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Why Else Must the US Press
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Do You Ink About the Things You Think About? (And Vice-Versa.)
[Apologies to Inherit the Wind's C.Darrow.]


What is the purpose of the press?


B.Rawlins spells it better:


[We are here just out-succincting a Dave Barry perception.
After all, what more efficient service-to-the-powerful can the press achieve&supply than bias?
Regarding the raison-d'être of a different estate of the same-old rulership, the French have long perceptively called the press “the fourth estate” — i.e., a disguised branch of the gov't.
(Hey. Isn't that what we hire the CIA to be?)

  • Legalized Presstitution:
    From our Bests collection of the universe's superlatives:
    most elaborate virginal airs by a slut: the US press. .

    If a wealthy interest wishes to ban an idea from the singular medium (and said ban does not impinge upon another rich interest's programme), the press will cooperate — and cursed be the press-man who doesn't.
    We briefly itemize a few samples:

  • A Brief Catalog of What Can't Be Said in the US' Free-snicker-Press:

    1. To start with a small example: the media run advertisements daily which express a product's cost as, say, \$49.99 instead of \$50 — a deceitful ploy that goes back at least to the 1950s. No press comment. Ever.

    2. We get just as much comment praising those celebrities (e.g., Marlon Brando) who refuse to endorse products in return for bribes. Such corruption is not only not condemned — it isn't even noticed.

    3. Why should any (esp. publicly-funded) court ever spend 10 minutes or 10 cents on asking shrinks to determine whether a murderer knew-right-from-wrong?

    4. If one is going to fund AFDC, why hand food-cash to the feckless welfare parents or foster parents (the mafia's preferred approach), instead of handing food right into the needy kids' mouths?

    5. When was the last time you read a newpaper Culture column on the antique con so unthinkingly called “Modern” Art, that wasn't a Modern Art Industry promo?
      (Same for the paintings one sees in backgrounds of Hollywood films on contemporary life: rigorously rotten.) How often are the opinions of the enforcedly-silent-majority aired: most people rightly laugh at the sloppy, infantile crap which equally talentless and undiscerning (DIO 18 [2014] n.154 [pp.50-51]) art-snots promote as “intellectual”, “metaphysical” (see ibid n.155 [p.51]), etc. (It might shock-enlighten some to try an unheard-of-in-artdum thought-experiment: compare the skills, breadth, and intellectual might of famous modern painter-icons to those of Beethoven & Wagner.)
      Try thinking out the nitty mechanics of how the art-con works. The “artists” and gallery-hucksters soften (and perhaps slip a few speculation-tips to) newspapers' art columnists, so a virtual censorship against balanced discussion is routinely created in-the-small by just taking an underpaid press hack out for a few boozy dinners — all FREE! How else justify calling a bondaged whore “The Free Press”?

    6. The 9/11 Arabs ran history's most daring & successful commando raid.

    7. The raid was not aimed at “America” but at those US entities and leeches that are party to draining Arabia's oil treasure: Wall Street, Pentagon, & Washington.
      [On reflection, how many US citizens will start wondering whether maybe the Arabs should be encouraged to finish the job? — as they watch the very same unholy trinity increasingly draining the finances of ordinary folks here?]

    8. Has the Afghan war become eternal primarily to avoid the massive cutoff of drug profits that must occur when-if it ever ends?
      [Russia's adventure in Afghanistan ended with the collapse of the USSR, along with the coincidental infestation of Russia by powerful ultra-rich mafiosi.
      Couldn't happen here? Mightn't happen here? Hasn't already happened here?…]

    9. [a] Organized crime is piling up vast sums of money from drugs, etc.
      [b] US politics is entirely run by money.
      [c] Though the press has repeatedly published discussions of propositions [a]&[b], when has it ever analytically juxtaposed [a]&[b], to inquire into the extent that mob money is affecting US politics — and what are the signs of such influence which we should look out for?
      [Is it coincidental that the immortal Senate chief H.Reid is from Bugsy Siegel's Nevada; the unremovable Dem leader of the House N.Pelosi came from Baltimore's Little Italy; and Save-Drug-Kingpin-Karzai-Forevermore Obama is from mobtown Chi?]

    10. The Vatican State as a separate nation was originated by Mussolini, and it made a pact quicker than any other nation with Hitler, in order to ensure that the Nazi gov't would fund Catholic schools, which was done (at a cost of billions of marks) right to the end of WW2.

    11. Yes, Jesse Owens was by far the greatest star of the 1936 Berlin Olympics, but Germany won that Olympics overswhelmingly, and the film the Nazis turned out (Olympia) made both points clear and was less propagandistic than modern nationalist Olympic coverages.

    12. Though Martin Luther King is ritualistically called “Dr.King”, his Boston Univ doctoral thesis contained plagiarism from 9 white guys.
      [Story broke in WSJ 1990/11/9. Textual comparisons appeared in numerous US newspapers 1990/11/10 (e.g., Washington Post), before the whole matter was MemoryHoled.
      Wm.F.Buckley later noted that almost no one is prefatorially called “Doctor” on a regular basis other than Samuel Johnson. E.g., how often do we hear Dr.Howard Dean introduced as “Dr.Dean”.]

    13. Why should (what Jesus called) the eternal-poor keep delivering kids into bookless slums, while teachers are expected to overcome the situation — and keep getting blamed when the Education remedy keeps failing?

    14. Who determines “PC”? — which is a cute name for an ugly, viciously & brutally enforced tyranny against free speech, usually in ethnic-related discussion, and this without any pressman (who wants to survive) being permitted publicly to question which ethnic groups are primarily responsible for the tyranny. I.e., the public discourse is not only tyrannized but cannot include even a discussion of who the tyrants are.
      [The brass is analogous to the US gov't's secretly-for-years forcing communications corporations to turn over to it citizens' private data, threatening the companies with prosecution if they told the public about the practice (which is why this sneaky outrage continued for so long), and then continuing — even after being Snowden-outed — to force the companies not to inform their own customers of its requests.]

    15. If fundies want to insert religion into science classes, why not also insert science and atheistm into religious classes, masses, & other rituals?

    16. Shouldn't the press be commenting on ever more airports gender-choicelessly forcing a homosexual encounter upon anyone who doesn't want to be X-rayed or whatever?

    17. An unspoken comparison: while continuing to condemn Divine-Flounder Bush2 over the Katrina mess, the press won't point out that Shrubya didn't CAUSE Katrina — while, by contrast, the BP 2009 Gulf Disaster was in fact caused by Obama — biggest 2008 recipient of BP generosity — when he (just 3 weeks earlier) overturned a long-standing ban on new offshore drilling.
      [The press will mention these items separately — but only rarely juxtaposed.]

  • Banned Catch-22-Million:
    As THE PRESS-MEDIUM accurately clobbers Blagojevich for corruption, a contextual question is rigorously avoided by the selfsame press: why is any populist pol literally FORCED into corrupt practices? Because of the multi-million costs of buying ads from THE PRESS-MEDIUM.

  • Dueling Frustrations:
    On 2010 Oct, Juan Williams was fired from National PC Radio for saying that on airplanes he gets antsy when fellow passengers are wearing garb proclaiming their Islamic religiosity. Comments:
    JW flies plenty. For him, a statistically small chance of getting blown up becomes (in his mind) non-trivial by its repetition.
    Valid stats. If one takes a 1-in-thousand fatal risk 1000 times, one's probability of surviving is about 1/e ≈ 37%. For 3000 times, 5%.]
    The US pseudo-plural “media” is singularly intent upon drumbeat-propagandizing for the idea that only a tiny fraction of Moslems are “Trouble”. This confuses the percentage that commits terror with that which quietly approves it. (Out of often understandable frustration at decades of western interference in their nations via bribery, espionage, & arms. Coupled with insincere promises & promises & promises of a forthcoming Palestinian state. Someday.)
    Could this blind mythology relate to the Cheney-Shrubya public expectation that the US' oil-cartel army occupation would be welcomed in Iraq? (Media-think: the problem is all the fault of a tiny patch of terrorists. Did the press learn nothing when same fantasy led to quackmire in Vietnam?) Does the media consider it too dangerously revealing to ask whether the US' ongoing Afghan & Iraq frustrations might be related to the same oh-it's-only-a-few-rotten-apples fantasy?

  • Elephants Banning Mice:
    On the day (2009/2/18) that The Anointed One yet-again-reassured his plutocrat-press creators that he wouldn't resurrect the Fairness Doctrine, one is inspired to ponder the number of times in recent years that we've been treated to TV 'snews upside-down canard-mantra that the Fairness Doctrine would kill free-speech in the US media.
    [Question-in-passing: How can you kill a corpse?]
    The joke is only rarely even explained (instead of just asserted), but it appears to be that: it would be too expensive to have equal time for opposing viewpoints.
    Well, let's take this lawyeresque justification by the horns and see where it leads. The essential idea of the Fairness Doctrine is obviously the by-now-quaint notion that the public ought to have access to varying viewpoints. Since the US' increasingly crooked and greedy rulership lives in proportionately increasing terror at exposure by such freedom, it has concentrated attention upon the It's-Just-Too-Expensive alibi. But a moment's consideration reveals the answer, which itself reveals what the real fear is: define the Fairness Doctrine as not requiring equal time but rather that some small but not insignificant portion — let's say just 1% — be allowed for opponents of positions taken on public networks.
    You see, it isn't that the media fear opponents' equal time; no: given the oinkier-every-year con-job they've been pulling on the public for years, what they fear is their opponents getting any airtime. Hitherto, by diverting attention to a 1:1 fantasy, the toobmeisters have had only to scoff at their Fairness-Doctrine straw-man and relax in 100.000%-total surety in 100.000%-total ability to blot out heresy for consecutive decades — not merely with impunity but with few citizens even noticing that this is the game-plan.
    Will the public ever wise-up? If promotion of awareness of our One-Percent-Doctrine idea is wide enough, it's theoretically possible — since, after all, the rulership's arguments against it would be transparently desperate. Thus, corporate defense against the One-Percent-Doctrine proposal — in order to continue 100.000% media censorship of heresy — will require (how did you guess?): 100.000% media censorship of the very existence of the One-Percent-Doctrine idea….

  • The Fiscal Black Hole of HedgeFund Leveraging & Another Capitalist “Recession ”:
    [posted 2005/11/13]
    Where in the US' Free Press do we find the obvious hinted at? Capitalists have stolen so much money (again) that the general supply is (again) drying up. (Short-term remedy: Fed keeps injecting paper money.)
    [And the legislators supposedly regulating the mess are (again) being paid off to look the other way until the loot has safely vanished — into what GreedChannel-CNBC once (half)jokingly called “Money Heaven”.]

  • As the US Is Firesale-Bought-Up by Other Nations,
    Who's Turning Out to Have Been the Braying Economic-Jackass?
    The globalist-pawn New York Times (fiscally bailed out in early 2009 by a Lebanese-Mexican billionaire) continues [International Herald Tribune editorial 2008/6/4] to promote a special route to citizenship for lawbreakers, insulting dissenters as “brayers” and never recognizing the rôle played by tsunimmigration in the nation's collapsing economy (evidence-defyingly claiming the economy would collapse without mass-importing “desperate” illegal peon labor). As with all its crusades-for-the-rich, the press depends upon censorship, omitting the social costs of the rich rulership's push to cram waves of slow-assimilating, rapidly reproducing poor into everyone's neighborhoods but the rich's: more job-fear, lower wages, crime, gangs, drugs, boombox “music”, and divisive ethnic tension. Not to mention that as the swelling new population-add-ons start living the US lifestyle, the world crunch in availability of commodities such as oil & minerals (and even drinking water) will accelerate.
    [Apologists for unrestrained population-growth have for years ritualistically sneered at Malthus. The sneers would probably be frozen on their faces even as mega-protoplasmic Moslem mobs decapitated them.]
    Are population-growth-sensitive commodities-speculators funding the US' media propaganda-machine for promoting and censorially protecting mass-immigration — and hurling insulting attacks at opponents? (A different brand of futures-speculator is the Roman church [whose anti-feminism gets a unique pass from the media], which is trying to turn as many parts as possible of the US into “sanctuaries” for illegals — hoping thereby to swell its numbers and so return us all to the blessings of the good old Dark Ages, when it ran the world.)
    Symptomatic of press censorship on this issue is a stat you'll NEVER see in the US Free-snicker-Press: how many EUROPEAN nations now have a higher-than-US percentage of fluently English-speaking people living within their borders? The answer is too alarming for public consumption, so the Free Press helpfully conspires to keep it secret from the public it's suckering into tolerating illegals whose (super-rich inspired & exploited) influx is destroying their jobs and their social peace.
    [English's universality was originally enforced by US world power — now setting, despite decades of alleged bolstering of the US economy through the NYT's salvation-by-desperate-aliens nostrum. A special brassiness in the NYT editorial is its harassment of pols for hiding from the immigration issue, when such timidity is due to the press' own globalist-hireling readiness to spring for the throat of any candidate who hints at wooing non-hispanic votes by counter-pointing-out the racism of hispanics who are bloc-voting — as blacks have for years, with the same near-total unbalanced-press-immunity from criticism.
    As for nations (besides the obvious: UK, NZ, etc) whose populations have higher percentages of English-speakers: Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Holland. And the list will only grow….]

  • Some Gooks Are More Equal Than Others?
    Another press “omission” 100.00000% for consecutive decades.
    if the press will claim that the US economy needs desperate foreign workers, why not ask: what will be the consequences of the nouveau-slaves' need for transportation? Answer: more US desperation for Middle East oil.
    So, while the rulership affects mercy to MexPeons-just-looking-for-a-better-life (so long as it isn't in the rulership's neighborhood), it must simultaneously kill tens of thousands of ArabPeons to get the oil for the former's autos.

  • Belove Makes the Earth Go Rounder:
    All the cable channels went stop-press when Al Gore's Nobel was announced on 2007/10/12, to reward him for standing against business-rape of the Earth. And then proceedings froze for 1/2 hour, while Al got stuck in traffic. Isn't it comforting to know that no Mainstream-Press outlet (including press-beloved “Liberal” round-Al himself) will remark the irony, that what delayed his speech is the very business-beloved population-growth (all over Al-beloved Earth) that increases the air-crud that got Al the Prize in the 1st place. The Nobel committee's logic is sound when it reasons that global warming endangers the social underpinnings of peace, but when will the same committee give — on the same logic — a Nobel Prize to a leader who encourages population-restrain by anti-god (i.e., anti-profit) birth control instead of good-old natural means like starvation, plague, and war?

  • As noted in a posting here a year ago, the Dembos are (still, as of 2007 Oct) faking a desire to stop the Iraq occupation. The purported pacifist intent was just thespianism, to exploit peacenik voters' naïvete — to get Dems elected. But the more sinister aspect of this fraud is the press post-election cooperativeness, in continuing an endless series of boring, phony arguments between Dem whores & GOP whores (increasingly, no one else gets on the air [to discuss politics]) about how Dem “whimpiness” (pols are such weaklings, aren't they?), Dems' fear of Bush, fear of his veto (though a veto would be irrelevant to a hypothetical majority-Dem cut-off of war funding), fear of letting-down-the-troops (by not getting them killed?!), fear of GOP spin, disagreements on best plan, etc, etc. Such feeble sham couldn't survive an open debate-environment, so all those Huffington folk etc we saw so often (on TV 'snews channels' spat-shows) before the 2006 election have since been largely disappeared from toob discussions of the trashing-of-Iraq issue. (Though they might be manipulated again late in 2008.)

  • Serial-Hypocrisy Insect-Complaints: Down with Lying Pigs!:
    Next time you read/see another sanctimonious press/TV 'snews editorial (intended to convince you that the press is on-your-side) condemning the latest deceptive enrich-the-rich scheme by our national “leaders” (as Bill Maher commented on “politic”: “poli” is Greek for many, and ticks are blood-sucking insects), stop for a moment & write a note to the servile-bug editorialist, reminding him just who it was that selectively maxi-aired and thereby elected these sluts in the 1st place: you, the press, did so.
    [Since the press acts as if “faith” is good and god is real — then one might ask why (if its religiosity isn't merely permanent jest-mode) the press doesn't hype a few bishops for the Senate. I.e., the rich-owned press knows perfectly well it's electing slick, make-the-rich-even-richer liars to office. And the press and its attendant press-agent-mafia keep right on profitably doing it.]
    It's a truism that it's silly to lie down with pigs and then complain about the flies — but at least that saying is meant to describe deluded fools. There's nothing deluded about the press.

  • On 2009/1/28 around 13:25, Greed Channel (CNBC) typically well-balanced 100.000% super-capitalist commentators were laughing at Russia's ruler Putin then-recent speech warning against state control of the economy: snicker-snicker, Russia invented it, what irony, etc. This while the US gov't is looting poor and lower middle class citizens' futures by bailing out big banks (the ones who can afford congressmen) and the stock market for the upper half.

  • Effective Magic Is Sleight & Diversion:
    One of the points made in passing in the previous paragraph provides an example of the most consistent betrayals of the average USer who trusts the medium, namely: paid-piper-commentators vent and sometimes rage at the seeming illogic of elected reps not helping those who voted for them; but (since their networks are owned by the same forces that own the congressmen they're pseudo-complaining about — after [as they hope we'll forget] gotta-vote-prodding & herding the voters to elect them in the 1st place) the media-volk NEVER EXPLAIN the “craziness”, because they will not make explicit the mechanics: payoffs & kickbacks are just ordinary business in gov't. (The condemnation of Blajo is like that of Barry Bonds: they're both lightning rods to divert attention away from the fact that their crimes are not peculiar. Not even merely typical. Their crimes are virtually part-of-the-job-description for today's pols & hitters, resp.]

  • The Sale Begins When the Evidence Says No:
    Why is bias the most important service the press can provide the rulership? Because the evidence is all contra the top-priority fantasies the press sells its owners' ward-victim-exploitees. By skewing discussion and preventing open debate, the press protects certain favored positions. Items:

    1. All evidence is against the planet being run by a just god. So the press pretends god exists, regards “faith” as holy not cemental, won't ever point out where atheists are kinder than believers, and regularly glorifies the pope.
      [During 2007 Spring, when Christopher Hitchens' atheistic book God Is Not Great stood at THE TOP of the NYTimes non-fiction best-seller list, how many talk-shows invited him on, to debate the existence of god? (The standard diversions from this rather central point are to argue the social utility of religion or the iniquity of banning school-prayers.)]

    2. The US is almost constantly at war. So it's up to the US press to portray the US as ever the peace-loving reluctant-helper as it invades remote parts of the planet — and to acquiesce (until full mirehood is irreversably attained) in the justice of the invasion of ANY nation the US feels like “helping”.
      [This includes even wars that are nakedly “pre-emptive”. (Even that 2003 alibi was a lie, since Iraq was hardly about to invade the US!) The plutocrat-owned press is always on the side of their fellow plutocrats who suck natural resources out of other nations, and so (despite its feints) is entirely on the side of the oil-addict US' permanent “presence” in Iraq. (And the press will dutifully never ask its brainwashees to try an empathetic moment vis-à-vis next-door Iran, such as asking how the US would feel if, say, a Chinese army hit the beach in Canada.)]

    3. [The following was written in the Bush-Obama years.]
      It is ever more obvious that voting in US elections has little or no effect on policy. (Iraqmire, immigration, yawning rich-poor gap.) So the media hammer at all citizens that it's their duty to vote — AND not to Throw-Away that vote on any candidate except the billionaire-backed ones. (I.e., the Dembos or the Dumbos.)

    4. Not just persistent IQ-gaps but all of history argues against the mean equality of races.
      [E.g., for nearly half a millennium, non-Indians have owned most of the wealth and held almost all of the presidencies that rule Latin America's overwhelmingly Indian populace, which is largely relegated to peon status. Rejecting (for decade after wheelspinning decade) the simplest explanation for the persistence of such inequities (in both the Americas, etc) would in any other context be the stuff of the this-is-just-TOO-pseudo-dumb brand of humor.]
      So, airing such common sense is damned or threatened (esp. in Europe) as “hate-speech”. (Note: the common sense may be wrong, as “common sense” occasionally turns out to be. But one can't help wondering why, if the case against it is so logically strong, it must be fanatically and unceasingly fought by the rich's hired press and judiciary — which entails shutting up anyone with the nerve to dissent out loud.
      (Do folks with the evidence on their side tend to act like this?)
      See, e.g., the 2007/10 hyenasteria and its demand for Galilean humiliation of Nobelist James Watson, forcing him publicly (obviously by threat of lifetime shunning and zero invitations for speeches or prestigious committee posts) to duck further comment on what he is sure is true (groups' differing mental capacities) — that is, to betray the very principles which have guided his life of exploration and service. [Meanwhile, the idiot Left never scratches its head and asks: why is the rich-owned “Mainstream” press (which opposes and scoffs at the Left on everything else) so insistently, censorially nice to us on the race issue? And, as the “leftist” defenders-of-the-poor flail away for decade-after-decade (now becoming century-after-century) at this divisively-poisonous obsession, strangely enough the rich-poor gap gets ever-wider.
      (Why? Simple: the various factions of the poor are daily encouraged by the press into diversions [“affirmative action”, profiling, Robespierresque-sniffing out of suspected “racists”, etc] that encourage inter-group resentments [classic divide&conquer], so that poor groups will fight each other and not notice their true manipulator-enemy.)]

    5. The US invasion of Iraq is allegedly to set up a democratic gov't. As of 2007, the stooge Iraq gov't is repeatedly complained-of by the Mainstream Media (e.g. 2007/5/16) to be stalled on certain unnamed procedural and security matters, lazily not passing legislation, etc. What is rigorously omitted (except, finally, [since-disappeared] Jack Cafferty: CNN 2007/6/12) from such “news” is that the key legislation being “considered” (i.e., forced down Iraq's throat by the occupying-until-compliance United States Army Oil Cartel Army) is: turning over control of Iraq's vast oil treasure to foreign (cartel) companies.

    6. On the unambiguous evidence, the US is a non-democratic oligarchy, run by a billionaire elite that has but trifling empathy for regular citizens. (Over 90% of US land-value is owned by ordmag 1% of the citizenry.) So, the media's job: keep rote-chanting that the US is an egalitarian democracy. Even as two families of friends (named Bush & Clinton) hand the White House back and forth? (For 1/4 of a century?) Reminds one of the Philippines under the Marcoses & Aquinos.

    7. Why does the press not regularly remind the citizenry that their lack of freedom to safely walk their own sidewalks, of their own neighborhoods in the evening (a factor in the US' obesity-epidemic) is — among rich nations — peculiar to the US? (One can walk freely at any hour in Berlin, Copenhagen, Vienna, etc.) This revealing point has simply been 100%-TOTALLY suppressed in the US' Free-snicker-Press, the FsP.

    8. Flacks for Quacks:
      Why not (in response to the foregoing crime situation) ask why “the courts” — generally treated by the press with an air of hushed sanctity — are constantly re-releasing career criminals, which benefits only lawyers et ilk?
      [How careless not to have mentioned the other beneficiaries: the criminals. After several re-cyclings, even the dimmer ones learn: not to leave witnesses. The potential enlightenment was posted elsewhere here on 2008/3/18. Now, on 2010/1/17 (p.1), the Baltimore Sun finds that leave-no-witness homicides have shot up in the last few years to the point that fully HALF of Baltimore's (nearly daily) murders are now execution-style: close-range shot in the head. (Including DR's 1st cousin.) So, let's not hear any more of those now-thankfully-obsolete complaints that Baltimore isn't educating its youth. It's accomplishing wonders among those previously thought hopeless.]
      (See “Criminals aren't just for breakfast anymore”.) Rehab may occasionally slightly de-pig a sow's ear but cannot silkify it, so for society there is no upside but massive downside to continuing the courts' pretense in that regard; so why can't any part of the press (it's the typical uniformity that reveals the dictatorship we live under) promote the benefits of a society — e.g., the pre-1960s US, to some extent — where crime is not tolerated? Where drug-pushers, rapists, career criminals, etc, are packed away permanently and murderers fried, so that average citizens need not be ever on-guard for muggers and society's kids scarily warned about how to react to drug-peddlers, and so on.
      Not that the oppressiveness and justice-depressing effects of crime's ubiquity bother the putative consciences of the lawyer-klan (or press-barons), who live in safe neighborshoods, on wealth these con-men suck out of courtroom-theatre-rehab-QUACKERY. And the courts' nostrums for curing criminals would obviously be so deemed if the sphere were medicine, and the FDA were measuring safety records & percentages before approval for adoption.

    9. Sanctuary for Whom?:
      The above-noted leave-no-witnesses phenomenon follows hard upon Baltimore being Catholically declared (without referendum or [for years] even public announcement) a “Sanctuary City” safe-haven for law-flouting hispanics. (A pet project of Baltimore's most recent enduring allegedly-antidrug ruler, the hibernian honorary-hispanic Mayor: MartO'Malley, who personally doubled the hispanic fraction of the city.) This lowered the already dismal income of Baltimore's ever-economically-desperate black majority. Naturally, neither the gated-community rulers nor their media care that the average citizen's safety remains one of the worst gambles in the nation.

    10. It could not be more mathematically obvious that a vast range of problems (oil [& other commodity] prices, global warming, rain-forest, immigration, poverty, terrorist rage, etc) are connected to explosive population-growth pressure. (Even something as seeming unrelated as mass deaths by flood and hurricane: people wouldn't be living in dangerous areas without crowding elsewhere.) So it's up to the FsP consistently to divert to band-aids in all cases, since the super-rich circle (that press-moguls exclusively circulate in) is making huge short-term profits that depend upon population growth: business, real-estate, cheap labor, illegals, etc.

    11. Vast mob profits from illicit drugs are inevitably injecting money into a US political process which is known to be utterly money-dominated; thus, said profits have to be already exerting (at a minimum) veto-control over US (and Russian) politics, manipulating gov't policies and media so as to ensure continued and ever-increasing profits from drug availability in schools, complete with pushy-pusher-pushing-at-your-kids harassment there, to (following tobacco's lead) sucker kids into addiction, to keep rolling up the profits that feed the buying-gov't-protection cycle. So it's the press's job to avoid enlightening the public on the crucial fact of this process's inevitability in money-run politics — meanwhile trying to con the tooboisie into accepting that an attendant crumbling of social decency is happening despite the best wardship efforts of gov't and press to stop it. The swindle would be weirdly funny — if it weren't so tragic for millions of ruined lives.
      [Question: might mob-money-influence in media also have some relation to the US' public's acquiescence in taking it for granted that in the US (alone among wealthy nations of the world) one cannot safely walk in the evening in most major cities. If the press were guiding the public along paths towards creating safer cities, the problem (horrid since the mid-1960s) would have long since been solved. And NYC in the 1990s proved it CAN be solved. Yet it persists. Might that be related to the fact that monied mob forces don't want it to be solved and so ensure that the media send the public and the gov't down one blind alley after another — instead of facing the obvious solutions: [a] Build as many jails as needed, instead of 2nd-chance→3rd-chance→nth-chance-recycling hopeless retards through a court system helping no-one but leeches: lawyers & shrinks? [b] Throw-away-the-key for career criminals.]

    12. Weirdest of all — and the most obviously censored of all press censorships is the spectacle of the press agonizing over every nit of the law and the shrinks' gas when a repulsive murder occurs as if any rational person cares whether a murderer knew-right-from-wrong, and as if we must waste decades of time, tax-treasure, and credibility haggling over the legal niceties of domestic executions — AND THEN let the oil cartel's “US Army” (funded by the same tax-monies) go abroad to trash whole nations: subverting, killing, home-invading, puppet-installing, and CIA-bribe-encouraging inter-group strife that causes the “internal-civil-war” deaths of myriad “foreigners” (even while the press that has justified the start of EVERY ONE of these wars simultaneously pretends to adore the sanctity of life). All this, for whatever the latest “US interest” (naturally-trumping-non-US-interests) happens to be — the dominant one increasingly being to ensure the oil-flow that feeds the US' ad&arms-race-logic-promoted addiction to SUVs etc.

  • Thanks for Keeping Us Informed…
    [1] How long was race-norming of SAT scores going on before the Free-snicker-Press carried the story?
    [2] And most of us never even heard of a “Sanctuary City” ere 2007/8/20. Yet New York City, Cambridge, Baltimore, etc have been so for years. Why didn't the FsP report this and the fact that no city's population was allowed to vote on the matter? — until it became an irrepressible scandal after some ghastly 2007 murders in Newark.
    [3] And how often does the Press ask ordinary citizens to consider how likely their vote will help their lives when their ballot usually contains only big-money-backed candidates? — and the press helpfully ignores or scorns those that aren't.

  • Pitting the Non-Rich Against the Non-Rich:
    It is said that 2 centuries ago, Brit Prime Minister Pitt designed the British Empire's foreign policy of always siding with the weaker alliance on the Continent, to keep the stronger one as off-balance as possible. The rich-owned newspapers' presstitutes have mastered the same game with respect to weakening the middle-class, and to dividing the US' several non-wealthy factions — and is ever at work engendering the poor's rage at alleged middle-class privilege and “racism”, even while memory-holing even the most flagrant racism by spokesmen for the poor. (E.g., Jesse Jackson & Ray Nagin.) It all falls under the mantra of “level playing field” — a phrase which is somehow never mentioned by the press in connexion with the ever-more-repulsive gap between the super-rich and the rest of the US.
    (You know, if the press were owned by the super-rich, the mainstream media's every-day-a-perfect-game-for-decades-in-a-row shut-out of discussing such flagrant contrasts just might be ever-so-slightly suspect.)

  • The Sort of Giveaway-Omissions to Notice — for Gauging Press Leashedness:

    1. The implicitly unmistakable, explicitly unmentionable bottom line of the media's neatly stage-managed immigration “debate”.

    2. How often does the press point out the contrast between the obsessive concern of:
      [a] Romans & fundies over snuffing foetuses, and
      [b] Libs over snuffing criminals — versus
      [c] the taken-for-granted right of the US military to kill thousands of foreigners whenever convenient? — a bigoted demotion of whole classes of humans, by a nation that fanatically and censorially preaches domestic anti-racism. For the non-rich, anyway.
      [DIO has previously touched upon such revealingly dis-proportionate concern (which could readily be deemed at least implicitly racist in many of its apparitions), e.g., DIO 4.3 [1994] ‡13 nn.14&19 [pp.115-116].]
      To point out this absurdity is one of the most dangerous heresies in the eyes of the rulership, which is precisely why that rulership's Free-snicker-Press has 100.00000% expunged it from discussion for decades.
      But one can easily show how succinctly the point could be made by a genuinely free media:
      [a] The Roman church's history of selective encouragement of holy wars (such as Mussolini's attack on Coptic Ethiopia, Hitler's attack on atheist Russia, and the US' massive bombing of non-Christian Vietnam) while attacking population control, was skewered in an early DIO by a DR family-member: “if you want to get the Church upset about [the Vietnam bombings], then: have US airplanes drop condoms on Vietnam instead of bombs.”
      [b] The neatest comment on capital punishment vs war comes from one not known as a logician, but has anyone put it better than he did? Louis “Lepke” Buchalter was tried&fried in 1941 & 1944, resp. He was the last wealthy citizen to be executed in the US. (Though one suspects that he was bankrupt by chair-time.) He ordered so many murders that his outfit became known as “Murder Inc”. (Murder Inc was started by Abner “Longy” Zwillman, whose profits helped found the Hilton Hotel chain, which has in turn profited the modern US by giving us our #1-ditziest celeb.) During WW2, while Lepke was in Leavenworth prison waiting out appeals, he encountered wartime conscientious objectors, and understandably inquired of them:
      Let me get this straight. I'm in here for killing people, and you guys are in here for not killing people?
      [One almost admires the press' skill here: what could possibly BE a more glaring ethical contradiction than item [a] versus item [b]? Yet media magicians — by dark arts we used to think were the province of theologians — manage to lifetime-hynotize 99% of the public into ignoring both.
      You have missed the point of these two tales if you do not understand that: THIS is what the press EXISTS FOR.]

    3. It's outrageous enough that the Constitution's guarantee to right of assembly has been quietly amended by permit-requirement-or-get-arrested-at-gunpoint. But the more sinister and revealing submessage is: the “Mainstream” press doesn't even mention the obvious danger to free expression.

    4. With all the oil-cartel-funded-Free-Press blather about the US' deep-concern for the “democracy” of the Iraq nation the US is destroying-even-while-blathering, said medium continues to avoid asking one simple question: what are the odds — after the waste of ordmag a million lives — that Iraq will end up with a better gov't than the secular one it had before the invasion-of-the-willing?

    5. One can agree or disagree with a 50%-markdown for the US' most revered presidents by merging Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays into a shared “Presidents' Day” while initiating and devoting a whole holiday to civil rights hero, plagiarist, courageous marcher, womanizer, and much-remembered speaker, “Doctor” M.L.King. (The plagiarism was for his Boston University doctoral thesis: textual details at Washington Post 1990/11/10.) What is more important is that the Mainstream press just adopted the shift (and — after the initial announcement — has memory-holed the plagiarism embarrassment), evidently hoping no one will notice not merely the insult to two legendary figures that most of us (excepting blacks and mafiosi) might regard as more important to US history than M.L.King — but the most central (if easily-missed) revelation: keeping workers' holidays to a minimum.
      [Since FDR was born on Jan31, why not patch him into a January FDR-MLK Day? FDR was the most revolutionary and enduring of all post-FoundingFather US presidents. He undid the Great Depression by strengthening workers' bargaining rights, though the rich-owned press hates this obvious truth and undeviatingly mythologizes against it. (The globalist press is equally drumbeat in its insistence that the Smoot-Hawley Tariff is what caused the Depression. Likewise, said press never notes that the groundwork for workers getting decent pay in the New Deal era was laid by unusually severe restriction on immigration.) FDR also led the world crusade that rid us of Hitler. Should all that rank LESS than “Dr.King”? National Review alone among major jourals has highlighted the are-they-maybe-trying-to-be-funny? irony of the press continuing rigidly to refer to fake-PhD M.L.King as “Dr”, pointing out that this is an elevation it regularly confers upon almost no other public person except perhaps long-ago Samuel Johnson. It's transparent propaganda-tactics of this kind that lead rightists to call the press Leftist — when in truth it has nothing to do with leftist advancement, but instead reflects the sinister combined influence of globalism, druglords, and divide-and-conquer-the-poor capitalism.]
      US workers have less holiday time than those of any advanced nation. Question: How often does the US-is-best Free Press object to that? Ever seen a “Mainstream Press” editorial asking for just one more free day for workers? — which, after all, would shave less than 1% off a worker's annual labor-time. The very implications of such an item are no more discussed in the US' Free-snicker-Press than the item itself.)
      Any rulership-business-press trinity that can get away with kicking Washington and Lincoln in the face (just to suppress workers' free time) has got the citizens so in its grip that they obviously don't even know it. And think of the irony: demoting slave-freer Lincoln while revealing the irresistible effective mental enslavement of his nation.
      [A nation which was founded by slave-holder (and reputed womanizer) Washington. Full circle?]

  • Thought-Control: This Is How They Do It:
    In 2007 late April, one of the Mainstream-TV 'snews' talking heads was discussing the potential effect of changing the Electoral College, asking one of his network's reporters how this will affect upcoming “mischief” by Ralph Nader. On 2007/5/4, CNN's W.Blitzer inquired regarding Dennis Kucinich's resort to the internet (to get past the TV 'snews filter): what's he “up to”. It's easy to miss these put-downs. But be on the look-out for them. This kind of subliminal slander, of all rebellious-and-thus-non-rulership-approved candidates, is what is bought by the billions that are behind the tractable-and-thus-approved candidates.

  • Sisyphan Idealism:
    DR is ever asking political rebels to think upon the spectacle of the most trusted man in the US, Ralph Nader, conspicuously running for President in 2000 — but ending up with only 3% of the vote: until independents can find an antidote to the establishment press-medium that pulled that off, they're wasting their time.

  • Oil the New That's Fit to Slant:
    TV 'snews-emcee Wolf Blitzer (CNN), interviewing the White House budget director on the Congress-vs-Bush fake-tussle about funding the US occupation of Iraq, ends up wishing that Congress & the Prez will work it out, saying (emph added): “The troops need the funding obviously to go forward.” This bit of cheerleading for a bloody oil-grab was not 2003. It was over 4y into the occupation: 2007/5/18 16:19 EDT. The incident is but a tiny piece of the oil-Pentagon-Israel globby's insurance — via money, military, press, and thespian congressmen — that the US' claws will stay on tortured Iraq's bleeding back for decades to come.

  • Now that the press has woken up to the rising number of brain-concussions in football, when is it going to assertively expose the obvious reason? Steroids. Athetes' muscles and weights get bigger, so hits are far worse than a generation ago. But the brain's fragility has of course not improved. Yet, if the press gets onto the fact that Big Sports' steroids involve more than cheating opponents — which “merely” hurts kids' ethics — but is additionally contributing to damaging tens of thousands of youngsters' brains, well: the teams' owners might get upset! Hmmm. Do the owners actually own more folks than just the players?
    [On 2008/2/13, humongous Roger Clemens testified before Congress, pitching lies in the liars' major leagues, claiming no steroid use. Commenting later, the talking heads of TV 'snews uniformly ignored the purpose of the hearing (which even Bush2 understands and rightly preaches about): TV-created-rôle-models shouldn't be enticing kids into poisoning themselves. The only TV-airing this critical point got was from Roman church lobbyist Bill Donohue, who surprised Glen Beck by tossing this fact back into the teeth of Beck's isn't-it-all-a-waste-of-time?-GOP-party-line mantra.]

  • It's Been a Long Way Down from Mencken & Steffens:
    Most members of the literate press privately scorn popular religion & astrology, and they know politicians for the greedy lying actors virtually all of them are.
    (Or become. In a world of truth-by-press-agentry and election-by-the-most-money-to-buy-it.)
    Yet, day after day, their business-owned (and business-ad-funded) newspapers treat god as a fact, peddle horoscopes as life-guidance, and quote the most corrupt pols as statesmen whose pronouncements merit non-snicker coverage.

  • The Inequity Inequity:
    (Based on DIO 2.3 [1992] ‡6 §D [pp.92-93].
    [One female justice has been added to the Supreme Court's numbers since, but the essentials of the Inequity Inequity persist.]:
    … in the US, the “race card” trumps the “gender card”. How many more decades must pass before TV 'snews permits discussion of the lethally-revealing question: why do ethnic groups rate higher priority than women? Why are gross gender-inequities (in Congress, the Church, etc) of so much less urgent interest to the press than are ethnic inequities? The contrast is itself the worst prejudice-related inequity in the US. So, naturally, that very fact is publicly undiscussed. Items:

    1. Women got the vote decades after southern black men.

    2. The US elects to political office more male Democrats, male Republicans, male WASPS, male Irish, male Italians, male Episcopalians, male Methodists, male Baptists, male Catholics, male homosexuals, male blacks, male Hispanics than women — though all these groups have (even in combine) smaller numbers than women.

    3. There have been several Jewish justices on the US Supreme Court, 2 blacks, but only 1 female. Yet, in the general population, Jews represent about 1/40th of the US, blacks about 1/8, while women are slightly over 1/2. (Wasn't the 1776 revolt against King George fought over representation?) Thus, compared to women, blacks have been 8 times better-represented on the Court; and Jews, roughly 50 times better-represented. (One finds similar proportions on most other influential boards, panels, etc. E.g., a typical committee will have, say, x male WASPs, 1 male black, 1 male Catholic, etc. — and 1 female. Hey, everybody's represented, so everybody's happy, right?)

  • Dead Gold-Digging Blimp Buys Supreme Court's Attention:
    As a follow-up to the foregoing, we may ask: has the ethnic obsession produced a better Supreme Court? Hardly. The extent to which the Court has become the tool of the same plutocratic forces that own everything else (Congress, the Free-snicker-Press, etc) became most laughably obvious when it decided to hear the sleazy Anna Nicole Smith case, the importance of which was entirely that a huge amount of money was involved.
    [The Court's later approval of billionaires' buying US “elections” just put the seal on the deal.]

  • The Medium: Less Convincing Than Casablanca's Claude Rains
    — But Discoverer of the New Theology
    1. TV 'snews makes elections into glamour contests and then is shocked-shocked that we end up with pol-sex scandals.
    (DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 §H29 [p.54].)
    2. With a consistency that justifies more intelligent-design-paranoia about the US' business-catering gov't-press combine than about the universe, the media (whose talk-shows normally love a good hollerin' argument) totally suppresses televised debate about whether religion is logical — and then is (yes, singular) shocked-shocked at majority-US-public rejection of Darwinian natural selection — not to mention growing anti-Jewish jealousy (which thrives on low Christianity), as well as the nation's ever-growing attraction to gambling, whose congregation's devotion is founded upon one of the greatest intellectual advances in the history of human thought, the most modern of all up-to-date theologies: the revelation that god works his will upon the fortunes of man through the medium of lotto-drawings' bouncing ping-pong balls….

  • Does “Free Press” Really Mean Free-Ads-for-Sin?
    We note that TV 'snews' free press) regularly provides free-advertisement-publicity for growing state-lottery pots — and grants public-salivation cheerleader-coverage to the big winners.
    [But: for those who know that encouraging a something-for-nothing mentality is poisonous to society, TV 'snews just can't find any air-time at all. (Decency would be satisfied with merely an occasional reminder of this, during TV 'snews' daily TV-shown-lottery drawings or its mega-coverage of big pay-outs.) A text-book case of decades-long perfect-game-ing hermetic-seal censorship. Could this awesome achievement be occurring be due to TV 'snews execs taking under-the-table bribes, to 100%-kill-off such bad-for-“gaming” commentary? No, no — that just couldn't happen in a Free-Press nation.
    (Another reasonable theory, towards which I find Marxists are drawn: lotteries are encouraged to swindle the masses into forgetting about wiping out the rich upper class — dazzled instead by the infinitesimal hope of being lottery-propelled into that class.
    (Note that the rich-owned media also began conversion of soaps into luxury-filled rich-world dramas around the same time (1970s), transforming viewer-empathy from the everyday reality world (of the prior soaps) to a world as fantastically rich as the lottery-winner world. Or heaven. OK, none of it comes true. But no one under media-sedation is supposed to perceive that. (See several other rulership-promoted diversions, which have the same opio-delusional function of re-routing potential revolutionary impulses: DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 §K [p.57].)]

  • You Are Getting Verrrry Sleepy…
    Based Upon DIO 1.1 [1991] ‡2 §E [p.13]:
    US “news” outlets (especially TV, which forms most voters opinions) ever-increasingly act as propagandists for our Rulers and for the ever-shrinking spectrum of Conventional tenets they tolerate.
    The result is a spectacle which I recommend henceforth labelling: 'SNEWS. This because:
    [a] TV 'snewsprograms are boring & repetitive.
    [b] So are the ads (overt & covert) which clutter them up.
    [c] The network trinity 'snewscasters, through incessant repetitions, lullaby the public into accepting explicit or implicit viewpoints useful to the rulership, and effective dissenters are given virtually no space.
    [d] As the nation sleepwalks into intellectual decline, the public is pacified-hypnotized into accepting that this is occurring despite the media's best efforts to reverse the trend.
    [e] Each network 'snewsdepartment is ownedthus the conspicuous apostrophe). It is owned and controlled by a power-dealing, ad-catering organization — whose interests are not your interests (borrowing a Vidalism from a slightly different context).
    [The press' unjust-but-justified contempt for its helplessly hypnotized reader-wards is pathetically apparent: press barons (from Beaverbrook to Graham) do not even bother to hide their party-cozying with the kings they make or break.]

  • Is the US press even serious?
    Why did it never ask about the one-state (oily Texas) Bush-Cheney ticket?
    Or right away ask why ALL captured top Iraqis didn't know where the “WMDs” were?

  • Another if less momentous example:
    When in the 1980s Vanessa Williams became the 1st black Miss America, the press paid little or no attention to the rigged look of the judges' choice of another black, Suzette Charles, as runner-up for the same year. Their selection was obviously intended as a wise deterrent against some nut attempting to attack VW (or, as she soon-after became known: Vanessa-the-Undressa), to get the kind of winner he preferred. (We note that Dick Cheney has played Suzette Charles to Bush2's Vanessa Williams.) But it nonetheless throws doubt on independence-of-the-judiciary in this vital sphere of US culture.

  • Even while Turkey is pretending to progressiveness in order to enter the EU, it is little known that the Turkish premier's wife wears the traditional Moslem shawl-that-says-BabyFactory-PropertyOf. Why is this not better known in the West? Because the globalist-catering press-medium almost never mentions it. (Has she ever been shown on TV 'snews?) This item came out in coverage of the case of a courageous 92y-old Turkish woman, Muazzea Ilmiye Cig, who was ON TRIAL (threatened with 1y1/2 in jail) for merely criticizing this, in Progressive modern Turkey. (International Herald Tribune 2006/11/2 p.3.)

  • Why does TV 'snews repeatedly air the paranoia of those who are professionals at sniffing out un-PC “code-words” — without reflecting on the chilling reasons for the use of such dodges?

  • [Posted 2007/1/20, originally titled merely “Globalist Tokenism Goes for the White House”. Otherwise, except for the trivial revision (a few weeks later) of a very few words, the below text is just what was written exactly 2y before Obama's swearing-in ceremony-bumble [bumbling mostly Justice Robert's fault, it should be noted] and posted before the end of 2007 January. If any reader wishes to receive the exact original, just phone DR for it.]
    The-Anointed-One — Hilla the Hun Against the World
    Globalist Tokenism Goes for the White House
    This is the same globalist press that's now a-drool at the thought of the ultimate tokenism: Obama. The unremitting hypromo for him is:
    [a] superficially mysterious,
    [b] mysteriously powerful, and
    [c] powerfully superficial.
    While some are regarding it as a celeb-joke, an argument can be made that spectacularly wealthy and greedy world-rule-dreaming mega-forces are behind this candidacy, since who else would care to push a neophyte whose sole standout-qualification is that he looks as international as any other Miss Universe.
    [If this theory cashes in (for either prez or veep), we may (starting two seconds after he's sworn in) look for his Moslem middle name to suddenly find its way onto globalist talking-head lips, world-wide. Intermittently but permanently.]
    [Added 2008/2/20: Has the Obama hype been GOP-concocted? — a follow-up to its brilliant Clarence Thomas prank on Dem-P.C.
    Will we end up with a globalist “Obamanation”?]

  • Free Press = where TV'snews can't investigate why ads now take up at least three TIMES the fraction of air-time they used to.
    [In early television, ads were c.10%. On 1973 networks 22%. On IFC in 2014, c.28%. Ad-breaks are now so long that, when it's fiiiinally time to return to the program, the next segment starts out with reviews of what went on before.]
    This is not merely a bother: it has severely degraded the quality of television, because:
    [a] Programming must use crudely effective impact to hold viewers — which partly accounts for its increasing violence & sleaziness.
    [b] A subtle or complex storyline is ineffective when interrupted for time-stretches which are now so long that we even get ad-half-time notices (sometimes ‘news-breaks’) that are in-effect reminders that hey-there-IS-a-program-we'll-(evennnntually)-be-returning-to….
    [c] One of the unrecognized reasons behind the current babel-chaos of counter-interrupting that passes for political talk-shows is that: both parties to an argument realize that each exchange is taking place in a 5min slot between the ads that constantly interrupt discourse — which makes both debaters (and the moderator) frantic to get-words-in as rapidly as possible.

  • One of the most easily perceivable and drumbeat-repeated examples of US press-bias: when TV 'snews touches on the 1936 Berlin Olympics, you'll rightly hear of Jesse Owens' hard-won victories over Hitler's track-supermen — but you'll hear it a thousand times for every once you'll hear what nation (Germany) actually won-in-a-walk these same Olympics — and will therefore miss the far more enduring, valid, yet-lingering, and tragically-lost lesson of the Nazis' 1936 brag-event.

  • Groundhog Day triggers TV 'snews to air the sort of superstitious trivia-FILL that softens minds. (Though Easter has never been known to trigger media analysis of whether god is any realer than the Easter Bunny.) And why does TV 'snews keeps mis-spelling Punxsutawney Fill?

  • The 1st Casualty of the Press Is Occam's Razor:
    The mainstream press: exists to so confuse its viewers-readers (via propaganda-vs-propaganda argumentation) that they will forget or ignore obvious (but too-upsetting-to-rulership) realities. (Some examples at: DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 §I [p.55].)
    Prime current case: the oily reason for huge US occupation of (“war” with) smaller Iraq is so simple that the press (which as usual went right along with the Iraq invasion's start) must typically strain full-time to make it seem complicated. (Though, the Murdoch media have been known to go in the other direction.) E.g., drumbeat-labelling as a “War on Terror” what is in truth a War on All Who Resist Oil-Cartel Slurp-Fangs.
    The truth in this case is starkly non-complex: whenever nation A has more weapons than nation B but B has commodities which A regards as vital, then A will find an excuse to grab them. Period. If the press ever finds that this central truth (universally known at society's ever-richer top) is beginning to penetrate (past TV 'snews' wall of silence here) and to circulate widely among the bottom's lower-middle citizens (who almost exclusively do the dying in Iraq) strongly enough to endanger the Fifth (Bush) Crusade, then the press (which is also suppressing non-fake debates over wealth-distribution, atheism, or race&IQ as long as possible) will have to elaborately drum up a phony “controversy” about it.
    [Just as it has done regarding the “controversial” link between rotten TV and rotten behavior & taste. Or the “controversy” over natural selection — as if there is the slightest doubt of its reality.]

  • Media-Sacred-Cowtowing: Freedom Enslaved:
    A standard feature of the Free Press is its slavish adherence to protection of sacred-cows of the moment. A media sacred cow — “MSC” — is childishly easy to identify: look for the rigidly-adhered-to anti-Crimethought pattern of its on-air treatment: no criticism of MSCs are EVER allowed unless an establishment rep is on hand to set viewers straight. A half-century ago, unionism (DIO 2.3 [1992] ‡6 n.7 [p.92]) and the Old South's virtue were holy MSCs, while homosexuality was Out. Now it's the reverse. The press-censorship of neither era is to be admired. Yet it will continue, with only the Ins&Outs occasionally re-shuffled. [Discussion of historical Toppe-Heresies' up&down fickle-fashist rankings: DIO 4.2 [1994] ‡9 §R2 [p.88]. There's always a most-banished viewpoint — only the #1-shunned's identity varies.]

  • Contradiction?
    From DIO 2.1 [1992] ‡1 §G [p.7]:

    1. US leftists believe that the ruling gov't-media combine is a creature of business, and thus their enemy. Yet this ruling combine agrees with the Left's support of: “education”-rehab, gun-control, treating every Sin (but homosexuality) as illness, the holy mission of preventing overcrowded jails [by revealing contrast: the overcrowding of neighborhoods is not discussed], banning capital punishment, preserving the sanctity of AFDC, welfare, forced racial integration [except for the rich], affirmative action, massive Latin immigration, anti-racism, homosexuality-is-just-another-lifestyle, & opposition to [“neglect” even of bringing-up the issue of] using birth control for social engineering or to using capital punishment as crime-deterrent or justice-symbol.

    2. US rightists believe that the same gov't-media combine is a creature of Liberals, and thus their enemy. Yet this combine agrees with the Right's support of: anti-socialism, anti-communism, the sacred virtues of capitalism, the anathematization of suck-the-rich schemes, real estate development of every square mm of US turf, the un-criticizability of mass-paranoid belief in an invisible deity, the iniquity of any foreign leader who won't salaam to the US State Dep't, & (the mafia's Eleventh Commandment) the eternal illegality of drugs.

    3. No one who wishes to understand who rules the US and how, can ignore these strikingly persistent apparent contradictions. Both sides explain such anomalies by presuming mere-pretense media-support for its own side's above-cited sacred tenets. But, a hypothesis which may facilitate resolution:

      are the foregoing “Left” & “Right” media positions really contradictory?*

    4. [From DIO 8 [1998] ‡5 §I [p.55]:
      Media-Protected PC Mythology:
      [1] A popular feminist myth holds that men dominate women simply because men are physically stronger. But, if so, then: why is the world run by older people, not younger?
      [2] Incessant daily gov't-business-Medium propaganda insists that the US is a racist nation and that this explains blacks' continued mass problems of coping. Comments:
      [a] Outside the Klan's dimbos, there is relatively little hatred of blacks in the US. (Though, there may indeed be some irritation at the insulated lilywhite country-club-set's institutions — the increasingly seamless gov't-press combine — jamming ghetto culture into everybody else's schools and neighborhoods.) As stevedore Eric Hoffer, LBJ's favorite popular philosopher, perceptively noted long ago: hatred festers primarily in those who feel inferior — in power or whatever. (Also: historically, blacks have gotten the raw end of every mass involvement with other groups.) Which may explain why most race-hatred in the US is coming from the social bottom — and not just at WASPs, but at Koreans, Jews, etc.
      [b] If (as the Medium implies at every opportunity) hate-prejudice were the cause of blacks' depressing mean social status, then Jews would be at the US' lowest rung.
      Items [1] &[2] are the sorts of ultra-simple analogies that TV 'snews moguls exist to keep off the air for decades in a row. Incidentally, item [2] is obviously not a justification of race-hate. (An arrogant poison that self-excused the aggression and sadism of the Nazis & Tojo's Empire of Japan — and which brought both gov'ts to ultimate grief. Everybody's.) Item [2] merely points out that racial hatred is not necessarily the prime cause of the intractable woes of an allegedly-hated group.

    5. Two Party Ping-Pong Pocket-Plumbing, and the Full-Court Press:
      (Based upon DIO 2.3 [1992] ‡6 §G [p.96] Plumbing For your home's plumbing needs, you call on plumber A. But he fails you, so you go to plumber B. When plumber B fails, you don't try plumber C or D or whomever — but instead you go back to trying plumber A. Then, after plumber A lets you down again, you go right back to plumber B, etc.
      If you actually did turn your everyday searches for talent into such boring & infantile table-tennis exercises, you'd create, with respect to plumbers A&B:
      [a] understandably low regard for your intelligence,
      [b] your rapid impoverishment to fund plumbers' mansions, limousines, yachts, & tourist junkets,
      [c] behind-the-scenes cartel-collusion-merging of A & B,
      [d] a home perpetually agurgle with new demands for plumbers' ministrations.
      Yet, sheeplike US voters follow exactly this pattern in their recourse to the two political parties that are [betraying] them (and their progeny) into economic debtor-imprisonment — even as TV 'snews pundit-flunkies aggressively assure the plumbees of the sanctity and inherent wisdom of the “Two-Party System”.
      [And their Duty-to-Vote, even while bound within such a crazy-house straitjacket.]
      From idem n.23 [p.96]: “Simple consideration: if TV 'snews builds up a candidate (or, indeed, any Approved Leader of a worrisome lobby, e.g., women) to Credibility status, by providing her or him lots of airtime, then that person is as trustworthy), as the benefactor-builder-media itself. (Yes, singular.)” The process permits establishments simply to sift&sort (among the leaders of any rebel group) to locate an accommodating compromiser; and once that person is given alot of airtime, and is (additionaly) provided the power to arrange it for others (within the leadership group), he will be the enterprise's “star” and can guide it into paths and priorities that will be satisfactory to whatever establishment has taken the trouble to thus promote him.
      This point might profitably be kept in mind when facing a mysterious question (one of those which are NEVER posed by servile TV 'snews: why is it that “civil rights” demonstrations are (again) NEVER held out in the country, where reside the hugely-landed powerful (whose organs design-in social inequity) — though such marches have been known to occur instead in lower-middle-class white neighborhoods, thus: pitting one disenfranchised group against another, i.e., following the last half-century's consistent pattern: distract the poor while the US leadership undoes most of the gains of the New Deal.

      *One steady thread of consistency: whichever position TV 'snews adopts — “Left” or “Right” — the opposing viewpoint is systematically slighted.