth a selfish bloodmire-occupation of a weaker nation, which turned out not to be quite as weak as anticipated.
    [An empathy-history of big nations trashing small nations:
    the US public and New York Times editorials didn't turn against the Iraq War occupation because it was murdering hundreds of thousands of Iraqis — in order to grab Iraq's oil for the fat SUVs of non-walking-thus-even-fatter US citizens — no, the US got upset because a number (in the very low thousands) of “us” were getting killed and the national debt was soaring. It's the mentality (see DIO 4.2 [1994] ‡8 n.23 [p.76]) that fixates on the 58000 US soldiers who died in the Vietnam War occupation, without mentioning the ordmag million Asians who died in the same occupation: many of them civilians, including their foetuses. Note that the last point did not lead any church to denounce a single Vietnam-ravaging US bomb-dropper or soldier.
    Like John McCain, whose long-magnificently-principalled-from-on-high career (DIO 2.1 [1992] ‡1 n.6 [p.4]) has led him to become a full-bore prez-aspirant. You can tell he's serious, since he's showing less principle by the minute — catering to the foetus-hugging, war-loving fanatics whose nomination he'll need.
    The culture-of-life Roman church reserves exile not for mass-killers in war but to punish truly serious criminals — like, e.g., the modern saint, Sister Jeanine Gramick, for her generous career of ministering to homosexuals in Washington, DC.]

  • Why Are They So OK With the Leading Force Destroying US Cities?
    US Professors = plurality Dembo.

  • Capital vs Survival:
    Ongoing deliberate flood of immigrants (backed by threat of gov't-court force against anyone who might seriously get in the way) = business-owner-Scrooges effectively saying to any employee who asks for a livable wage: “We can do without you. Anytime we like.”
    [The potential tragedy-horror-trap for the average citizen which is implicit in this exclusive-property-class dominated environment is presently ameliorated by US prosperity.
    But the power-mechanics of the relations of rulers to ruled that are falling into place (while the latter are sedated by temporary prosperity) are such that when the public wakes up to its powerlessness, it will be too late to do much about it. Indeed, it may already be.]

  • Snoring = Lizzen to zem, sinuses of ze night — vaht snoozic zey make.

  • Sadist = Dembo who chose to enjoy watching FoxNews on 2006/11/7. Or Dumbo who chose to enjoy watching MSNBC 2016/11/8.

  • Pie-in-the-Nigh = globalists' promise of delivering world prosperity by exporting jobs to the 3rd World while importing their most desperate poor.
    [Though — truth-to-tell, there'll be just a teensy delay — during which you'd best ignore the illusion (purely the imagination of leftist class-envy-fomenting whiners) that we're getting filthy-rich while the rest of humanity is losing ground. Literally.] .

  • Rulership = wealth.
    [The corrupter the society, the tighter the correlation.]

  • Bunco Bunker:
    Bush White House = Green-Zone west.

  • Automatic-gearshift car = shiftless.

  • Bipolar disorder = courtroomshrinkese for Mary Kay LeTourneau's monopolar disorder.

  • Steepery Slope = the resemblance of addiction-slavery (whether to tobacco, booze, coke, fame, over-eating, sadism, or slavery itself) to a greased metaphorical hole where: the deeper into it one is, the steeper it gets.
    [E.g., every puff a smoker inhales makes his system require the next cigarette all the more. For addictive drugs like tobacco, each hit is really at least two hits: the present puff — and the future puff(s) ensured by the former's production of ever-more-desperate cravings, which will leave an addict quivering with cold-turkey misery if he doesn't keep destroying his lungs — on the way to:
    wrinkles→disease→pain→orphaning one's children. What a bargain.
    By comparison, Faust went to paradise.]

  • Oligarchical dictatorship systematically posing as democracy = any election lacking a none-of-the-above option. (DIO 1.1 [1991] ‡2 §G4 [p.14].)

  • Voting in US national election = in-denial of reality — that one is living under a dictatorship.

  • Lead into battle = general's expression for issuing orders from the rear.
    (DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 §P5 [p.61].)
    [Redd Foxx (DIO 1.2 [1991] n.52 [p.107]) on his war experience:
    “I backed up so far, I bumped into a general.”
    (From Microaggressions to Microseconds:
    But suppose Redd had said instead: “I backed up so far, I bumped into a female soldier.” — in today's humor-challenged, snowflake-microaggression-intolerant hermetical-censorial climate, just how many microseconds would pass before Redd would be exiled to the Moon?

  • Platypus = otterly entertaining DaffyDuckbill.
    [Showbiz-wise, duckbills do not disappoint. (These animals are so odd [a duck-lookalike face on a beaver-like body] that first reports of them to Europe were initially suspected of being hoaxes.) B&DR's visits to three platypuseries in 1999 were the high points of their only trip to Australia.]

  • ESP = as plausible as smelling with your ears or seeing with your tongue.

  • Ballots As Co-option:
    Voting = assent.
    (a) If, for decades, a nation becomes ever more corruptly ruled, real mean wages declining, jobs less secure and more spirit-crushing, citizens ever-more-desperate to keep their fiscal heads above water, and its elections increasingly rigged, then: why should its citizens continue to assent?
    (b) Would Thos.Jefferson be called a terrorist? There were elections in colonial times; but the result was not fair, so TJ voted not with a ballot but a gun.
    (c) When citizens vote to get a benefit from pols, they are innocently entering into a relationship — a bargain — with professional con-men. (Does the innocent voter today know nothing of the history of con-men's promise-keeping? Does he seriously imagine that, if the implicit agreement [i.e., if the public weal wins, then the losing establishment just steps aside] somehow happened to come out in his own favor, the other party would honor it?! This is assumed, even while he already knows that politics is massively corrupt?) Classic con-game victims: the typical mark thinks he will benefit from the proferred relationship; but, when the smoke clears, all the chips are instead in the hands of the con-man. Surprise?]

  • Circular argument = human intelligence is explained by “intelligent design”.

  • Puritan = hates artists' pornography more than slums' poornography.

  • Two TY-REXs in love = the TYs that bind.

  • Larf = Upchuckle.

  • Muhammed Ali, longtime smart-A = now poster-boy for two brands of brain-damage, pugilism & religion.

  • The degrading “music” industry's force-feeding youngsters a culturally (and physically) ear-damaging diet of designedly exclusive, unrelieved aural filth = statutory rap.
    [A generation ago, films just ended with a quick list of the cast, if that. Since then, payola has changed things. Question: do you really need to take 3-5min at a film's end, to learn (slowly, in fine print) the names of the Rigging Gaffer, Dolly Grip, Best Boy Electric, and Ass't Location Mgr? You didn't used to — until the ever-plugging “music” industry figured this was a handy created-opportunity for hurling “songs” against captive ears.]

  • Circular Jewish NonWisdom:
    Vengeance = an eye for an eye.

  • Circular Scrambled Eier:
    German-breakfast foodfight = ein ei für ein ei.

  • Circular Peace:
    Treaty = an aye for an aye.

  • Circular-NonReality's Reality:
    i-to-the-i = 0.20788….
    [From Euler's Equation, i = exp(iπ/2); this to power i = exp(−π/2) = inverse square-root of exp(π) = 0.207879576…. (Other solutions may be generated by adding integral multiples of 2π to the exponent.)]

  • Circular LifeSnuffing:
    Capital punishment = an I for an I.

  • Spherical LifeSnuffing:
    World War = 10 million I's for 10 million I's.

  • Capitalist WetDream-CumTru Transformation of Organized Labor:
    Latino tsunamigration into the US = goodbye unions, hello street-gangs & cross-border drug-channels.

  • Flock of Ages:

    1. Middle Ages = Roman-church PC for Dark Ages.
      (DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 §P4 [p.61].)

    2. Dark Ages = 500-1400 AD = Christianity's dream-of-total-dominance come true.

    3. Dork Ages = 2001-2009.

  • Whipping-boy B.J.Clinton as GOP's Great Satan = Beelzibubba.
    (DIO 4.3 [1994] ‡13 §B5 [p.114].)

  • Hippie Peace-Plan: Plant More Flowers.
       Israeli Peace-Plan: Plant More Moslems.

  • Addiction (as against “habit”) = when it says on the package that a product will kill you in agony, but you imbibe it anyway.

  • Ice Hockey Game = The Twelve Stooges.
    [There's a sports-violence oldie about the disappointed guy who went down to the Civic Center to see a fight, but a hockey game broke out. (DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 n.15 [p.49].)]

  • Barbara Rawlins on oil-cartel puppet and petrified-Skull&Bones-Yaley Bush II = fossil-fool.

  • Declaration of Non-Independence:
    Party affiliation = partysan thought.

  • Tiffany Chin = why did a late 20th century ice skater name herself for pug-van-winkle Floyd Patterson?
    [Reminds one of Bob Hope's crack about his days as a pugilist known as “Packy East”. But his nickname or nom-de-doom was “Rembrandt” because he spent so much time on the canvas.]

  • Earless leader = G.W.Bush.

  • Affirmative action = institutional validation of paranoid envy.

  • Eternal-affirmative-action = eternal-poverty.
    [These programs are often promulgated by pols & priests who somehow always stay rich while their believing wards stay poor. Jesus was no different: see DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 §C2 [p.46].]

  • Clarence Thomas = Orrin Hatchling.

  • Obama = the Miss Universe of US politics, who is nonetheless viewed as “black” whenever advantageous, because:

  • Blacks = Dembos' Kryptonite for turning Dumbos to jelly. (See previous two items.)

  • Prothonotary: ultimately, Soviet-spy Alger Hiss' 2nd-least-favorite warbler.

  • Israel = Son-of-Danzig-Strip. [Eye-opening perception due to Barbara Rawlins.]

  • Near-miss = Truman Capote.

  • Control-Freak: mis-equates freedom & power.

  • Summation of CivilRighteous alibiing of persistent black mass-failure, world-wide for thousands of years: everybody's out of step but us.

  • Patriotism” = Nationalism = the worst and most bloodspilling of all bigotries, “Nazi” being the most familiar contraction of the word “National”.
    [Nationalism is far less logical and rather more murderous than racism (and the combination is more lethal than either: DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 n.42 [p.55]), a ratio which modern nations are naturally at drumbeat-propagandistic pains to obscure.]

  • European = Turkey in EUese. Atlantic = Afghanistan in NATOese.
    [The North ATLANTIC Treaty Organization has been trying to transform Afghanistan for a decade, though Afghanistan is farther from the Atlantic than any other ocean on Earth: Arctic, Indian, Pacific.]

  • Verifiable Prescience — Years into the Future:
    Animal House' “Emily Dickinson College” = chorally predicted in 1978 how to pronounce “EU” well before there even was an EU.

  • Globalists = gated-community millionaires who wish to force all groups together.
    Except the rich & the poor.
    [Merging disparate ethnic or national populations serves rulers' purposes. In the West, by lowering wage-costs. In the “Holy Land” (isn't that term kinda clumsy even for TV 'snews-propaganda?), by ensuring a permanent Western “peacekeeping” presence in the Middle East — so's to keep on top of the oil situation.]

  • Globalist pundits = the hucksters' hucksters — short-term-profit apologists for Earth's gradual but monotonic descent into an Orwellian black hole of world slavery.

  • The media = the medium.
    (DIO 2.1 [1992] ‡1 n.38 [p.11].)

  • US voter = actually believes that one of two megabucks-produced candidates is interested in the average man.

  • Guess which one got the nod…:
    Pseudo-saint pop-astrologer Jeane Dixon's claim that she wanted either marriage to millionaire (2nd) husband Jimmy Dixon or life in a convent = whole-hog or nun.

  • Mainstream” press = the TV & newspapers owned by the richest (and thus most business-gov't-combine-connected) 1/10000th of the public.

  • “Fringe” press = the rest of the press — i.e., the portion of the press owned by the other 9999/10000 of the public.

  • Happy Retirement, Pardoner:
    Gerry Ford = couldn't pardon Richard NotEitheraCrook Nixon and get re-elected at the same time.

  • Faith [Def.1] = one syllable, corporate-media-sacred word for throwing away the one human capacity that separates brights from mental robots: a mind that thinks for itself instead of just insisting on believing what it was brought-up on or is being Authoritatively force-fed.

  • Faith [Def.2] = reverse-pejorative for the stupidity of belief without evidence.

  • “Faith-Based” = 1st Crusade 1099/7/15-16 Jerusalem massacre, 1572/8/24-10/3 Huguenot massacre (DIO 18 [2014] §N7 [p.37]), 2001/9/11 attack, 2009/12/25 underwear bomber near-miss, etc.

  • Youthful rebellion = conforming — to youth-“cool”-ness, e.g., smoking, tattooing, & piercing.

  • Lincoln's War” = what the 1861-1865 War Between the States SHOULD have been called from day-one.
    [Northerners call it the Civil War. Distracting from the horror of slavery, South'ners often refer (entirely accurately) to: The War of Northern Aggression.]

  • The Middle Class: the one not on welfare.
    (DIO 1.1 [1991] ‡2 §A2 [p.12].)

  • Level playing field” = racist-paranoia-inspired Affirmative Action thumb on the scale.

  • Gov't welfare to the ghetto = foreign aid.

  • Bunnyrabbit religion = we'll take you over numerically unless you kill us.
    [This challenge produced the real Dracula [Vlad Tepes], who intermittently helped save Balkan Europe from the Moslem horde by repulsively doing just that.]
    (The only segregationist ever tolerated [by never labelling him as such] by the intelligentia was Population Bomb author Paul Ehrlich who recommended “walling off” over-fecund regions. That's worked [so-far] in Gaza, since it protects Israel; also in Cyprus. But the world rulership has insisted on fracturing walls elsewhere.).
    In a Pacific war that began over clashing empires and their thirst for oil, Harry Truman finally dropped nukes on Japan because its Shinto-religion fanatics were saying in effect: kill us or we will take you over. Islam's population-explosion — over ten times larger than 1945 Japan's, and spread across the world, is saying the same thing far more convincingly — and, in the West and Russia, doing so with ballots instead of bullets, while Iran (enraged at the West's political interference and oil-drainage) may be building Defensive nukes. How long before the West's next Truman will be faced with an awful choice? Numerical submergence and energy-impoverishment? Or nukes?

  • Reading John Stuart Mill Dyslexically:
    Ann Coulter [next entry] = greatest number for the greatest good.
    [It must be said, that Coulter's justly-titled later book, Adios America is one of the most informative of its type.]

  • “Disappearing habitat” = out-of-control population-growth of humans crowds out other species.
    [Ann Coulter — and likely also less zany John Stossel — are for no restrictions on human population-growth. Indeed, Ann approvingly says her religionists want to fill up the Earth's land-mass with humans until it's SRO — which would wipe out all other animals (habitats, etc), who will not be fit enough to survive. (And Ann says she's anti-Darwin?) One can be sure that Ann doesn't think pandas could evolve the gills they'll need to move into Earth's oceans — and get the hell out of man's rightful way. For John Stossel among others, the more kids the better: it allegedly means more chances for inventors, etc, to get born. Hmmm. Haven't these guys noted the moderate fertility-rates of those groups (e.g., Jews, WASPs, etc) that produce most of the ideas that improve knowledge?]

  • Didn't Lincoln Stress That Civil Liberties Can Contradict Each Other?:
    Liberal = [1] civil-righteously welcomes millions of desperate peon-immigrants who (esp. their kids) end up imbued with hatred of slave-wages and poverty, [2] civil-righteously objects to booting the potential bombers that are inevitably created by such conditions, and [3] civil-righteously can't understand why the gov't now wants to spy on phonecalls & emails….
    [Capital-L Liberals contend that all immigrant-tsunami problems can be solved by social-worker-style programs to alleviate, e.g., “alienation”. (Similarly, the Roman church thinks that any rate of birth-inundation can be handled by faith-based humanitarian programs.)
    No matter how many consecutive deferred-hope poverty-depressed decades go by, the Liberal mind dreams on.]

  • 2012 Liberal = shame of US electorate rejecting “historic” 1st US “black” prez outweighs import of stopping US economy's continuing wreckage by most expensive administration in nation's history.

  • Massive immigration = massive scabbery.

  • Freedom = the privilege-gift which the most liberal nations squander on smoking-rates disgracefully higher than that of the unliberal US.

  • Dep't of Needlessly Divisive Prefixes:
    [a] “Native” American = realer American than a US-born WASP.
    [b] Ethno-American = child of immigrant, equal to a US-born WASP. (Are these two ultra-PC divisive butter-up pitches not rather forked-tongue-contradictory?! — i.e., pitch [b] implies that being of a family more recently arrived in the Americas than someone else doesn't make one a lesser person, while pitch [a] implies the exact reverse.)

  • “Cheap-labor” desperately-poor immigrants just-seeking-a-better-life = The New Slavery.

  • WHIG (White House Iraq Group) = formerly, Rove's Gallery.

  • Eternal “Integration-Process” of unmixable elements = capitalism's quickest, slickest, sickest killer of free speech and socialism.
    [Of course, it gets the union-busting job done in a jiffy. (DIO 1.1 [1991] ‡2 §G3 [p.14].) Meanwhile, the alleged goal of peaceful harmony forever remains an enragingly out-of-reach chimera, thereby dividing-&-conquering the naïve-exploited non-rulership population. (DIO 4.2 [1994] ‡9 §G3 [p.80] & n.25 [p.86].)]

  • Economists = tools (like pollsters) of employers not employees.

  • Establishment media = tell truth in small matters.
    To gain trust — trust to be cashed-in when deceiving on whatever major issues and schemes rulerships care about.

  • Islam = hydra with 1.2 billion heads.

  • George W. Bush = Islam-hydra's Jerkules.

  • Joan of Arc (15th century) = last person to hear “voices” which told the “receiver” to do something noble?

  • Polls-pulled-pol going back&forth on his back&forths = Flopflipper.

  • You Wonder Why New York Is Conceited?
    Progress: in 1921-1956 & 2000, we had NYC “subway” baseball World Series; in 2008, will we have a “subway” presidential election?
    [Will 2000's Hilla-runs-Rudy-out-of-local-race triumph be flipped in 2008, paralleling the (Illinois-vs-Illinois) Douglas-vs-Lincoln 1858-to-1860 turnabout?]
    [A DIO 2005 mis-vision that ought to be preserved.]

  • US Gov't =
    Can wiretap but not be wiretapped.
    Over-bloated further-enrich-the-superrich tool for tax-fanging its desperate-slave middle-class wards' paltry surplus cash.
    Bans citizen-possession of serious weapons, while building huge weapons with citizen taxes.
    Habitual liar that outlaws lying to itself.
    Via “education”, controls kids' minds on their parents' tax-tab.
    Administers formal skill tests for all jobs but its own leaders'.
    Terrestrial god: can affect you, while you can't affect it.

  • OneCidedness vs ManyCidedness:
    David Ludwig = posterboy for the little-noted benefit-side of teen-age suicide.

  • Royal family = ultimate celebrities.

  • B.Rawlins on President Shrubya's brand of Social Security: Unsocial Insecurity. DR on same: every-pig-for-himself, a.k.a. stockbrokers-on-the-dole.

  • Finn Malmgren = meateorologist of the successful but ultimately ill-fated 1928 Italia N.Pole expedition by dirigible.
    [After the unprovoked mass-murder German-Italian invasion of Stalingrad turned ninety-nine percent of that city into rubble (Wm.Craig Enemy at the Gates 1973 Penguin 2000 p.385) and wrecked ordmag a million families, both Germans and Italians had roughly 100,000 survivors, but the more-flexible Italians outsurvived the Germans by over a factor of two (ibid p.397) by — again, as in 1928 — resorting to cannibalism (ibid pp.390-392), which was less popular with Germans.]

  • What's the Press' Favorite Dance? The Twist:
    The press = have displaced priests as the champion Judas Goat, in leading the citizenry along devious paths approved by its rulership-owner — through selecting & twisting truths to that end.

  • Immigration-to-save-“refugees” from basket-case nations = cure-a-plague-by-importing-its improvidence.

  • Sudan: Syllable-saver for “perpetual-crisis”.

  • Beautifully-silk-robed KKK Grand Dragon = Grand Dragster.

  • Immigration-Control, since “Democrat” Clinton gutted it:
    We dough-need no steenking green cards.

  • Simple mass-religion = war.
    [How else does an unjust nation get citizens to run into enemy fire?
    The US, by mimicking the Moslem horde in order to defeat it, is obviously starting down the dangerous road towards becoming it. The US' think-tankers are now consciously, coldly (unless you think Trilaterals [e.g., Zbig] are warm & cuddly) engineering the religionizing of the US, obviously to inspire soldierly obedience — and sacrifice for wars' stay-at-home country-club-clan designers. (And think-tank-megafunders.)

  • Is the “Art” Market a Perpetual-Bubble Machine?
    (Has Any Chain-Letter Gone On Forever?)
    The Emperor's New Prostitutes
    Art “criticism” = too-often artfully pumpingup-peddling trash as treasure.
    [As for the glam mega-sales, that are dutifully ballyhooed by art-presstitutes: are most even real?]

  • Stock-market buy&hold = don't-break-the-chain.

  • Christian god: Dwells in invisible someday-skypie mansion (Heaven). But created visible inferior quarters (Earth) for his wards. Who gratefully worship him in surety of their post-death mansionhood future. Though never having met anyone (of billions of visibly-dead humans) who actually lived in said invisible mansion….

  • United States = Mexico's overpopulation-dumping-ground.

  • Uppity-Puppetty: Battista, Shah, Noriega, Saddam — the byebye-parade continues.

  • Quackmire = Dumbos' kill'em-to-save'em oil-cartel-funded Iraq-for-Christ, or Dembos' “anti-racist” racist pander-programs.

  • US cities' looming Malthusian Armageddon (in our looming suitcase-nuke & openborders-era) = take-your-choice:
    [a] mushroom-cloud or [b] mashroom-crowd.

  • Current popular “music” = ear-beer.

  • With nods to Marx & Tom Lehrer (and apologies to no-one): Roman pontiff = The Old Pope Pedlar.

  • Future = a Gideon Koran in every hotel room?

  • Congress: risks mashroomed US city, to avoid national identity card that could endanger its business-world-funders' precious cheap immigrant laborpool.

  • The U-Word = TV 'snews' most avoided syllables: “unions”.

  • The REAL Meaning-of-Dreams?
    You're not sleeping soundly.
    [No matter how much you pay them, Freudians will never impart that truth. Perhaps because they're napping themselves during their patient's sessions? That's the least known sneakiness of Siggy Freud. (See Frederick Crews Memory Wars NYReview Books 1995 p.37.) Which may explain why the traditional couch is oriented so the victim can't see the shrink.]

  • Genuflections:
    “Sub-Saharan Africa” = seven syllables where four would could suffice: AfroJungle.

    “African-American” = seven syllables where one can do: Black.

  • PC-Realm's definition of Brain: only human organ having zero genetic determination.

  • 999: the number of suspected causes of mass black scholastic lag, which TV'snews will permit discussed-on-air.

  • Forced taxation for arms: gov't protection-racket.

  • Chemistry-major's Iron-Mike-Tyson look = Iron Dike.

  • Makeup kit: face-in-a-case.

  • Day the Earth Stood Still's Killer Robot = Gruesome Gortie.

  • Tobacco industry wetdream: replace every lollipop with a coughin'-nail.

  • Black History: nature's cruelly tragic perennial prank on egalitarianism.

  • Fleshcinemogul Cecil B. DeMille & Will Hays (CB's 1934-installed nemesis-film-code-censor): Cec & Desist.

  • Trump: rightly scorns lip implants. But marries chest implants.

  • Death: it's really nothing.
    [So most people spend their lives fearing nothing. Why? Perhaps a clue is embedded in one of the cruelest of jokes. (Delivered by the soon-to-be-murdered Earl of Errol in the intelligent Fox-Radford 1988 British film White Mischief.)
    Errol's question: What happens to a woman when her looks go? Answer: nothing.]

  • Ultimate throwing-away-your-vote = voting Republican or Democrat — that is, asking for rulership by those parties' billionaires, who also own the “press” (and its sheeple-manipulation-by-polls) that convinces you that NOT voting Republican or Democrat would be throwing away your vote.

  • Censorship: adults keeping kids from watching the same slime they watch themselves.
    [A distant cousin of DR used to be the Dirty-Movie-Lady of one of the fair states of our nation. (I.e., she headed the state's Board of Censors, that was deputed to prevent cine-sin from corrupting Youth.) Another cousin later imparted the information that she got the job by sleeping with the governor.]

  • [Below is obsolete since IFC changed it policy c.2010 but worth preservation.] FCC as Dirty-Movie-Monitor:
    Pseudo-puritanical money-disdaining FCC's measure of apocalyptic societal moral-degradation: display of erogenous epidermis on any television show.
    (Unless the otherwise-hellbound viewer has endured penance — in the form of paying a hefty cable-subscriber-fee.)
    [Why give away for free (as Europe's everyday television does unblinkingly, both in programs & ads) something you can charge enough lucre for, to protect a monopoly by “influencing” gov't officials?]
    Doesn't the anti-nudity rule hold even on the homosexual channel (LOGO)? — which is ad-supported? If so, then there seems to be an unwritten rule = that, while the US advertising community is OK with something as unpopular as homosexuality, it won't permit something as popular as nudity. (Just another refutation of the lie that the state of public fare merely reflects what the public wants.) Whether such priorites are defensible is a separate issue from whether they should continue as undiscussed as they are.

  • Pop-Singer: wilful, pampered wealth-elevated freak who professionally pretends to lyric expression of romantic emotions for fans whom his atypical life & isolation renders him incapable of understanding or even caring about.

  • Amelia Earhart: Amelia Airhead.
    [She almost took our friendBrad Washburn as navigator instead of Fred Noonan, on her 1937 fatal try at a 'round-the-world flight. (If she had, she'd've died in bed.) Later asked what the cause of her disaster was, Brad just summed it right up: “pathological overoptimism”.]

  • GOP-vs-Dem: TweedleDumbo-vs-TweedleDembo.

  • Stockbroker = stocktout.

  • Several Free Lunches.:

    1. Free TV = total corporate control of public communication.

    2. Free Trade = US labor competing with Asia's cheapest sweat-shop serfs.

    3. Free Speech = a dream so vanished on US media that its lack cannot even be discussed there.

  • Religion's promised afterlife: paydaydelay.

  • Kate Hepburn encounters Rossano Brazzi in 1955's Summertime in Venice = coot meet.

  • Cute meat: Bella Donna 1st encounters Jude.

  • December 8th 1941: a date that will live in famy!
    (Way across the International Dateline, the Japanese were darned proud.)

  • Wicked Wicket: Holy Church's view of woman.

  • One-Drop Rule: Old South's bigotry, re-emergent as modern black-lobby's desire to include all black-white mixed heritage folk as black.
    Patron saints: John Calhoun, Al Sharpton, Heinie Himmler, B.O.
    [Van Jones (former Obama team-player and typical CNN race fanatic) has re-confirmed that one drop is all it takes: CNN 2015/10/7 22:10 EDT. We racially-mixed folk thank Van for showing how frantic the black lobby has become not to lose anyone to what used to be its alleged goal: integration.]

  • Zero-Drop Rule: black celebs' marriage-selectivity. (See under Simpson in DIO 6 [1996] ‡5 §A2 [p.49].)
    Patron saint: Heinie Himmler.

  • Hack composer gone tunelessly into poverty = doesn't have a posh to pish in.

  • Political correctness = hating inherited wealth while loving affirmative-action inherited racial-debt reparations.
    Conservative correctness = the reverse.

  • US election: millionaire-owned TV-press manipcreates cliffhanger “horse-race”.

  • US 2-Party Election = the true rulership's ingenious numerical illusion, which convinces at least half of the public that it controls the gov't roughly half the time. (See under our Skinnerian 2nd & 3rd pigeons.
    Also at DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 “Inversions”.)
    [The world is now dominated by the illusion that a gov't is democratic because it appears to follow electorate wishes at-least-some-of-the-time. This is a model psychological test-hoax (inverse of standard magician-card-force): a 2nd-pigeon confusion of a random connection with a causal one.]

  • Half-truth = half-falsehood.

  • Rosenkavalier = an aural romantic dream. If champagne were music, it would sound like this.

  • Racial Profiling = a “bad” name for what's “good” if it's Affirmative Action.

  • “White Privilege” = wealth which whites worked to accumulate.

  • Black Privilege = quotas, extra S.A.T. points, word-banning, political control of cities through bloc-voting, massive (if stingily inadequate) child-support from the hate-object-group, via taxes which inhibit its own reproduction.

  • Minority Privilege = nonexistent if referring to the minority that suspects that blacks (and DR's people: American Indians and Latinos) might have a genetic problem that perpetually dooms inevitably-wasted efforts at mass progress. In the West such minorities have no rights to be heard, employed, tolerated. But if their suspicions are true, solutions to ongoing related social problems will never be effected because they cannot even be discussed.

  • “Minority” recent-immigrant populations = members of ethnic group whose home geographical area often has greater numbers than the “majority” nation it's invading. Which seems to make no sense. But attaching a word like “minority” to the teeming masses of Latin America (who easily outnumber US citizens) neatly diverts from the sad reality which rulers prefer left unconsidered: where these invaders are a majority is invariably a disaster-nation, usually swamped by rampant population-growth. (Which may help explain why so many people want to leave!) But: why (except as virtual slaves, for businessmen's short-term profit) would a non-disaster nation want to entice mass-immigration by peoples who keep creating disaster-nations?

  • Brain = (in PCdom) only organ not genetically determined.

  • David Cronenberg = took Phil Silvers' “staring contest” joke (Mad-Mad-World 1964) waaaay too seriously.

  • Race-prejudice or race-hatred: converting a difference into an intolerance.
    [For a mixed society to get along, its citizens need to consciously discipline themselves to suppress attractions & repulsions. (Whether or not they'll admit it, probably most anti-racist preachers are inwardly infected so.) Racism's inextinguishability is due to its natural biological advantage. Obviously, it must be a key ingredient in evolution: if survival-positive mutants did not systematically prefer their kind sexually, their evolutionary advantage would be swiftly melted away over succeeding generations.]

  • Women's Softball League = beshemoths & wannabehemoths.

  • Castro = Cuba Poobah.

  • Calling a polygraph a “Lie Detector” is itself a lie.

  • Talking to yourself = atheism in practice. [People who really think there's a god, will talk to that god instead of themselves. When you find that, even in stressful situations, your interior conversations are only with yourself, then: you know you've chucked the god-crutch.]

  • IQ 246 = what's needed for an allegedly IQ 245 kid like Nate Leopold to remember not to bring along a loose pair of glasses when committing the Perfect Crime. [Which he and Dicky Loeb surely bungled when, in 1924 Chicago, they randomly picked out Bobby Franks, murdered him just for fun, and buried him with the kind of ceremony that reflected their remorse: hurriedly stuffed the body into a country drainage duct. But the tear-ducts of the amiable judge at their trial were unstuffed to the point of full-flood at the hideous prospect of hanging “boys” whose dads were super-rich enough to fix judges. (OK, OK, sorry: twenties-Chicago was so uncorrupt that it couldn't happen.) Instead of death by the rope, he gave a couple of homosexual kids a sentence worse-than-death: he put them in Joliet with LOTS of young men. When in the same jail (off and on), he and Loeb got together plenty. They are not known to have shed tears over Bobby Franks, but when Loeb made a pass at a different con and got murdered for it, Leopold's duct-gush matched the judge's for empathetic effusiveness. Leopold was sprung in 1958, and was extolled by the murder-hugger crowd as a model of rehab. He even visited Chicago and didn't kill anyone there again. As far as we know. The extent of his shame for the original 1924 murder may be gauged from a simple fact: he kept a big photo of superman-thrillkill partner Dicky Loeb (not victim Bobby Franks) on the wall at his home for the rest of his life. What a softie.]

  • Fatal Weekness: Drug-Erased Sense-of-Proportion:
    Smokers = folks who aren't willing to suffer a week of withdrawal-pangs to save the rest of their lives from the lifetime pall of painful chronic illness, followed by early, often hideously painful & degrading death.

  • Popular-astrologer = would sell Moon-dried tomatoes.

  • Astrology-believer = would buy them.

  • Astrology-blimp = Linda Goodyear.

  • PC-Alice in UpsideDownLand: in Which a Textbook Case of Rock-Solid Prejudice Is Decreed “Unprejudiced” — and Postjudicedly Thinking for Oneself is Decreed “Prejudice” :
    [See Whites-Ain't-So-Smart-Either — Leftist Self-Destruction.]

  • The Rules = a play-hard-to-get manual that teaches any low-self-opinion woman how she can magnify her meager attributes to entice, trick, cheat, fake, and manipulate — in order to weed out all suitors who are intelligent and unaggressive. I.e., how to turn your boyfriend either off — or into a stalker.

  • Blame-Game Causal-Genealogy: Infinite or Truncated?:
    Troubled” = kids who used to be less bleeding-heartily called: “Trouble”.
    Does the semantic trick here present us with one similar to the same D-insertion that lies at the sleight-heart of the First-Cause proof of god's existence? — where the universal-passivity premis is: all things that move are moveD by another (entity). (Aquinas' First-Cause proof, which credits all activity to god, is a Roman church fave logic-ploy — until we ask for evil's First-Cause….) Likewise, internationally, every army got organized by a nation that had been armied by another. So is anyone — besides the putative First Trouble, or First Mover, or First Army — responsible for anything…?

  • The Playoffs = eternal Augustinian redeemability.
    [See DR: Baltimore Evening Sun op-ed page 1984/11/14.
    Dave Barry on sports-nut men's ultimate loyalty: these guys may say they love their wives; but, the trouble is — their wives will never make the Playoffs.]

  • Political press agent
    = a creature whose very existence proves the press' ongoing corrupt state (paralleling-overlapping lobbyists in the political system) — and its connivance in the very System it so earnestly pretends to protect the public from.

  • Obama = Highwater-Mark of the anti-Confederacy? — the latest Lost-Cause? Or: harbinger of a new New-Order?

  • Happy ending = never really THE end, since the only ultimate end is death.

  • Military efficiency = Sir-Yes-Sir instead of Yes. German efficiency = John Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel instead of John Herschel. Religious efficiency = Sister Mary Chastity instead of Chastity.

  • Male ladybug = ladybugger.

  • Grunge-parade = Merdi Gras

  • Mensa-parade = Smarty Gras.

  • Gaming = adman-mobsterese for Gambling.
    [I.e., legitimizing-promoting a a something-for-nothing ethic. (But, then, don't even get me started on mass-religion.)]

  • Ethnic Albanians” = StateDep'tese for: how do we get the public to love the very breeding-out-of-control-Moslems we're simultaneously harassing in Iraq?

  • Baby red-kangaroo = rooskie.

  • Schizo good&baaaahd Sheep = MuttonJeff.

  • Schizo Baltimore wrassler = Attila the Hon.

  • Ultimo-prolific Bach = baroquen record.

  • Ravel's most popularpiece = “Blaro”.

  • Noise = Berlioz Wreckuiem Op.5.

  • Predictability = either [a] science-theory best test-criterion, or [b] most pre-Beethoven music.

  • “Anti-Catholic” = a now-common smear of one who opposes we-vs-them religious bigotry, which the Roman church has encouraged as carefully as (and more successfully than) any other religious cult. (So far. Though “Catholic” Europe's gentle secularism and the oncoming Moslems put doubt on long-term championship-maintenance.) Being anti-Catholic was once so proud a label that whole churches were founded (from 1529) as explicitly protesting the Church's totalitarianism — what, after all, does the brainwashed modern public think the word “Protestant” means?!
    [Just as one can ask why there's any difference between “Protestant” and “anti-Catholic”, so one can ask what is the difference between now-de-rigour “people of color” and “colored people”. (The punctuational-magic difference now is: Required Respect vs Banned & Fireable-from-Job Slur.) Perhaps the media's cynical puppeteers figure that Orwell's shade needs a few chuckles?]
    So how have we gotten, in effect, into a situation where the very word Protestant (in its actual excellent meaning) is effectively a smear?! The answer is: propaganda, masquerading as a free and let's-all-get-along press. As if peace and freedom are going to flourish where cults are trying to outbreed each other — in a world where bigots are too numerous (or too useful) for The Medium to dare to upset the robotic dears' narrow mindlets.

  • US Protestant “coalition” = inchoate non-popery potpourri.
    [Like flabby, differently-superstitious 4th-century paganism's eventual defensive fusing-together (a too-late failed reaction to the Christian 4th-century takeover), which someone (Cambridge Ancient History?) once called a “barracks religion”.]

  • Vehicle emission test = gov'ts' means for lowering private autos' pollution, to leave a little bit of atmospheric room for the choking clouds of filth spewing daily from gov't-controlled-but-uncontrolled mass-transit-authority vehicles, i.e., buses.

  • Smirking-Gov't Band-Aids for Gov't-Connived-In MegaDisasters:
    Public posters reading “Teach Tolerance” can be unloosely translated as: local streetcrime and drugs are soaring.
    [Alternate translation: fiscally desperate workers are seeking the same deliberately-scarce jobs in inter-ethnic environs.]

  • Public posters reading “Drug-Free Zone” can be unloosely translated as: ditto.

  • Insane = one who acts so nutty that he's punished with free room&board in a nuthatch.
    Sane = the rest of society, which keeps paying the bill.

  • “Looter” = TV 'snews-ese for poor kid who, in hot blood, steals a TV during a riot.
    “Statesman” = TV 'snews-ese for rich pol who, in cold blood, skims a million in kickbacks from backing funding of needless weapons.

  • Idealist = prime foetal building-block for creation of a dedicated cynic.

  • Addiction = any obsession so time-grabbing that you miss out on The Good Life you think it will produce.

  • The lovable “pro-LIFE” Republican Party = believes aborting a microscopic, pre-pain zygote is murder. But regards those who hook teenagers on LIFE-ruining, torture-death-dealing tobacco as: useful campaign contributors.

  • “ERGO” = next snooty airline's brandname?

  • Too often, bi is to homosexual as agnostic is to atheist: wishy-wussy.

  • No pain, no gain = the greedy doctor's motto.

  • Skew Stew
    (DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 §O [p.61].):

    1. US Democracy: rulership by puppets elected-beloved by those too naïve to realize that voting (DIO 2.3 [1992] ‡6 §C & n.23 [pp.91 & 96]) is not very relevant to their lives.

    2. Demography of the several bunnyrabbit religions (all of 100% male rulership): numerical-political advantage to those too brainwashed and-or improvident to use birth control. [See DIO 4.3 [1994] ‡13 n.8 & §E [pp.113, 116-117.]

  • Astrologer = backseat driver for the feebleminded.
    (Dennis Rawlins: Skeptical Inquirer 2.1 [1977] p.72.)
    Stockbroker = ditto.
    Shrink = ditto.
    Priest = ditto.

  • “Integration” = TV 'snewspeak for forced integration.
    (When force is even implicitly admitted, it's phrased as: “court-ordered”.)
    [If an action is court-ordered, non-compliance means that the constabulary will convince you — or jail you at the point of a gun.]
    Comment: when you have to pull out a gun, you've lost the argument.

  • B.Rawlins on “phonetics”: = unfonetik spelling.

  • Mass arranged-marriage = forced ethnic integration.

  • Cheating = an implicit admission of one's inadequacy, which (whether in academe or some other sport) no self-respecting person should ever make.

  • Marriage =
    [a] One's life-center.
    [b] The hope of simultaneous death.

  • Who Needs to Talk Like He's Guilty?
    “You need to see my lawyer” = you might ask my lawyer since I'm not talking, but “need” makes the situation sound like you're the oddball here.

  • US free elections = a US public, which distrusts & loathes the small percentage of its citizenry that are lawyers, keeps electing them to Congress so reliably that this body has long been and will remain almost entirely composed of lawyers, who stay in office longer than the rulers of virtually all the world's most rigid dictatorships.

  • Gorilla = man's next nearest relative.

  • Experienced” = politicians' favorite self-slander.

  • “White House” = ultimate country-club prison: can't walk streets, can't act contra puppet-string-pullers, etc.

  • Yale = one of Harvard's most illustrious graduates.

  • Orio = oriental oreo?

  • Chimp = 1st known proof of reasoning outside humanity.
    [There's certainly no evidence that a god has exhibited any.]

  • Max-rigidly media-programmed PC-Lib:
    [a] Rates racist Affirmative Action programs as of higher importance than killing off poverty.
    [b] Thinks patchiness of prosperity on the Earth has nothing to do with over-population or non-infinite commodity-availability.
    [c] Cannot agree that capital punishment has any deterrent effect at all.
    [d] Will not admit that Jews or homosexuals have even a slightly disproportionate influence in the US media.
    (This, even while benefitting from said influences' creation of greater societal tolerance for dissent & minorities — DR's fellow atheists being among the prime beneficiaries.)
    [e] Cannot turn away any immigrant.
    [f] Will not recognize the slightest genetic factor in blacks' long history of inter-civilization difficulties.
    [g] Cannot see that the above stone-set attitudes (some meritorious in non-extreme versions) — all of which are daily-drumbeat-dunned into the tooboisie (or tacitly assented-to via rigorous non-mention) by the “Mainstream” media owned by the super-rich — might
    [1] be more in-line with aiding the super-rich than the middle-class, or [2] have the slightest bearing on Libs' own decades of frustration at the world's sinister political direction. (A direction for which those with influence — if wishing credit for claimed benign effects — may bear some share of responsibility.)

  • Miranda Decision = cops forced to be client-chasing admen for lawyers.
    [DIO has repeatedly noted how perversely anti-scientific the liar-coddling Miranda rule is.
    (DIO 7.3 [1997] ‡9 n.15 [p.88]; DIO 10 [2000] n.141 [p.64].)]

  • TV = the place where virtually every nonsitcom word you hear is a hustle.

  • Scriabin's Mysterium = history's 1st Syphony.

  • “Rap”: emphasizes both advantages of being Helen Keller.

  • Christmas = holiday celebrating charlatan's non-winter birth at the astronomical pit of winter, the solstice: celebrated as holy by numerous cults at least since that of the “god”, Zoroaster; see also pagan emperor Julian the Apostate's 4th century AD “Hymn to the Sun”.
    [Modern Zmas = holiday-from-work which has been converted (by well-paid local TV 'snews stations) into non-stop shopping-as-work.]

  • Public “Rest Room” = where, if you linger to genuinely take a rest, you could suffer arrest.
    [Reminds one of the oldie: why do you park in a driveway, and drive on a parkway? (See elsewhere DIO's contribution to such perversity.)]

  • Old age's arrival:
    [a] The rate of accumulation of new memories equals the rate of fading-loss of past ones.
    [b] The advantage of experience's wisdom is balanced by the loss of flexibility and drive. (See the aging Rob't Peary's intelligent reflective lamentation.)

  • Leaders' 1st draft choice in war = god.

  • Leaders' 1st draft choice in peace = Satan.

  • Dracula as MassTortureKilling's AssemblyLine-HenryFord:
    Vlad-the-Impaler's mass program of budget-crucifixion = goosifixion.
    [Abraham Van Helsing was Bram Stoker's staker in the 1897 book. (In the Victorian era, this was fiction's only permissible erotic penetration. Note: the novel's cervical umlauts tend to be hot&het.) But the real Dracula (Vlad) was staker not stakee.
    (Applying the Fairness Doctrine to two once-persecuted religions: if Christians can wear crucifixes, why can't modern Europe-swamping Moslem descendants of Vlad's victims wear stark-stake goosifixes just as proudly?)]

  • “Controlled substance” = any drug that's wildly out of control.

  • “Beauty shop” = Club Medusa.

  • Pols:
    Don't stand for anything but election.
    Don't run anything but errands.
    Don't do anything but funnel wealth.

  • Mob Ditz:
    Billie Holiday = drug-haze as sound.

  • “Gay” = Hetophobic?
    [DR objects only to lobbies' slogan-smears & censorships. Those who intolerantly try to wipe out homosexuals are but a fraction of citizens who don't agree with all planks of the lobby's platform but whose “phobic”-percentage could be less that of homosexuals themselves. Fortunately, neither fraction is anywhere near a majority.]

  • Gun Control” = disarmament. (The Medium tells us disarming the US gov't would be naïve.)

  • “Disarmament” = gun control. (The Medium tells us gun control for US citizens is wise.)

  • Pimp = has the guns and the brains, while his employees do all the work.
    (So tell me again why the capitalist US gov't-medium scorns pimps….)

  • Pyramid-Power That Works:
    Ultimate Leveraging (undiscussed in public media, but absolutely THE underlying-bedrock-magic upon which national rulership & survival is reared, in practice) = a mere dozen gov't ministers paying a few dozen top generals to (via several thousand sergeants) threaten millions of soldiers (the public) with the entire-certainty of execution by a firing squad of a dozen rifleman if those millions of so-easily-cowed soldiers don't follow orders to charge into enemy fire, risking not-entirely-certain death. And this process is paid for by taxes raised by a dozen top gov't officials arranging a similarly-leveraged terror-system to scare the public into paying up every April 15.

  • The chemistry major: only athlete who can play mixed doubles without help.

  • DIO Vise-Squad:
    Predictably unliberal Liberal reaction to DIO defiance of establishment-decreed common-cens discourse-iron-maiden = PC-fit.

  • Adam Smith Syllogistically Lights a Match to the Nuclear Age:
    [a] The human universe's sole ruler, appropriately immortal = short-term-greed.
    [b] Armigeddon chemistry = [a]+the smaller&cheaper nukes of fear&hate, on a greed-sardined planet.
    How long can a nuke-armed spoiled-kid Earth survive? When will humanity's accreting growths in tension, numbers, and technology boil to the point at which a single individual can unleash mass nuclear war simply because he refuses to agree to the continued existence of a world so cruel as to deny him his due? — namely, the highs of mega-wealth and power. No need to theorize: history has already abundantly experienced the required Wagnerian-solipsist mentality — the destructively demented, potentially suicidal sense-of-entitlement. Micro-selfish-ego wreckers of others' families for generations: murderous child-killers, Hitler (and other warlords one might name), greedy cartels. And, perhaps: a people so addicted to SUVs as to wink at leaders who supply oil by army-raiding, house-searching, family-killing, detainee-torturing, and puppet-manipulating whole populations.

    Whose future generations just might have memories….